Connect with CC ConnectPad, Our Versatile New Wireless Device

Connect easily with family, friends, and everything else you love to do with CC ConnectPad. ConnectPad is the unique, do-it-all device designed exclusively for Consumer Cellular. Whether you have never owned a smartphone or tablet before, or are simply looking for a more user-friendly wireless device, it’s an ideal choice for all your needs.

ConnectPad combines cellular calling and messaging with the added convenience of tablet size and a rich array of apps and features. An 8” high definition touchscreen, handy stylus, and large home screen buttons make navigation a breeze. With just a few taps, you’re able to make voice or video calls, send emails and text messages, browse the Internet, explore apps, take videos and pictures, and so much more.

You can use ConnectPad to keep in touch with everyone and everything. It includes Google Duo for face-to-face video calling with distant loved ones, or virtual doctor’s visits. Download apps you love from the Play Store, or browse CC Popular, our curated guide to recommended apps by category. Stream music and enjoy crystal-clear sound from dual, surround sound speakers. You can even play pre-loaded, popular games like Candy Crush Saga and Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

With its Bluetooth connectivity, ConnectPad can also be paired with devices like blood pressure cuffs, oximeters, or scales to track your home health records. A 4,000mAh battery delivers long lasting power, and it comes with an easy-to-use magnetic docking station for charging. It also comes with a navigating stylus, travel cord, and protective case.

Available only from Consumer Cellular, the CC ConnectPad tablet delivers all these outstanding features for just $150—or it can be purchased for only $20 down using our interest-free EasyPay financing. With EasyPay, the remaining balance is conveniently added to your wireless bill, and paid in installments each month with 0% interest.

Select a CC ConnectPad service plan that fits your usage needs: choose unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data for $40 a month, or enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data for $60 a month. Connect with total convenience with this one-of-a-kind device! Get yours today online, or contact customer service at (888) 345-5509 and we’ll be happy to help you connect with CC ConnectPad.  

60 Thoughts on "Connect with CC ConnectPad, Our Versatile New Wireless Device"

  1. Linda Rozmus says

    We would like to see it work and can it be used as a pphone?

    reply to Linda

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Linda, we have videos available on our website here so you can see how the ConnectPad works. It can also make cellular calls, just like a cell phone.

      reply to Nicole

  2. Joann Vawter says

    Can not find the con sum solar support videos

    reply to Joann

  3. Joe says

    Hello! I am interested in joining Consumer Cellular and switching from AT&T, but I am concerned about future international plans. After unlocking my phone with AT&T and joining Consumer Cellular, would I be able to remove the Consumer Cellular SIM card and then use an international SIM card in order to ensure that I’m not hit with international roaming charges? And then upon returning to the United States, put my Consumer Cellular SIM card back in the phone to resume service?

    reply to Joe

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your question! You can definitely do that as long as the phone is completely unlocked. We couldn’t guarantee compatibility for all the SIM cards out there, but you can definitely try a SIM from a different country to use while you’re there and then put our SIM back in the phone when you’re back.

      reply to Jacob

  4. Marita says

    I already have Consumer Cellular in my cell phone. What would the additional charges be to use both devices,

    reply to Marita

    • Hi Marita, thanks for your question! The plan for the phones and the plan for the Connect Pad are actually separate. The Connect Plan has two plan options, our 10GB data plan for $40 a month plus tax or our Unlimited data option which is $60 a month plus tax and you would pay for both plans on one account if you have a phone and the Connect Pad.

      reply to Jacob

  5. Jim says

    Does this device need a stand alone plan or can t be added to an existing acc?

    reply to Jim

    • Great question, Jim. You can add it to an existing account, but it has its own plan even on that existing account. The Connect Pad plan options are our 10GB data plan which is $40 a month plus tax, or the Unlimited data option which is $60 a month plus tax.

      reply to Jacob

  6. Mary L Brown says

    Does this device come with a separate phone number or is it set up on my cell number?

    reply to Mary

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Mary. You can have the ConnectPad set up with your existing number, and that’s something we can assist you with if you give us a call at 888-345-5509.

      reply to Nicole

  7. Ms Calhoun says

    Hi I have iCloud 7+ and I fell in love with my cell phone . The only thing I miss is I want to type copy and paste. To name a few things. The reason why I would like to change is the screen is too small for my eyes. Blue Ray is a kicker on my eyes . What do you think do you have something for me? Plus my fingers are large too.

    reply to Ms

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, Ms. Calhoun. If you need to copy and paste text, all you have to do is double-tap on the word and tap Copy. If you need to select a sentence, there will be pins on either side of the word that you can drag to highlight more. More steps are available here. For the blue light, you can enable night shift on the iPhone here, which changes the screen to warmer tones that are easier on the eyes.

      The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 inches display. If you need a larger display, any of the iPhones we offer, except the iPhone SE, start at 6.1 inches. We also offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra that both have much larger screens and come with a stylus. The Motorola Moto G Stylus is also another great option, at a lower price point. All of our larger phones can be found here. You can click on “View Details” to see the screen size for each model.

      reply to Nicole

  8. Louis Washington says

    Can it monitor my security camers by just speaking to it?

    reply to Louis

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Louis, if your security cameras come with an Android app, you can download it onto the ConnectPad through the Play Store.

      reply to Nicole

  9. LowellChristian says

    Can I block texts from specific numbers or can I block all texts for a specific time period?

    reply to LowellChristian

  10. LowellChristian says

    I have a doro flip phone. Can you give me specific instructions how I do this. I don’t know what the connect pad is or how to access it.

    reply to LowellChristian

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Lowell. The ConnectPad is a tablet. If you want to use it, you would have to purchase it, which can be done by calling us at 888-345-5509, or logging into your account here.

      reply to Nicole

  11. LowellChristian says

    Ok so is it possible to block texts with my flip phone or can it be done on this site using my IPad?

    reply to LowellChristian

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Lowell, texts aren’t able to be blocked on the flip phones, and your iPad wouldn’t have a connection to your cell line to block them since a number can only be associated with one device at a time.

      reply to Nicole

  12. Robert says

    Is it wifi compatible?

    reply to Robert

  13. Wendy says

    Can you have both the connect pad and your existing cell phone with the same number?

    reply to Wendy

  14. Debra King says

    Do you still carry the iPhone SE?

    reply to Debra

  15. jackie says

    Can this be used as my main phone and I can get rid of my smartphone? 2nd question, if I can use this as a phone, must I only use a speaker, or can I take speaker off and use it like a regular phone for privacy when around other people?

    reply to jackie

  16. bob s says

    Does the Connect Pad account also have the auto upgrade feature allowing any usage over 10MB to bump the service tier up to unlimited…..and can it be reduced back to 10MB in the following month?
    Does CC assign it a phone number?
    What operating system does it use? Is there a list of specifications?
    A list of Apps included?
    Just watched the vids and they’re great but I didn’t see answers to any of the above.


    reply to bob

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your interest in our device! If you use up the 10GB of data then the system would bump you up to the Unlimited option, or you should be able to make changes to the plan once the account is set up. We do assign a number to the device for you. The operating system that is used is Android Q (Android 10.0), we don’t have a list of specifications or apps that come with it. It is an Android device though so you would see the standard Google apps there.

      reply to Jacob

  17. Rick says

    Can I use it on Wi-Fi only for reading books

    reply to Rick

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Rick. The ConnectPad can be used on Wi-Fi, and it can download e-reading apps like Kindle from the Play Store.

      reply to Nicole

  18. Jeff W says

    Is this an easy device to use as a phone when you are on the go?
    Also, if you assign a number to the connect pad at time of purchase, how easily can I move my existing phone number from my iPhone to my connect pad?

    reply to Jeff

    • Hi Jeff, thank you for your questions! The device is set to be on speakerphone unless you have headphones on to make the conversation private, so that is something to take into consideration if you want to take this device out and are expecting a call. We’re not able to move a number over to that device though.

      reply to Jacob

  19. Connie says

    I bought 2 CC. I noticed we can’t change our plan to a lower plan. Why not? We was told we would be able to change out plan anytime we needed to. We realized that we don’t use either one of the CC to pay such a high plan and need to lower it… What is Add + Share plan how does that work and would that be a better option for us? Or do I need to disconnect one or both CC?

    reply to Connie

    • Hi Connie, thanks for your question! Adding a sharing plan would mean you’re wanting to add more lines to the account and those would share a plan outside of the ConnectPad’s plan. If you would like to add any other lines to the account, give us a call at 800-686-4460 and we’d be happy to help with that process!

      reply to Jacob

  20. Jeffrey Alan Wilson says

    Does the Connectpad come with a cover, or can I buy a cover somewhere?

    reply to Jeffrey

  21. LouAnn says

    can i print from a connect pad?

    reply to LouAnn

  22. Dale says

    Why is it that CC Connect Pad tablet has a speaker phone to use ALL the time while on; this means that one has to have headset on it all the time to receive any incoming call/movie/music/other form privacy; why can one simply have the option to be able to just answer & not specifically on speakerphone ALL the time?? When will 5G be available in this model and why not offer it NOW & capable of it already installed, since 4 LTE is on the phase out already? What about a protective glass – how durable is that from cracking if ever dropped? If I close out my Doro clam shell model and its account assigned #, can I then upgrade with a new assigned phone # & obtain the newer CC Connect with everything unlimited for the $60.00 a month – since I do not want 2 separate lines? Would I have to return the older Doro clam shell model back to Consumer Cellular?

    reply to Dale

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Dale. We appreciate the feedback. The CC ConnectPad does not function exactly the same as a smartphone, so things like media or calls playing over the speaker automatically are normal. While we don’t have a screen protector available for the ConnectPad, it does come with a protective case.

      3G service is being phased out, not 4G LTE service. Network compatibility is also dependent on the hardware of the device, so a software update would not change that. We do not currently have a 5G compatible tablet. If one becomes available in the future, then you’re welcome to upgrade to it. Our customer service team can also help with replacing your Doro with the CC ConnectPad, and providing a new number.

      reply to Nicole

  23. Ruth buce says

    Where can I purchase a holster for the cc connect pad…..????

    reply to Ruth

  24. Ed T says

    Does the CC Pad function as a mobile hotspot?

    reply to Ed

  25. Shelli Barnes says

    If I currently have 2 lines and then I get a connect pad to use as my primary phone, can I go down to 1 line and transfer my phone number to my connect pad?

    reply to Shelli

  26. Kathleen M Farrell says

    Hello, can consumer connect be purchased in stores?

    reply to Kathleen

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Kathleen, the CC ConnectPad is available through some Target stores. I recommend checking for retail partners here, and calling to see if they have it in stock.

      reply to Nicole

  27. Helene Cooper says

    Do you have earphones that I can plug into my ConnectPad & then will I be able to listen to the phone call and no one else can hear it. I currently use Consumer Cellular. I have an iPhone 6s, IPhone 7Plus & old mini IPad on my account with the same phone number. I don’t want to use them anymore. I will only use my ConnectPad. Can I keep my same phone number?

    reply to Helene

  28. Karen says

    I do not like that I can’t turn speaker phone off. I wanted this to replace my phone but not sure now that I can keep the service when I can’t have private conversations when out or even at home. I don’t like having to keep Bluetooth buds on all the time.

    reply to Karen

  29. Doug L. says

    I Like the new Connect Pad. Would like to see accessories such as a carrying case or the like to protect it a little more when on the go!

    reply to Doug

  30. Laurie says

    Can u turn volume off for speaker phone on Connect pad so if u r out in public it won’t ring unless u want it to?

    reply to Laurie

  31. Maximo Castaneda says

    Can I connect my old IPhone XS with my original number?

    reply to Maximo

    • Hi Maximo, thanks for your question! If you were a customer with us, if your account has been canceled for more than 30 days, we will need to send out a new SIM card and it will need either a new number or to transfer your number over from your current provider. To use a phone with us, you’ll want to make sure it’s unlocked from other providers, is GSM-compatible, and VoLTE capable. We can’t guarantee compatibility for all models, but we’ll do all we can to see if we can get it connected for you.

      reply to Jacob

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