GrandPad: Connect them with a smile!

Help your parents or grandparents stay connected with the joys of family and friends. Introduce them to GrandPad—and open up their world!
Using GrandPad, Mom and Dad send messages, make calls, browse the Internet, share photos, listen to music, read news, play games and more, all with the touch of a button.
The whole family can join in on a private, secure network through the GrandPad Central website or handy smartphone app.
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A series of images show how a mother and daughter use GrandPad to connect with each other.
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Meet Grandpad
A unique solution for family connections

From the day we started Consumer Cellular in 1995, our focus has been on finding ways to make the best modern technology accessible, and affordable, to users over 50. That’s why we’re so delighted to introduce GrandPad, Powered by Consumer Cellular to our caregiving product selection.

GrandPad is a senior-friendly tablet that’s customized for the convenience of users age 75+. It’s a wonderful tool for anyone concerned about the welfare of an aging parent or grandparent; it helps your loved one stay connected to friends and family in the same electronic ways you do, but in an easy-to-use and simple to understand format. (Read More)

The GrandPad tablet is intuitive, and ready to use right out of the box. You can even personalize it by pre-loading their favorite photos, important contacts, and even songs that they love. They can receive email and send voice messages, make voice and video calls, share photos, enjoy streaming music, read the news, or play games just by touching large icons on the high definition screen. Or if they prefer, they can navigate using the handy stylus that’s included with the tablet.

One of the most essential benefits is that it’s a completely interactive tool for the whole family. A family administrator can manage the device’s contents and authorized contacts from the GrandPad Central website, providing the user with an extra layer of security against scams, spam or other unwanted activities. Family and friends can easily send messages or photos to the GrandPad using either the website or by installing a convenient mobile app on their smartphone.

create a secure family circle

GrandPad is designed to help keep mom and dad in touch with all the people and activities important to them as they grow older, and to give families a simple and secure way to communicate and share with them. But more than just a simple tablet for seniors, GrandPad offers a secure private network that a family administrator can manage for added protection against spammers or scammers. Using either the GrandPad Central website or the convenient smartphone companion app, the administrator creates a "Family Circle" of approved contacts. This makes sure that only those who are authorized ("Companions") can contact mom and dad, so they won’t be bothered by messages, calls, or photos from people they don’t know.

Once they’ve been added as companions, your family members can interact with mom and dad in the same modern ways they would with anyone else. Using the smartphone app, they can reach them by voice or video call, send them emails, or share photos. They can even create a link directly to their social media feeds, so that pictures they post will be shared to the GrandPad as well.

Perhaps best of all, the GrandPad family circle and private network contribute to your peace of mind. You can rest assured that mom and dad are able to easily reach family members and stay engaged in activities they enjoy without exposing them to the pitfalls that can accompany devices or online communication tools lacking the proper firewalls and security.

Grandpad companion app lets you stay connected by smartphone

The GrandPad experience is also very special for family members who want to stay connected to their aging loved ones. You can communicate directly with the GrandPad user with a convenient smartphone app! The GrandPad companion app is available to both iPhone and Android smartphone users, and using it means you always have quick and easy access to share special moments and take turns brightening each other’s day.

For enhanced security, only companions who are approved by the family administrator can download and use the app. Once you’ve become an approved companion, you can send and receive voice and video messages to and from mom or dad and share photos or videos with them. You can even link your social media accounts through the app so that items you post there will also be added to the GrandPad’s photo album. You’re also able to view and comment on things that other approved companions have shared, creating a dynamic family circle. Plus, the items you share are saved to the GrandPad’s photo library, so your loved one can enjoy them again and again.

Using the modern amenities of GrandPad’s Companion App, you can play a vital role in keeping Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Granddad in touch with people and events so they remain a vibrant part of our lives.

Grandpad delivers peace of mind

Modern wireless technology is an effective remedy against the isolation and loneliness which so often affects our loved ones as they age. We’re excited to offer this unique device to help open up their world, and for the many comforts it can deliver to you and your family.(Read Less)

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