What’s your idea of holiday shopping? Standing in line, waiting for the next available register or snuggling comfortably on the couch, feet up on the coffee table? Especially this year, we prefer convenience—and safety. And that’s exactly what our smartphones give us.

Now more than ever, retailers have invested in their mobile capabilities, especially during the holidays, to let customers browse, buy, and pay with just a few clicks on their phone. Between coronavirus fears and lockdowns, one report estimates that 86% of shoppers plan to order products online and have them delivered to their homes this year.

While you’re sacrificing the merriment of the crowds and the lights, using your smartphone for holiday shopping offers several important advantages over the in-person experience.

Easy Price Comparisons: With so many retailers offering online shopping, you can easily compare prices right from the palm of your hand. It’s a great way to find the best deal.

Exclusive Discounts and Apps: Often, you’ll receive online coupons and even additional discounts on products by choosing an online option. Frequently, retailers even now offer their own customized apps which you can download for an even more streamlined experience in shopping from a store you prefer.

Online ordering and delivery: Skip the checkout line. When you order by smartphone, you can also arrange for delivery straight to your home—or, if a store is local, arrange for a drive-thru pickup that lets you get your merchandise while bypassing a crowded store.

Social Media Marketplaces: Many popular social media apps, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Next Door, feature online “marketplaces” that let vendors reach customers, and often contain recommendations from your neighbors on where to find the best goods and services. 

Secure Payment Options: One of the biggest leaps in online shopping technology has been the evolution of secure payment options. Using services like Venmo, PayPal, Square and others, along with sophisticated encryption software for credit card use, means you can make your purchases with confidence.

This year, have yourself a happy and safe holiday season by shopping on your smartphone. With easy navigation, exclusive deals, and simple payment procedures, it’s an ideal way to make the season merry and bright.


  1. Kathy Hamrick says

    I cannot sign up for your 12 days of givaways due to not having a Facebook account. We have been customers for over 7 years.

    reply to Kathy

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Kathy, we occasionally have other contests available where a Facebook account is not required. If we have any in the future, we’ll post about them here, so keep an eye out.

      reply to Nicole

  2. Diane H Clemons says

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  3. karen says

    Consumer Cellularm I have three of your Doros and one of your mobile hotspots. Is there anyway I can tell which are AT&T and which are Tmobile other than waiting for chat or your phone people to answer, like is that info on the phone or my account on the website? Thanks.

    reply to karen

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Karen, I see that our customer service team was able to help you get this sorted out. The primary way to check is via the SIM card number itself, but you can also check your order history online. It will either say “A” or “T”, depending on the carrier when reviewing your order.

      reply to Nicole

  4. Geovanny Galeas says

    Excellent smart phone.
    Thank you Consumer Cellular

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  5. Geovanny Galeas says

    Lowest rates

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