By now, you probably use your smartphone for just about everything: texting, watching movies, turn-by-turn GPS directions, etc. But what about as a replacement for your wallet? With mobile payment apps like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, you can use your debit or credit card for in-store purchases without ever having to pull out a piece of plastic.

One of the most convenient features is that there is no need to verify your identity to a merchant by providing photo identification. Instead, this authentication process takes place directly on your device. Plus, the merchant never gets access to any of your credit card details because the app generates a unique token for each purchase, which is then verified by the card network.

All three provide consumers with fast, convenient and, most importantly, secure payment options that are rapidly becoming accepted almost everywhere. Here’s a closer look at how each of them works.

Google Pay

Google Pay is available to any consumers with an Android device . It’s accepted at millions of locations around the world. In addition to using Google Pay to make purchases, you can also use it to send and receive money.

To make an in-store purchase using Google Pay, you need to turn on the NFC payment function in your phone’s settings. Then, when you’re at the checkout line, wake up your phone screen and unlock your phone. You don’t need to open the Google Pay app – simply hold the back of your phone near the contactless payment reader until you see a blue checkmark on the screen. If prompted, follow any additional instructions displayed.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is for Samsung device users, specifically the Galaxy. It’s widely accepted thanks to its use of magnetic secure transmission technology, which emulates the magnetic strip of a credit card. This allows it to be used on conventional magnetic strip credit card readers at the point of sale.

To make an in-store purchase using the Samsung Pay app, open the app on your phone, tap “pay” and choose the credit or debit card you want to use. Next, select “PIN” to enter your passcode, or use iris authentication. Alternatively, you can use the fingerprint scanner if you have it set up.

Once the transaction has been authenticated, hold the top of your phone close to the contactless reader and follow any prompts to complete the transaction.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment app designed for Apple devices. iPhone users can make in-store purchases, buy apps and perform web transactions with Apple Pay. It can also be used to send or receive money to and from family and friends.

To use Apple Pay in stores that accept it, simply hold the top of your phone close to the contactless reader. You can also use Apple Pay as an in-app payment method when you see it listed as a payment option.


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