Join Us for 12 Days of Giveaways—Win a Free Smartphone

It’s time for one of our favorite holiday traditions: “12 Days of Giveaways” on Consumer Cellular’s Facebook page! Join us December 7–December 18 for a chance to win a new smartphone each and every day. By simply posting a comment and “liking” our page, you could be a winner.

Our prize list this year includes three terrific Android smartphones. You can win the feature packed Samsung Galaxy A01, the sturdy Motorola Moto E with its 6.2” HD display and dual rear-camera, or the Consumer Cellular ZMax 10 with its powerful, long lasting 5,000 mAh battery.

There’s a great smartphone up-for-grabs every day for 12 straight days! Here’s how it works: each day we’ll ask a new question about your favorite holiday things—foods, traditions, etc. Share a response in the comments section, then “Like” our Facebook page. And that’s all there is to it— we’ll choose one random winner from among the responses we receive each day, and announce the winner the next day on Facebook.

Win a terrific prize for yourself—or a great gift for a loved one! Share your holiday memories with us. It’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all, it could win you a brand-new smartphone! And while you’re checking out the contest, be sure to follow our Facebook page so you’ll stay up-to-date on special giveaways and contests like this one in the future.

Visit us on Facebook December 7–December 18 for the “12 Days of Giveaways” and celebrate the holidays with Consumer Cellular! We’re keeping a free smartphone warm just for you!

353 Thoughts on "Join Us for 12 Days of Giveaways—Win a Free Smartphone"

  1. Carol Simmons says

    Awesome and sounds like fun.

    reply to Carol

  2. Raffick Mohammed says

    Yes I need a smartphone
    please please please!!
    Thank U.

    reply to Raffick

  3. William says

    On the 7the day of December comsumer cellular sent to me a gift of a free Smart phone.

    reply to William

  4. William says

    On the 7the day of December consumer cellular gave to me a free android smart phone.

    reply to William

  5. Duane T Young says

    This is fantastic i can’t wait for my chance to win

    reply to Duane

  6. Tina L. Meoak says

    I’ve enjoyed consumercellular for a few years now. I like that it is easy to pay my bills automatically from my checking account and I don’t have to worry about my phone running out of time when I need my phone. The only thing I don’t like is I have a metal roof and it’s hard to receive calls or to make them

    reply to Tina

  7. Jonnie willis says

    Looking forward to doing business with you

    reply to Jonnie

  8. Michael Chromiak Jr says

    Just signed into Facebook for Consumer Cellular hope I can win a new phone.

    reply to Michael

  9. Michael Chromiak Jr says

    Looking to change carriers

    reply to Michael

  10. Nancy Speice says

    Have never done 12 days of Christmas, sounds fun, n great way to win a New phone. Thank you for extras.

    reply to Nancy

  11. Linda Humphrey says

    Can’t wait, so excited. I love C.C.

    reply to Linda

  12. Brenda Burchett says

    The Best thing about Christmas is being with my family we always have the best time together

    reply to Brenda

  13. Ronald Wilson says

    I am a consumer cellular believer. Love the service and products. Have never been disappointed with anything.If you don’t have consumer cellular you don’t have anything. I tell everyone to get consumer cellular.

    reply to Ronald

  14. Clara Sue Johnson says

    How are you picking the winners?

    reply to Clara

  15. Beth says

    Perfect service and support.

    reply to Beth

  16. Debra Johnson says

    Love Consumer Cellular! Easy way to stay in touch with family and friends!

    reply to Debra

  17. Ruth Arter says

    Love Consumer Celluar. We travel alot and have never had a problem with it. Thank you@

    reply to Ruth

  18. Marilyn Farr says

    I Love consumer Cellular been with them for years but sure would love to have a new phone just like everyone else I have tried so many times

    reply to Marilyn

  19. Bridget Crouse says

    Would love a new phone

    reply to Bridget

  20. Doug Arter says

    Like my Samsung J3

    reply to Doug

  21. Cheryll Lively says

    Sounds exciting. Love my Consumer Cellular !!

    reply to Cheryll

  22. Nancy Johnson says

    Fun time

    reply to Nancy

  23. Jerome Taylor says

    Hope I win a phone!

    reply to Jerome

  24. Martha says

    Love Consumer Cellular service

    reply to Martha

  25. Marjorie Hornshaw says

    Have had Consumer Cellular for many years…very pleased with your service!

    reply to Marjorie

  26. Jo cooper says

    Great service!

    reply to Jo

  27. Patsy Stark says

    I will be watching!

    reply to Patsy

  28. Dominic says

    This is a very different Christmas time of year.

    reply to Dominic

  29. Jo Ann Eliasen says

    Been with them for a number of years and very happy with them.Would recommend them to anyone.

    reply to Jo

  30. Joan Rogers says

    Great service & customer service

    reply to Joan

  31. Donna Lilly says

    You all are the best. Best service for the money.

    reply to Donna

  32. Leta Palmer says

    Would love to win a smartphone.

    reply to Leta

  33. Mary ann says

    Have been with consumer cellular for many years and I like the service

    reply to Mary

  34. Kathy says

    Can’t wait. Great opportunity to replace my 2G Samsung just for writing about Christmas memories and traditions.

    reply to Kathy

  35. Dorothy McGee says

    I have a Doro flip phone. I would love to have a smartphone!

    reply to Dorothy

  36. Karen Flatt says

    thank you for this great opportunity to win a phone!!

    reply to Karen

  37. Barbara Fleming says

    Merry Christmas!

    reply to Barbara

  38. Bob says

    Sounds great I’m in!

    reply to Bob

  39. Brad Leshor says

    If I Get Choosen I Can Win Any One Of These New Smartphones.

    reply to Brad

  40. James McMinn says

    Wonderful giveaway for the holidays….

    reply to James

  41. Peggy Kraklow says

    I was with big name cell providers all they did was eat my money. Thank God I found CC,I have a terrific agent near me who is awesome. Anyone want great service at a fair price run to Consumer Cellular. Stay safe everyone.

    reply to Peggy

  42. Roseann Mancuso says

    Good luck to everyone. Including me!

    reply to Roseann

  43. Roseann Mancuso says

    I wish everyone could win

    reply to Roseann

  44. Shirley wiltrout says

    I love my phone and being with consumer cellular, I have no problems which is very good. I would love to win a new phone, I have never won anything before.
    Thank you for giving me such good service.


    reply to Shirley

  45. Teresa Vargas says

    Going to play 12 days. Hope to win.

    reply to Teresa

  46. Anatole Iwanczuk says

    Love the idea

    reply to Anatole

  47. Amy Buechler says

    Will watch on face book

    reply to Amy

  48. John Wilson says

    Have been with you for over 15 years and your customer service is unequaled. Keep up the good work!

    reply to John

  49. Lillian Harbottle says

    I really, REALLY need a new phone!!

    reply to Lillian

  50. Tillie Isler says

    I want a bigger phone than I got and especially bigger printing

    reply to Tillie

  51. Terri mccormick says

    Does that are having iPhone in ur give away.

    reply to Terri

  52. Sharon Russo says

    I hope I entered the contest correctly. Here’s hoping for a new updated phone!!!

    reply to Sharon

  53. Vicki Ciepiela says

    Wow, a new smartphone would be a wonderful christmas present!!!

    reply to Vicki

  54. Vicki Ciepiela says


    reply to Vicki

  55. Maggie says

    Love my Samsung Galaxy 8–maybe Santa will bring an S20

    reply to Maggie

  56. Connie says

    Wonderful company and phone.

    reply to Connie

  57. Pamela Asunto says

    Amazing if I would win

    reply to Pamela

  58. Pacita B Barker says

    Like to have my own phone because my husband keep messing on my phone! Difficult for me because he keep looking on my phone! Need some privacy! I heard that consumer cellular has bigger letters for seniors!

    reply to Pacita

  59. Pat says

    I would love to win a new phone

    reply to Pat

  60. Louis P Romeo jr says

    I love Consumer Cellular, I have been with CC since 2007, have traveled ( by car) clear to Texas & all pretty much through the south
    have never lost a call. I’ve often wondered why other phone companies couldn’t follow their lead. to me anyone who uses these other companies have to be crazy to waste monies filling their pockets. I do have a question about the phone that I have, it is an older SE iphone I wondered besides the price what is the difference between mine & the new SE ?

    reply to Louis

  61. Patty Wellbrock says

    I have been checking out the Samsung Galaxy A01 phone for s Christmas gift.

    reply to Patty

  62. Carolyn Weddinge says

    Would love to have one. Best telephone service I’ve ever glad

    reply to Carolyn

  63. Robert Huck says

    When my Mother in-law would play Christmas songs at the piano and we would all sing along❤️ Miss her but have wonderful memories!

    reply to Robert

  64. Barbara says

    I’ve had consumer cellular for about 2 years. Best decision I ever made.

    reply to Barbara

  65. Mark McDaniel says

    Going to switch and add 2 new lines with consumer cellular..hoping to win a phone before I purchase one

    reply to Mark

  66. Sharon Sykes says

    Since I bought a new Android phone from Consumer Cellular in June 2020.
    Having no idea about the change to 5G I hope to win a new phone. It was the 1st time I was able to buy this kind of phone.
    I’m in no position to buy any phone for these changes.

    reply to Sharon

  67. walter fircowycz says

    sign me up!

    reply to walter

  68. Sherlene Duffiney says

    Great!! I could sure use a new cell phone.

    reply to Sherlene

  69. Sherlene Duffiney says

    12 Days of Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to participate and possibly win a cell phone. Thank you.

    reply to Sherlene

  70. Virginia Billardello says

    Love consumer cellular! The service is great!

    reply to Virginia

  71. Jeanne Yorke says

    I had phone trouble today, so I called for help. I spoke to a wonderful representative named Chase. He was patient, friendly, and brilliant. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Jeanne Yorke

    reply to Jeanne

  72. Mary Lou says

    About a year ago, I switched over to a smartphone!
    I had a dumb phone through the government forever it seemed like! My service and the phone really awful and I missed a lot of important information messages calls text!!!
    I have read up on consumer Cellular read a lot of reviews look at the prices I actually qualified for a senior discount since I switched over it’s been amazing!!!!
    Customer service is fabulous the phones that you offer are wonderful! And your prices are phenomenal!!!
    Thank you consumer Cellular for all that you have done for me!

    reply to Mary

  73. Ray Nielson says

    I love my consumer cellular plan.

    reply to Ray

  74. Greg Miller says

    i love my phone and the service that they provide

    reply to Greg

  75. Joseph Litwin says

    You are the best

    reply to Joseph

  76. Vickie E Perkins says

    I’m a customer and would love a new phone.

    reply to Vickie

  77. Eugene Morris says

    I have been with CC for, ever, and will be with them as long as I’m a live

    reply to Eugene

  78. Val Jones says

    I ‘ve had great service at a great price with Consumer Cellular. My phone is 3 years old and working with a Very cracked screen! I could sure use a new phone. Consumer Cellular is Great!

    reply to Val

  79. M K Bramell says

    The family gathering!!!!

    reply to M

  80. Joseph Pastina says

    Good people for everyone

    reply to Joseph

  81. Jaime Guerrero says

    I need it please

    reply to Jaime

  82. Gloria Dudley says

    Great! I’m in.

    reply to Gloria

  83. Sue Gundy says

    Have had a good relationship with Consumer Cellular..been with them.

    reply to Sue

  84. Linda Vikan Kline says

    Time with family,

    reply to Linda

  85. Lynn Beck says

    I sure could use a new phone. Consumercelluar Rocks !!

    reply to Lynn

  86. Mary Lanham says

    I hope that I am one of your lucky winners

    reply to Mary

  87. Charles M Liehr says

    Have enjoyed my service for several years now. Would never consider an other vendor.

    reply to Charles

  88. Crystal Jenne says

    Do we get a choice on which phone we want ? And is it just for one line or all phone that we have with our account?

    reply to Crystal

  89. Janice Camp says

    Yippee! Love the Holiday lights& Consumer Cellular!

    reply to Janice

  90. Joseph Carroll says

    Looking forward to winning a new phone something wrong with this one.

    reply to Joseph

  91. Linda Scott says

    I love Consumer Cellular! Can’t wait to start the 12 Days of Giveaways! Happy Holidays

    reply to Linda

  92. Nona Haynie says

    I love being part of consumer cellular

    reply to Nona

  93. Lisette calderon says
  94. Nona Haynie says

    Consumer cellular really meets my needs

    reply to Nona

  95. Nona Haynie says

    You are the best

    reply to Nona

  96. Wendiemay Castillo says

    Just started Using service with your Company a couple of months ago and I love it!! Have told lots of people to give u a try! Thank u! Merry Christmas!

    reply to Wendiemay

  97. Wendiemay Castillo says

    So excited about the 12days of Christmas cell phone giveaway!! Will be here checking everyday!
    Thank you for offering the chance to win something so nice!

    reply to Wendiemay

  98. Delores Essex says

    Great service,love my phonr

    reply to Delores

  99. Joanne Cromer says

    I would love to win a prize. Thank you for all you do to help your customers. I love Consumer Cellular!

    reply to Joanne

  100. walter fircowycz says

    sign me up

    reply to walter

  101. Richard Barr says

    Longtime customer ,best service ever!!!

    reply to Richard

  102. Larry Shelby says

    We’ve been Consumer users for some time and it is great.

    reply to Larry

  103. Alice says

    Love consumercellular

    reply to Alice

  104. Alice says

    Love consumercellular have Ben with them for many years Consumer Cellular customer for many years

    reply to Alice

  105. Alice says

    Love consumercellular have Been with them for many years

    reply to Alice

  106. Bernadine a Lapko says

    I cannot afford to buy any of the latest phones…so I just deal
    with a flip top as my budget allows….winning a new phone would
    be a benefit for me as I am 85 an on a fixed income…thank you for
    sharing your generous holiday gifts….

    reply to Bernadine

  107. REB says

    What a great idea

    reply to REB

  108. Mary Pastman says

    The updates posted on Facebook are informative

    reply to Mary

  109. Carolyn Bothwell says

    I love the consumer cellular service. I have been using it for several yesrs.

    reply to Carolyn


    Thank you for your generosity and good service. Blessed Christmas to you and all employees at Consumer Cellular.

    reply to ELLEN


    Thank you for your generosity and good service.
    Blessed Christmas to you and all the employees at Consumer Cellular.

    reply to ELLEN

  112. Sue Rex says

    May we be blessed with kindness and love. This year has made me appreciate the time I spend with my loved ones. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for many people. I lost my Mom in August 2020 and things will never be the same. I would love to win a new phone.

    reply to Sue

  113. Jane Binkerd says

    Hello, thanks for this promotion. The phones look great.

    reply to Jane

  114. Betty Henley says

    So satisfied with service and low charge

    reply to Betty

  115. Leon Reschke says

    I am very excited about the chance to win a smartphone. My phone is very undependable, and I am very dissatisfied with my carrier.

    reply to Leon

  116. Mark & Dawn Knight says

    We have been customers of Consumer Cellular since 2014 and have been so happy with your service and phone plans. Keep up the great work and wonderful customer services.

    reply to Mark

  117. Patricia A Rexroat says

    I really like the last Consumer Cellular phone I got; I am no longer in a blackhole when I visit my sisters in the countryside.

    reply to Patricia

  118. Denise Sims says

    I’m excited about winning a smartphone. Going to like your page now. Happy Holidays.

    reply to Denise

  119. connie schaefer says

    Sounds great

    reply to connie

  120. Ladonna says

    Love this company

    reply to Ladonna

  121. Bill Chmil says

    Thank you

    reply to Bill

  122. Bill Chmil says

    Thank you very much love your service

    reply to Bill

  123. Roland Poulin says

    Since i join consumer cellular many year ago i received the best service and when i had problem there custumer services was the best and i saved a lot of money. I recommended to every one.

    reply to Roland

  124. Ken kramer says

    I lovr my Consumer Cellular accont.

    reply to Ken

  125. Ken Kramer says

    Love Consumer Cellular.

    reply to Ken

  126. Ted L. says

    I was just told by a CC rep that CC’s Call ID only displays the phone number and not the name of the person or entity that’s calling. Is this information accurate? With my previous carrier, I was able to see the phone number and the name of the person or entity calling on the Call ID. Please advise ASAP. – TL

    PS – I’m not talking about people or entities calling that are in ones contacts.

    reply to Ted

    • Hi Ted, thanks for your question. At this time, the caller ID is set up to show whatever a carrier has on file for that number. If what they have set up is “wireless caller” and the phone number, then that is what will come up on the caller ID. In those cases, you would need to save them as a contact so that their information comes up with the name and phone number that you have for them.

      reply to Jacob

  127. Maria says

    Thank you Consumer Cellular for reading our comments. You always want to improve your service. And, your concern for your customers is genuine.

    reply to Maria

  128. William V. Flanigan says

    Already a customer, just want to upgrade my phone

    reply to William

  129. Kathleen Karuza says

    Have been a customer of consumer cellular for a long time now. Love the customer service.

    reply to Kathleen

  130. Kim Sullins says

    It is always better to give than receive. I love to see others face light up when they get a present.

    reply to Kim

  131. Thomas vukich says

    Very good company
    Price is right

    reply to Thomas

  132. Carol Campidonica says

    Had a couple other phone providers, but Consumer Cellular has so far gone above and beyond my needs. Thanks Guys!!

    reply to Carol

  133. Kathy george says

    Have been a consumer customer for many years. Any concerns have been answered or fixed

    reply to Kathy

  134. faye rockholt says

    i have had consumer cellular only had fora while and like it

    reply to faye

  135. Donna says

    Love consumer cellular

    reply to Donna

  136. Grace Lake says

    I have been with consumer cellular for over 6 years and have had five phones between me and my husband. We have been so very satisfied with both the phones and the customer service that we have received. Everyone has been so helpful and have taken their time in answering any questions we have.

    reply to Grace

  137. faye rockholt says

    i have had consumer cellular only had for a while and like it love a new phone

    reply to faye

  138. faye rockholt says

    need a new phone

    reply to faye

  139. Patsy Sawyer says

    I love the Christmas lights and love riding around looking at other people’s lights.

    reply to Patsy

  140. Darlene Cloninger says

    I’ve read the message twice and don’t see an actual question but here is my “Comment”. Hope I spelled it correctly. 😉

    reply to Darlene

  141. Jeanette Rains says

    It’s better to Give than receive
    I’v been with ConsumerCellular a long Time. I am 77 years & be 78 years December 23rd.

    reply to Jeanette

  142. Rosetta Marshall says

    It is better to receive a gift. I love consumer cellular, always top notch service.

    reply to Rosetta

  143. Rolando Toccafondi says

    I look forward to the seven fishes dinner each Christmas Eve.

    reply to Rolando

  144. Erma Holcomb says

    I love this phone company, you have saved me so much money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    reply to Erma

  145. Cecilia Wright says

    I love giving more than geting!

    reply to Cecilia

  146. Connie Swanson says

    The smell of a real Christmas Tree sends me back to a simpler time.

    reply to Connie

  147. Diana podrebarac says
  148. Johnny T Holder says

    Consumer cellar is a great service

    reply to Johnny

  149. Traudy Collins says

    It’s better to give a gift

    reply to Traudy

  150. Becky Beaver says

    Would be nice to win

    reply to Becky

  151. Ria K Lau says

    better to give! <3

    reply to Ria

  152. Becky Beaver says

    It is better to give a gift than receive a gift

    reply to Becky

  153. Becky Beaver says

    It is better to give a gift than receive a gift it is so much better

    reply to Becky

  154. Donald Bradshaw says

    Love the gift of giving.

    reply to Donald

  155. Carol says

    I loved waking up Christmas morning and seeing the kids faces after Santa had appeared! They are now in their 60’s but those were still the best days ever!!!

    reply to Carol

  156. Janice Orr says

    Love Consumer Cellular, have 2 phone on my plan.

    reply to Janice

  157. Ann Marie Rockwell says

    Watching a child’s face light up when they see a decorated Christmas tree.

    reply to Ann

  158. Nancy Johnson says

    Appreciate your service!

    reply to Nancy

  159. Philip Eaton says

    I have found it is better to give, because it comes from the heart. Always with love and compassion. There is no greater feeling.

    reply to Philip

  160. Kenneth Deerberg says

    I simply love Consumer Cell and the cost is outstanding.

    reply to Kenneth

  161. Toni Wright says

    Thinking of leaving AT&T. Help change my mind

    reply to Toni

  162. Arthur Chappell says

    I like to recieve gifts but i realy like to see peoples faces when they open theirs

    reply to Arthur

  163. Joyce skultety says

    Better to give

    reply to Joyce

  164. Carolyn Jackson says

    The holiday is a time of togetherness of family and friends coming together it’s a warming feeling

    reply to Carolyn

  165. Peggy Wagner says

    Give a gift

    reply to Peggy

  166. Kathy everitt says

    Hapoy holidays

    reply to Kathy

  167. Cindy Friedline says

    Love the giveaways

    reply to Cindy

  168. Becky says

    Great tech support as I have a new phone Thanks

    reply to Becky


    I would love one of these phones,

    reply to JOYCE

  170. Martha says

    Day 1 of 12 day giveaways

    reply to Martha

  171. Robert killen says

    Changing over to Consumer Cellular was one of the smartest things we did this year.

    reply to Robert

  172. steve sobieski says

    consumer is always the best i would never change

    reply to steve

  173. Carol says

    It is better to give.

    reply to Carol

  174. Nancy l Smith says

    My phone needs desparately to be updated. I use it a lot especially for work . would love a new phone that doesnt keep shutting out or off on me.

    reply to Nancy

  175. paul colby says

    It’s better to give a gift than receive one.

    reply to paul

  176. Kent and Glenna Clouser says

    my wife wants a new phone for Christmas

    reply to Kent

  177. Naomi Star Saly says

    Give and it shall be given to you

    reply to Naomi

  178. Kent and Glenna Clouser says

    My wife wants a new phone for Christmas!

    reply to Kent

  179. Bob says

    Great company which has served me well for 10+ years.

    reply to Bob

  180. Lois J Kemp says

    Have been a Consumer Cellular customer for several years. Would really enjoy and appreciate a smartphone.

    reply to Lois

  181. Shirley Meester says

    I found it is the most fun to give a gift to a person who is not expecting one. My reward is to see the expressions on their faces and the words of thankfulness for the gift.

    reply to Shirley

  182. Joel sabbrese says

    Xmas is having heart 4 people who are not as fortunate keep that in mind all year and all to come u will do good

    reply to Joel

  183. Mikell Marney says

    Love the service

    reply to Mikell

  184. Lisette calderon says

    Good. Service

    reply to Lisette

  185. Mikell Marney says

    Great customer service

    reply to Mikell

  186. LEROY H SATO says


    reply to LEROY

  187. Julie says

    Everytime I have had a problem the people are very helpful and very calm and resolve the problem.

    reply to Julie

  188. Kristene Wilson says

    Although my children are grown, I’ll always remember their excitement at Christmas time.

    reply to Kristene

  189. Don Pickrell says

    We love Consumer cellular. We have had them for several years, and anytime you need something the customer rep’s are always so very nice and helpful.

    reply to Don

  190. Kristene Wilson says

    Christmas time is always special, as I remember back to when my children were little and so excited.

    reply to Kristene

  191. NancyMozingo says

    Wonderful, thanks Consumer Cellular ❣❤

    reply to NancyMozingo

  192. Big E says

    My MOTO is dying

    reply to Big

    • Hi there, thanks for your post! Remember to reply to the question that is posted on our Facebook page every day while we are running this! If you’d like to troubleshoot your current phone in the meantime, give us a call at 888-548-6490 or you can also chat with us here for further assistance.

      reply to Jacob

  193. Fred Herriff says

    Kaye and I love Consumers Cellular it saves us a lot money over the last few years

    reply to Fred

  194. bj hendryx says

    really like consumer cellular

    reply to bj

  195. Louise C Owen says

    I have had COnsumer Cellular service for many years now. The service good and I get a discount from AARP.

    reply to Louise

  196. Thomas Glisson says

    Proud customer for over 6 years.

    reply to Thomas

  197. Helen Burgess says

    I really love my plan. It’s perfect for me. Thank you.

    reply to Helen

  198. Helen Burgess says

    This is the best service I have had in along time.

    reply to Helen

  199. Robert McPherson says

    I like consumer cellular.

    reply to Robert

  200. Julie Glover says

    Happy with Consumer cellular.

    reply to Julie

  201. Pat Tidwell says

    I love giving.

    reply to Pat

  202. Louise C Owen says

    I can get a signal in almost every place I have lived or visited. I have a hearing problem, but have no trouble hearing on the Doro Phone.

    reply to Louise

  203. Linda McGalliard says

    It would be nice to win a new phone from u all for Christmas we love consumer cellular been with them for a while I send all my friends to them cause we have never had a problem with them.

    reply to Linda

  204. Herbert Maxwell says

    I think this is a nice promotion. However, I don’t feel it should require a Facebook membership. I was a member for a long time, but I chose to quit because of privacy and other issues. Most likely there are other CC customers who are not on Facebook.

    reply to Herbert

    • Hi Herbert, thanks for your post. We appreciate your feedback on this. While we do have contests that allow customers to enter via other methods, at this time, our Christmas giveaway is set up to be done over Facebook. I’ve gone ahead and passed along your feedback regarding this to the appropriate department for going forward though. Thanks!

      reply to Jacob

  205. Lena Kiminock says

    Consumer Cellular is great, so is their customer service!

    reply to Lena

  206. Lena Kiminock says

    Thank you!

    reply to Lena

  207. Lena Kiminock says

    Consumer Cellular has very good customer service.

    reply to Lena

  208. joyce a reeser says

    would love to win a new consumer cellular phone is a new smartphone waiting for me hope so i have been with consumer for a while now and couln’t be happier with their services and pricing

    reply to joyce

  209. Gail Rich says

    Happy Holidays!

    reply to Gail

  210. Paula Barker says

    I would love a new phone.

    reply to Paula

  211. Sheryl Thayer says

    Love consumer cellular best cell phone service for the price.

    reply to Sheryl

  212. Vickie E Perkins says

    Time for a new phone.

    reply to Vickie

  213. Terri Goff says

    Love love love Comsumer Cellular! Besides great prices, the customer service cannot be beat! Everyone I’ve talked to has been wonderful, and I can even understand every word they’re saying! Totally hassle free!

    reply to Terri

  214. Debra Johnson says

    I have been with Consumer for several years and was the best choice made. Customer service and price have been awesome. I have me, daughter, and son-in-law on my plan. This is the lowest I have ever paid. I am satisfied with my service.

    reply to Debra

  215. Willie Mae Baker says

    I been with Consumer Cellular for years I would love to win i purchase a Apple iPhone about 4years ago

    reply to Willie

  216. William Tomasso says

    Consumer cellular has the best customer service than any other cell phone service I ever known.

    reply to William

  217. Ethel says

    Love doing business with Consumer Cellar.It is hassle free.

    reply to Ethel

  218. Ethel says

    have asked santa for a smart phone

    reply to Ethel

  219. walter fircowycz says

    are we there yet?

    reply to walter

  220. Peggy Campbell says

    Would love to win one as I’ve been a customer for many years. Motorola phones are great.

    reply to Peggy

  221. Cheryl Costello says

    being together

    reply to Cheryl

  222. Janice Roberts says

    Love Consumer Cellular..

    reply to Janice

  223. Pat L says

    I love to receive but I really love to give. I pick up little items during the year to make a special type of stocking Or basket unique to my grown children for Christmas.

    reply to Pat

  224. Ethelrene Davis says

    I trying to win

    reply to Ethelrene

  225. M. Judith Cardona says

    I would love ❤️ a new phone!

    reply to M.

  226. Arlene G Gregory says

    I hope I win

    reply to Arlene

  227. Arlene G Gregory says

    I don’t know what that means

    reply to Arlene

  228. Eileen Blum says

    I have had Consumer Cellular for several years now. I am very pleased with the service and the phones. Keep up the good work.

    reply to Eileen

  229. Terri Goff says

    Love love love Consumer Cellular! Besides great prices, the customer service cannot be beat! Everyone I’ve talked to has been wonderful, and I can even understand every word they’re saying! Totally hassle free!

    reply to Terri

  230. Rita Morrow says

    I would love to win one of these phones for a gift.

    reply to Rita

  231. Roger Knapp says

    This is by far the best cell phone carrier I have ever had.

    reply to Roger

  232. Diana says

    would love to have a new phone

    reply to Diana


    I don’t do facebook

    reply to PAULINE

    • Hi Pauline, thanks for your post. We appreciate your feedback on this. While we do have contests that allow customers to enter via other methods, at this time, our Christmas giveaway is set up to be done over Facebook. I’ve gone ahead and passed along your feedback regarding this to the appropriate department for going forward though. Thanks!

      reply to Jacob

  234. Julie Garrett says

    Would love to win

    reply to Julie

  235. Pete Robbertze says

    I just want to say thank you in advance..THANK YOU

    reply to Pete

  236. Anne says

    What if I don’t have Facebook?

    reply to Anne

  237. Lena Kiminock says

    A member for several years; great phones and great customer service!

    reply to Lena

  238. Vanessa Seiger says

    Love my CONSUMER CELLULAR plan

    reply to Vanessa

  239. Peg Mawhinney says

    Our family have been Consume Cellular customers for many years, and we are very happy with their excellent service.

    reply to Peg

  240. Nancy Johnson says

    Love consumer cellular!!!!

    reply to Nancy

  241. Richard Barr says

    I love consumer cell I had it for many years,customer service is fantastic .

    reply to Richard

  242. Judy Welch says

    Sounds like a wonderful contest. Hope I win. I love your smartphones, and I love Consumer cellular!!!

    reply to Judy

  243. linda E shirey says

    My husband needs a new smart phone. What is the most user friendly phone on the market?

    reply to linda

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Linda, if you want to get him started out with something basic, then I’d recommend the ZTE Avid 579 found here. On that page, you can also click “Videos & Manuals” to see how the phone functions.

      reply to Nicole

  244. walter fircowycz says

    a stairway to heaven

    reply to walter

  245. Rosita Reyes says

    I love Consumer Cellular services

    reply to Rosita


    It’s always better to give than to receive in my opinion BUT I would never turn down a NEW PHONE

    reply to CAROLYN

  247. Ola parker says

    I think it’s better to give than to receive. It’s the joy of seeing the happiness on someone’s face. There’s no greater joy

    reply to Ola

  248. Nancy Banken says

    Thanks for your great service.

    reply to Nancy

  249. Paul Lawrence says

    Great service

    reply to Paul

  250. Gary Wilson says

    I would like to say that CC has been the best company I have ever been with and they just keep getting better thank you so much CC for all you do

    reply to Gary

  251. Kathleen hawkes says

    Best cell service ever.

    reply to Kathleen

  252. Kathleen hawkes says

    Best cell service ever

    reply to Kathleen

  253. Thomas A Ellery says

    better to give

    reply to Thomas

  254. Debt says

    Would love to have a smart phone with consumer cellular! Have been seriously thinking of leaving AT&T…

    reply to Debt

  255. Debra D Zens says

    Would love to have a smart phone with consumer cellular! Need to learn more about consumer cellular & smart phones…Have been seriously thinking of leaving AT&T…

    reply to Debra

  256. Anne F. says

    Sounds great, share fond memories that everyone can review for a morale boost & perhaps win something in the process, I’m in. (And could use the win. My phone is a Galaxy Note 6….. )

    reply to Anne

  257. Cecilia Wright says

    I like to help the homeless,and the women shelter and give to the local food bank!

    reply to Cecilia

  258. Gary Smith says

    Here goes for a second try. I’m a winner and don’t give up.
    Contact me as a winner.

    reply to Gary

  259. Susan says

    Love to give a phone for Christmas

    reply to Susan

  260. Christine Raniszewski says

    Glad you are here during 2020!

    reply to Christine

  261. Michaele DeVinny says
  262. Becky Beaver says

    Would like to win

    reply to Becky

  263. DONNA GEE says

    Consumer cellular is the best, Service is great and good people to help you if there is a problem ,Rates are very good. They care about the senior

    reply to DONNA

  264. Harry Low says


    reply to Harry

  265. paul colby says

    My favorite Christmas meal is ham and mashed potatoes.

    reply to paul

  266. Edgardo Cunanan says

    It’s interesting

    reply to Edgardo

  267. bj hendryx says

    late christmas night i savor my fave leftovers such as fresh cranberry salad , dressing and pecan pie

    reply to bj

  268. Charles Like says

    Need to upgrade phone !

    reply to Charles

  269. Billie G Upchurch says

    I love Consumer Cellular starting ya’ll in 14

    reply to Billie

  270. William Rahm says

    CC is number one in my opinion. Great service and great price.

    reply to William

  271. Jackie Schumacher says

    I love your deals

    reply to Jackie

  272. ALOYSIUS (AL) LASKA says

    Great customer service.

    reply to ALOYSIUS

  273. Kathleen Dugan says

    Please enter me in your giveaway! Thank you!

    reply to Kathleen

  274. Linda Peck says

    Awesome! Merry Christmas

    reply to Linda

  275. Bettie says

    Good to be here

    reply to Bettie

  276. Arthur Williams says

    I am in.

    reply to Arthur

  277. Gloria E DeVine says


    reply to Gloria

  278. Larry Barrington says

    Great let’s play

    reply to Larry

  279. Charlotte Mrozowski says

    I love this idea and your cellular service.

    reply to Charlotte

  280. Julius Racanati says

    My favorite Christmas meal is enjoying a crown roast with my family

    reply to Julius

  281. William Broussard says

    Love the pricing

    reply to William

  282. Guy & Lisa Coleman says

    My favorite holiday meal is Christmas. My mom always made homemade rolls and a homemade German Chocolate cake from scratch. All the family members would be present with all their family members.

    reply to Guy

  283. Ann Bush says

    Love consumer cellular

    reply to Ann

  284. Karen says

    I don’t do Facebook as it is too open/security not good. Could we not sign up on your website and answer your 12 days of giveaways questions that way?

    reply to Karen

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your post. There isn’t a different way to enter this specific contest. We appreciate your feedback on this. While we do have contests that allow customers to enter via other methods, at this time, our Christmas giveaway is set up to be done over Facebook. I’ve gone ahead and passed along your feedback regarding this to the appropriate department for going forward though. Thanks!

      reply to Jacob

  285. Alice Curby says

    I really need a new phone so I can give my old one to my husband. 🙂

    reply to Alice

  286. Rita McNamara says

    Not fair. I am not a member of Facebook

    reply to Rita

    • Hi Rita, thanks for your post. We appreciate your feedback on this. While we do have contests that allow customers to enter via other methods, at this time, our Christmas giveaway is set up to be done over Facebook. I’ve gone ahead and passed along your feedback regarding this to the appropriate department for going forward though. Thanks!

      reply to Jacob

  287. Sharon says

    Love the company

    reply to Sharon

  288. Richard Barr says

    To give someone a present is the best feeling you can have.

    reply to Richard

  289. Albert Yuen says

    Hope I get a shot at that moto e, running out of gigabytes.

    reply to Albert

  290. Carmen Schinker says

    I have heard nothing but good things about Consumer I would be thrilled to win a smartphone!!

    reply to Carmen

  291. Sharon Motz says

    I love sending Christmas cards because then they call to thank me and I get to talk to a lot of my friends and family!

    reply to Sharon

  292. Dinah says

    So pleased and happy with the cell service I get with Consumer Cell.

    reply to Dinah

  293. Tammy N. WILSON says
  294. faye rockholt says

    love to win i would give to my husband he broke and he just turn 78 and has a heart condit and if he out he can call then

    reply to faye

  295. Carolyn Bothwell says

    Like consumer cellular. They are the best.

    reply to Carolyn

  296. Carolyn Bothwell says

    Love my consumer cellular. The price I pay each month makes me so happy.

    reply to Carolyn

  297. Rich Henningsen says

    Great coustomer service

    reply to Rich

  298. Rich Henningsen says

    Have been very pleased with Consumer Cellular

    reply to Rich

  299. paul colby says

    I am grateful for good health and freedom.

    reply to paul

  300. Pat Luedke says

    I love Consumer Cellular This will be another new phone from CC. I am going with a Samsung Note 20G. It is a much better price than Amazon! Keep up the excellent work.

    reply to Pat

  301. Herb Gates says

    We have had literally no problems since we began this service 5+ years ago! A great service!

    reply to Herb

  302. paul colby says

    I love candy canes. They really make me think of Christmas.

    reply to paul

  303. Vickie Shannon says

    Outstanding customer service – which is the most important to me. The products are wonderful, but without the customer service – no thanks. Perfect for us.

    reply to Vickie

  304. Lorraine Brophy says

    Great service, terrific price

    reply to Lorraine

  305. DC says

    I can’t find info on what happens after CC leaves the winner’s name in the comment section Do they have to contact CC by phone? By FB message?
    Does CC send them a FB message?

    reply to DC

  306. Timothy Brown says

    I wish I could be the next winner in the contest for a new smartphone I really love const cellular phone service is amazing .

    reply to Timothy

  307. KB says

    I tried to enter contest, but don’t know if info went thru, as my Facebook doesn’t always provide icon to send info or message

    reply to KB

  308. dayna smith says

    Hey I will like to win a Samsung phone plz plz plz

    reply to dayna

  309. dayna smith says

    I need a phone for my christmas

    reply to dayna

  310. dayna smith says

    Hello I need a phone for my christmas

    reply to dayna

  311. gisela beste says


    reply to gisela

  312. gisela beste says


    reply to gisela

  313. Sharon Hagen says

    My husband has a old flip phone. I would like to give him mine and get a new one. I wish I could win one.

    reply to Sharon

  314. Malik says

    I want it pls help me

    reply to Malik

  315. Khizar Muhammad says

    Please give me I am a driver, I have a bad phone. I know English because my hounr learn Me english

    reply to Khizar

  316. Tina says

    Love the service
    Anyone have the ZTE Avid 579

    reply to Tina

  317. Malachi Bellamy says

    I want a phone i dont have one on my school computer

    reply to Malachi

  318. Karan Solanki says

    Please give me a mobile

    reply to Karan

  319. OMENE CHIAMAKA says


    reply to OMENE

  320. Jake says

    Hmm giveaway are amazing

    reply to Jake

  321. Lilly Ross says

    Am I late I hope not

    reply to Lilly

  322. Anika says

    Hi .I don’t know that what is this

    reply to Anika

  323. sofiya Muhammad lawan says

    u ar amazing

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