#1 in the Nation for Three Years in a Row!

Well, Consumer Cellular did it again. For the third year in a row subscribers to a leading consumer reporting magazine rated us the #1 wireless carrier in the nation.

We received the highest score possible in four categories: Data, Phone, Staff Knowledge, and Issue Resolved. In other words, we hit it out of the park in several Customer Service categories, which, to mix the metaphor, is music to my ears. Customer Service, you see, is one of those areas in business that is totally within a company’s control. You either understand service or not. You either deliver it or you don’t.

According to the article, Consumer Cellular offers “standout customer service.” Yes, I believe we do and here are a few of the reasons why:

-We invest a lot of time and effort in the Service end of our business because we’re here to serve you.  We are more interested in providing personal service than we are in offering the latest gadgetry. And it all starts with the people we hire to answer your questions; they’re smart, patient, and friendly. They’re well-versed in solving problems and they know our cell phones, inside and out.

-As an added bonus, we intentionally keep our Contact Centers in the USA, so you won’t have to experience any embarrassing lost-in-translation moments.

-Additionally, if you don’t want to try and reach one of our Contact Centers, you’re welcome to manage your own cell phone account. You can do this online through your own computer or cell phone.

-Through our customer-serving policies, we let you change your cell phone plan at any point in a billing cycle, so you can avoid paying unnecessary overage fees. For example, you can increase your minutes during an unexpected spike in usage, say, during a medical emergency, and return to your regular cell phone plan later, when things get back to normal. And there’s no penalty for doing so.

-To help you track usage, we send you automated Usage Alerts whenever you get close to your cell phone plan’s limits. You never have to worry about going over because we’re always looking out for you.

That’s not all. We offer free phone activation and shipping. You also get a full risk-free guarantee. And we’ve been known to increase our cell phone plans to include more minutes, messages and data without charging more–now that’s the kind of surprise our loyal customers deserve!

Here at Consumer Cellular we like to keep things simple, even our core philosophy. We believe if you support your customers, your customers will support you. And for three years you’ve rated us as the best in the nation. We’re sincerely honored. But the best thing about being #1, I think, is that it makes it easier for us to attract even more top-notch, service-oriented employees. After all, we’re here to serve you… the more ways, the merrier.

6 Thoughts on "#1 in the Nation for Three Years in a Row!"

  1. Eileen Thiex says

    I am wondering if you could tell me how the coverage truly is in Northwest wisconsin, Burnett County to be exact. Also if I am the main account holder can I add my husband for an extra ten dollars a month.

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Eileen, thanks for the post. Here's a link to our coverage map in case you're interested in seeing what the cellular service in your area looks like: https://www.consumercellular.com/coverage. As for your husband, yes, you may add him to your cell phone plan for just $10/month. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact our support team at either 888-548-6490 or at [email protected]. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Bunner says

    Thanks for the three years my husband and I have enjoyed at it with no problems at all. We go To West Virginia on vacation and the cell phone service is always with us without dropping any calls. And thanks for the extra calling time and texting and Web usage! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. John Smith says

    We are proud to have two Consumer Cellular phones at our house, and have referred many people and they are happy cell phone users too.

  4. Ginny Colvin says

    I’m wondering if my smart watch will work with a Consumer Cellular program if I switch

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Ginny, you can use a smartwatch on our service if it uses Bluetooth and is compatible with our phones. You can generally check with the smartwatch manufacturer to see what phones or operating systems are compatible.