Keeping Jobs in America

When we established Consumer Cellular more than 17 years ago, we were strongly committed to using local talent to build our company. Throughout the years, our commitment to rely on American workers held steady, even as others in our industry were outsourcing many of their positions to cheaper resources in other countries.

In my opinion, some businesses make a mistake in over-emphasizing the cost of using American workers while, at the same time, overlooking the benefits that using American workers has on customers and local communities. In short, a service company built on outsourcing was not the kind of company we wanted to build.

Starting with a mere handful of employees, we now number more than 700 strong in two states, Arizona and Oregon. Our contact centers are staffed with English-speaking cell phone experts, who are knowledgeable, patient and friendly. And I know these folks are delivering because every day I receive emails from customers praising the service they are getting. There are no lost-in-translation moments on our watch.

This has been quite the year for Consumer Cellular and awards. To cap it off, we were recently selected as a recipient of the inaugural Inc. Hire Power Awards, a recognition given to private companies that are leading the way in creating American jobs. This award is particularly sweet because it’s about job creation right here in the United States of America at a time in our nation’s history when jobs are hardly plentiful. And it validates our commitment to hire fellow citizens.

It seems business awards were an embarrassment of riches for us this year.  The big one, of course, is that for the third year in a row we were rated the #1 cell phone service provider in the nation. We were also recognized as one of the best companies to work for, as well as one of the top green companies to work for in Oregon. Plus, for the fourth consecutive year, we made Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 5000 companies.

And now we’re being recognized for creating jobs for American workers.

These awards and attaboys are nice, to be sure. However, the real value in such recognition is that it enables us to attract top talent and continue to provide superior service to you. And that, I think, is a combination that will continue to win favor. Because the right people serving customers the right way is the right thing to do.

9 Thoughts on "Keeping Jobs in America"

  1. NevadaJ says

    At 60+ I decided it was time to join at least the 20th century and get a cell phone. For all the reasons John outlined in this blog, I signed up with Consumer Cellular. Reasonably priced, great service, simple to understand plans and I get to help keep jobs in America. Why would any American sign up with anyone else?

  2. Jack Moore says

    I live in Bowling Green, Ky.
    My cell phone co. is Net 10. The service is ok unless you get to far toward eastern part of the state then little or no rec.
    My problem is I cannot talk to customer service because they use english speaking foreigners. Even after asking to speak to an american speaking english I got a foreigner.
    to much lost in traslation.
    Is your people americans speaking english? Very inporting to me.

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Jack. Thanks for the question. All our customer service representatives are English-speaking Americans. All of our contact centers are location in the US. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 888-548-6490. Thank you.

  3. Jeanette McGlothin says

    I am not a “typical” consumer cellular customer. I use this service because I share a plan with my grandmother. As a tech savvy, Internet addict, my only desire is that you offered more data. I have been very very impressed and do not want to change carriers because it feels great to support such a worthwhile company.

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for the comment, Jeanette. We're glad you're enjoying our affordable cell phone service. We've been known to increase the minutes, texts and data on our cell phone plans without raising prices. In fact, we just increased our data plans just a few months ago. Thanks again for the comment.

  4. Muriel Chandler says

    My IPhone is the greatest thing next to mother's apple pie. My record with you shows the different phones I tried and returned them to you, at no shipping costs to me. Finally I tried my current phone, the IPhone. It does so much more than I expected and I increased my plan because it has apps galore. I await your adding a later version of the IPhone.

  5. Jack Moore says

    I called your co. today and signed up for the dora 618 phone the lady I talked to spoke clear english and we had no problem under standing each other. I should have my phone in a day or two. Look foward to getting started with consumer cellular.
    All works ok maybe my wife will switch also; well see Jack Moore
    Feb. 4,2013

  6. Donald Stanley says

    I want to jump on this praise wagon. I am 73 almost 74 and have enjoyed my association with Consumer Cellular for at least five(?) years. So well pleased with your service and the friendly English-speaking employees we just upgraded to our first smart phones. Keep up the greatest service ever.

  7. Jack Moore says

    What can I say, every one has already said it. I really like consumer cellular phone service. I enjoy paying my bill on line. My service here in Bowling Green, Ky. is great and I have no problems with the phone (dora 618).
    Waiting on my wife to get ready to change then we will probably get a plan together.
    I really enjoy your service.
    Jack Moore