New Cell Phone Plans, More Minutes, Same Low Prices

I am pleased to tell you about an important change to our cell phone plans that just went into effect.  The change is simple: You get more minutes, messages, and data but pay the same low price you’ve always been paying. We’ve even enhanced our most robust messaging and data plan for our most active cell phone or smartphone users. In other words, you get more of just about everything except cost. And you don’t even have to click a button to activate the change, either. You receive the boost automatically.

I know what you’re thinking: Sweet!

First, let me mention the change at the lower end of our plans.  Our old Anywhere 100 plan previously included 100 minutes for $15 a month. It’s been replaced by our enhanced Anywhere 150 plan, which includes 150 minutes for the same price.

We made the biggest change to our Connect! messaging and data plans, however. We’re giving you more opportunities to check the Web than ever before. And it gets even better for those who choose our most robust plan, Connect! Max. Now with that plan, for only $30 a month, you’re entitled to 10,000 text messages and 1 gigabyte of data (both more than double the old levels).

Here at Consumer Cellular, we focus on simplicity because we assume you already have enough complexity in your life. Whether you’re navigating our web site, adjusting your cell phone plan, ordering a new phone, or automatically receiving more minutes at no extra cost, we like to keep things simple.

And that’s because I believe simplicity is the hallmark of a good design.  You’ll never need an attorney to decipher our no-contract plans or an accountant to understand your monthly Consumer Cellular invoice.  I think Leonardo da Vinci said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

60 Thoughts on "New Cell Phone Plans, More Minutes, Same Low Prices"

  1. Becky Boyan says

    Thank you so much for the update to the minutes! It is so much appreciated and
    the no extra charge is an extra surprise. We really enjoy our phone service with you and always try to get our friends to switch!
    Thanks again!

  2. Linda says

    And it just keeps getting better!!

  3. Lynn Scherzinger says

    So, answer this… why doesn't EVERYONE use Consumer Cellular? It's a no-brainer! Great service, fantastic prices, and they do everything they can to always provide the best!

  4. Scatter says

    You guys are so awesome!!

  5. Beverly Westcott says

    I love Consumer Cellular!! It's the only cell company I've ever been with and they are the best!! Customer service is excellent, low prices are wonderful and it keeps getting better!! Thank you Consumer Cellular!!

  6. Sheri trego says

    What agreat surprise this morninn!

  7. Patricia McMullin says

    I just love your phone and service. They both go hand-in-hand… Get my drift?…lol There's no other company that could offer the service and products that Consumer Cellular has to offer. I'll never ever have to switch again.

  8. Susan says

    Thanks for all you do for us. We have been using your services for years (can't remember how many) and we always get good phone service and good phones.

    My husband likes his new Doro. It is easy for him to use!

  9. Dorothy Hill says

    Love the service and the price. I agree, everyone should use Consumer Cellular.

  10. Ray Ford says

    You just keep getting it right! Thanks.

  11. Barbara Simonds says

    Thank you for being the best phone company,love everything about my smart phone,Though I am unable to use the phone much,no signal where I live.

  12. David Tremblay says

    Thank you so much! It is refreshing in this day and age that a company will give more and not less.

  13. Linda Frazier says

    And that's why I've been a customer since 1992.
    Kudo's to CC

  14. Kathy G says

    This is very good news! We can't wait until July contract expiration of our current company, and we can join Consumer Cellular! thank you for supporting AARP members too!

  15. Karen Quinn says

    What a great surprise!! Love Consumer Cellular even more now!!

  16. Connie Sloan says

    Been with you for years. TY for this news. Is there a phone update also. I have had a Motorola W259 since I signed up.

  17. David Miller says

    Thank you for the extra 50 min. it will come in real handy.

  18. Kathryn Griffin says

    Positively love my new smart phone and now – more minutes to spend talking with family and friends!

  19. Karen Ferretti says

    Your service just keeps getting better and better, which is why I'll never use any other cell phone service. What I don't understand is why others like to pay more????

  20. Sally Giordana says

    Thank you so much – I am a retired senior and would not be able to handle the cost of owning a phone if not for you and now even 50 more minutes!!!!

  21. Ron Karch says

    I received my new HUAWEI “smart” phone recently, even though it is smarter than I, I appreciate the extra time alloted while I am learning to work it…:)

  22. Terry Harting says

    THANK YOU!!!! This is great.

  23. richard begin says

    Just signed up today custom svc is fantastic and now more mins. WOW! Should have joined yrs ago…..

  24. Joe Tirado says

    I am so happy that I recently made the switch from Sprint to Consumer Cellular. The cellular service I receive is either equal to or better than Sprint. Great prices, great perks and great customer service! I was completely satisfied with what I originally signed up for, but the extra bonuses will keep me around for a long, long time. Thank you so much for a job well done!

  25. Linda Abeyta says

    Thanks so much for the extra minutes. It keeps getting better and better. I love consumer cellular and the service is super. Thanks again.

  26. Teresa Alexander says

    Thank you Consumer Cellular for the extra minutes and better access to the web. You have the best cell phone plans I have ever encountered!!!!!

  27. john walsh says

    It is about time! Too bad you did not add 50 min. before the last days of the month. Every month, I was looking to see updates on usage to be careful not to go over. Even 2 or 3 min. over and you still charged 25c per min.? no such thing as close enough is fine – every quarter had to be collected.

  28. Francisco Garcia says

    Great now my 2574 will go to 150. please tell me when phone prices go down

  29. Richard Fitzgerald says

    Never had a bad “minute” with you guys and I go back to before you even had a “smart phone”!! Keep up the good work and great value

    • mary puccini says

      Thank you consumer cellular, you are the best. I appreciate your service as well as your prices and for making life easier keeping your customers updated with your alerts.

  30. Gatha Robinson says

    I've only been a customer for 2 months now and I love you. Your service and plans are the best!! Thanks for the new “minutes”!!! 🙂

  31. Bruce Kollister says

    The only company I know of that isn't increasing prices and giving more service. You guys rock!

  32. Gary Loper says

    My wife and I really like this phone company. If I could bake you all a cake and bring it to you I would. I will say thank you instead for the extra minutes and keep up the good work.

  33. Karen F. says

    Exactly what I needed–I was always “just” going over on the 100 plan, so this will take care of my “slight” monthly overage without updating my plan…which, by the way, is also a great feature. Thanks!!

  34. Diego Millan says

    Just found out about this. Sure made my day already. Thank you.

  35. Marlin says

    A thank you so much for the up grade in plans. What a different surprise. Usually it is the other way around. More money less time. Thank you what a nice surprise. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  36. darrell hensley says

    You guys, are great. when I get mail from other cell phones is always more money . thanks

  37. Talitha Cheatem says

    I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!

  38. Dawn says

    Thank you so much! It's so nice to be getting more for the same price and that's not something we see everyday. It's appreciated.

  39. Doris Burnham says

    Can't tell you how much I appreciate the extra minutes on my plan!! Have had no problem at all with Consumer Cellular even though we live in a remote area…it just keeps getting better!! Thanks Consumer Cellular.

  40. Joe says

    This is why I like Consumer Cellular so much. You read about the other cell phone companies that make their plans less for more, I am so glad I found you and when I ever have to call for help it is done very good and they all sound like they really want to help you. I never leave and feel that something was not cleared up. Thank you again for every thing you do. It is like a have a private cell phone company.

  41. Craig Campo says

    HI…I was a Verizon Customer since it was the old Air Touch Cellular almost 12 years! This is a great company with wonderful service, coverage, and pay plans. I was tired of the changing plans with Verizon, price hikes that just seemed to go higher and higher and could no longer justify spending over $1300 a year for cell service. Now I took a step back, less complicated, and have just voice only. If someone cannot call…I certainly do not need a text message! Thanks for letting me see the light and once again use a phone for what it was intended! Great job and I tell all I can about you!

  42. Spitfire says

    So glad I ditched Verizon! You guys are great, both with pricing and service. This is the 2nd time since I've been a Consumer Cellular customer that you've bumped the service level up and left the price the same – let me tell you, that really makes me talk you up to all my friends. Good job and thanks!

  43. Sylvia L. says

    I was about to update my plan because I was “close” to my limit when I noticed that my limit had been increased. Thank you so very much. It's nice to get more for the same price (or less). It's usually less for more. I appreciate all that your company does. I love it. 🙂

  44. Goldie K. says

    I have been with Consumer Cellular for just over a year & I must say I have never been so satisfied with a cell phone company. You manage to do all the right things. This is how you keep customers satisfied, They keep coming back and referring you to others.

  45. Elizabeth Bunner says

    What a great surprise!! Love Consumer Cellular even more now!!

  46. Gerri G. says

    Plan and service are great!

    Now you just have to do some QA and update your code to accept “apostrophies” in your comments.

  47. Dot Verbeck says

    My husband who says he doesn't like to talk on the phone, basically uses all our minutes!
    I talk about 10 minutes a month! This is a big surprise….I won't tell him! Thanks.

  48. Jesse Mondragon says

    I just want to say that Consumer Cellular is the best cell phone company ever. The service is excellent. The service works everywhere. Other cell phone companies have bad connections where you lose your service. I would prefer people to get this service! I would never let go of my cell phone service, I love it so much…..Thank you Consumer Cellular for the best service you have provided for me.

  49. connie snipe says

    THANKS for everything Consumer Cellular, you rock!

  50. JD Hall says

    The extra 300 minutes on my plan (from 1200 > 1500) was an unexpected surprise. Thank you, Consumer Cellular! I am also thankful for your no-contract plan flexibility. Due to a family medical emergency resulting an a significant increase in my phone usage, I had to change my cell phone plan three times in the past few months. It was so easy to do with Consumer Cellular. I could have never done that with another carrier without incurring major hassles & expense.

  51. Jerry Young says

    Read about Consumer Cellular in AARP literature and decided to give it a try two months ago. I have been very pleased with the cell phone service and the Doro phone. I wear a hearing aid and can hear on this cell phone just fine. Getting the extra minutes without extra charge was just icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!

  52. Len F. says

    Love the new extra 50 minutes. But frequently we're close to the 350 limit, and occasionally go over, and 750 is way too much. Would it be too much to ask for an in-between plan for $5 more? Say 550 minutes for $25?

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for the suggestion, Len. We value the feedback from our customers so I'll be sure to pass this recommendation on to our management team. Thank you.

  53. Ginny says

    Does CC have an automatic adjustment if you hit 100% of minutes?

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Ginny. We don’t have an automatic adjustment, but we do have handy Usage Alerts that will notify you via text or email when you reach 50%, 75% or 100% of your plan. That way, you have the ability to increase or decrease your plan to save money and avoid overages. At Consumer Cellular, we believe you should only pay for what you need, so you can change your plan up until the last day of your billing cycle. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our plans at 888-345-5509. Thank you once again for taking the time to post!

  54. Clarice Brenner says

    Is there any way I can send a text or make a phone call to get the number of minutes I have used this month? I do not have a smart phone, just a DORO 626

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Absolutely, Clarice! If you give us a call at 888-345-5509, just respond to the prompt for “Hear My Usage”. We’ll let you know how many minutes, texts or MB’s you’ve used. It’s that easy! Thank you for posting!

  55. dharmasurfer says

    This consumer cellular have an unlimited talk and text and data plan? If so what’s the price per month?

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us! We offer a variety of plans, with the largest including unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data. You can view all of the options here on our website. Our plans can be changed at any time, so if you’re using less data than expected, you can switch to a smaller plan and even save money. If you have any other questions we can answer about our plans or our service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-345-5509. Thank you again for reaching out to us, and we hope you have a lovely day!