Smartphone App of the Month – November Edition

This month we’re featuring a smartphone app from a classic time in radio history: Radio Spirits. To find out more about this entertaining and engaging app, read the story below or click on the associated links.


Available on Android and iPhone.

Thanks to the genius behind the free Radio Spirits app, you now have access to a selection of Old Time Radio (OTR) shows hosted by Greg Bell.

Whether it’s the Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Green Hornet, Abbott and Costello, The Life of Riley, or so many others, take a trip down memory lane and relive—or experience for the first time—the glory that was radio in its prime. Access an archive of recent shows as well as see the schedule of upcoming programs. A background play feature enables you to listen while you do other things on your phone.

The app runs on Android phones, as well as the iPhone. In the words of one reviewer: “Awesome… ah, habit forming. I listen to it every night I wouldn’t want to miss an episode!” Here’s a tip: if you do plan on listening to Radio Spirits, make sure you save your cell phone plan (and money) by listening via a Wi-Fi connection.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday season and your smartphone apps.  Don’t forget to share the good news and let us know if you’re using an app you think other customers would enjoy. Until next month, it goes without saying … may the Apps be with you!

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