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As you can imagine, I read a lot about the cell phone industry. With all that reading, it’s still rare that a story or a statistic surprises me. One recently did.

In a story about the impact of cell phone usage on family budgets, I came across this incredible statistic: “Twenty-one percent of Americans said they spend more on their mobile phone bills each month than on groceries.

I can assure you, those spending more on their phones than on their groceries are not Consumer Cellular customers. Here’s why:

First, we offer some of the lowest rates available—and without saddling you with a contract.  We can provide you with cell phone service for as little as ten dollars a month, even less with our discounts for AARP members. Plus, there are never any hidden fees in our phone prices. There are no activation fees or shipping and handling charges. Affordability is just one reason why our no-contract service was voted #1 for two years in a row by the leading consumer reporting magazine.

Second, as we introduce new phones to our lineup, we keep in mind that we all must live within a budget. Granted, wireless technology seems to change every day and we’re always hearing about a new-fangled phone or a must-have feature. However, our customers are practical and so are we. That’s why we do the research and only offer budget-friendly cell phones or smartphones that make sense for you and your lifestyle.

Third, our free Usage Alerts program helps ensure you stay within your cell phone plan. We allow you to upgrade to the next plan, whenever needed and without penalty, to avoid unnecessary overage charges. That’s right. With Consumer Cellular, you can adjust your cell phone plan to fit your usage at any time—no questions asked.

Lastly, we’ve got your back.  For example, we recently added minutes, texts and data to many of our cell phone plans, without increasing the price you pay. As another way for you to save money, we offer a family share plan that enables you to share minutes with family members on your plan. And through our customer referral program, you and the person you referred can both enjoy a $10 discount.

As a Consumer Cellular customer, you are totally in control of your own cell phone plan and expenses. Best of all, you no longer have to worry about budget surprises at the end of each month. So go ahead and order those groceries. You deserve them.

2 Thoughts on "Budget Friendly, Family Friendly"

  1. richard begin says

    It has been only one month. I am completely 100% satisfied with my cell phone plan and with your (our company).
    Thank You!!!!

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  2. Jerry Young says

    I had never had a cell phone until about 2 months ago when I saw the ad for Consumer Cellular in AARP literature, so I decided to give it a try. I've been very pleased with the service, the phone, and the cost. I am severly hearing impaired and wear hearing aids which I found work quite well with the Doro phone. This has been a problem when using other phones. When CC added extra minutes with no extra cost, that was icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!

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