The Smartphone Way to Save

From Consumer Cellular’s beginning, we set a high bar. Our goal was to help ensure as many people as possible could benefit from wireless technology. That’s why, unlike other cell phone service providers, we don’t require a contract.

Plus, our cell phone plans are affordable and flexible, starting as low as $10 a month. And we allow our customers to upgrade at any time without penalty, helping them to avoid unnecessary overage fees.

Our communication-for-many approach is also why we choose our phones carefully. We look for practical, cost-effective phones that people can rely on, phones we think they will actually use. In short, we look for quality products at a price our customers can afford.

As a result, our customers may select from a range of phones by word-class manufacturers, everything from a free phone to phones for senior citizens to, yes, even a smartphone.

The more I use a smartphone, the more value I see in it and the more customers I’d like to see use one. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that we’re lowering the price of the Motorola Bravo smartphone to $140*, a savings of $25 off our introductory price.

So, why would you want to upgrade to a smartphone? In many ways, a smartphone is like having a PC in your pocket. And because the Bravo runs the Android operating system, you can go online to the Android Market, select and add a variety of apps to your phone, customizing it to fit your needs.

Smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars and to get one you usually have to sign a contract. But as a Consumer Cellular customer, now you can get your hands on a powerful Bravo—sans contract—and not wreak havoc with your budget.

It’s a new year. Why not try something new? And save money at the same time.

p.s. I almost forgot to mention, we’re also lowering the price of the Samsung A697. It was priced at $60 but now you can get it for just $40* and save $20. It’s an ideal phone for messaging!

*As with all of our phones there’s a one-time $35 activation fee, which is not included in the price of the phone.

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