Are you looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable phone for talking and texting?

Are you looking for basic, easy-to-use features?

Stay connected on the go with a reliable, high-quality flip phone. Supports text messaging and web data, includes a speakerphone and is hearing-aid compatible.

Does having an emergency button interest you?

An easily accessible emergency call button quickly dials any important contact you choose. Large, raised buttons also offer simple speed-dial functionality.

Do you prefer bigger buttons and a simple design?

Ideal for more mature users, these phones have easy-to-read menus, and enhanced hearing-aid compatibility. Features include basic camera and video capabilities, and external caller ID display.

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Are you looking for newer technology that lets you use apps, check the Internet and take HD pictures and video?

Are you looking for today’s latest, state-of-the-art smartphone technology?

Top of the line smartphone models offer all the latest features, including HD photo and video plus faster processing speeds for using apps, the Internet, and social media.

Are you ready to try texting, want to access the Internet, and maybe use a few apps?

Step up to a fast, modern smartphone providing easy access to email, video, the Internet, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Do you prefer newer technology, but without all the gadgets?

Get a perfect introduction to the features and benefits of having an Android smartphone, with convenient one touch calling and easy modes for basic navigation.

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Are you looking for wireless devices to supplement your service?

Do you want to cut the cord on your landline?

Turn your home phone into a new line on your cellular account. You can even keep your current home telephone and phone number.

Are you looking for a mobile safety device?

Enjoy more freedom and security for you or a loved one. Stay connected to caretakers and emergency responders with ease.

Do you want to take your home solutions on the go?

Save your data and connect to wireless service wherever you are with these lightweight, portable devices.

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