Smartphone Apps of the Month – December

The amazing thing about smartphone apps is that there are so many of them and they run the gamut from practical day-to-day tools to pleasurable games that both test and please the mind. I’d like to recommend two such apps to help you get both more use and more enjoyment out of your phone: CardStar® and 1960s Music Trivia. Please read the articles below for more information about these apps.

CardStar®: Available on Android and iPhone.

Tired of spending time in a store shuffling for your plastic rewards card? Want to check out books at the library faster? Are you afraid you might be missing out on a frequent flier discount? Would you like to save money with limited-time specials at your local grocery store?  Now you don’t have to bother or worry.  Simply digitize the plastic rewards or membership cards in your wallet or purse with CardStar, the fast, easy, simple and secure way to carry plastic cards. It’s a win-win.  Your cards are safer when digitized and your wallet is lighter.

Thanks to CardStar, you won’t miss out on a reward, discount or deal. And it’s easy.  Use your phone’s camera and scan in your cards. Once a card has been captured, you simply touch it from the CardStar home screen to access it. You get quick access to merchant information, contact details and store locations. You’ll be able to browse thousands of deals and card-linked offers. You can even send grocery coupons to your smartphone. And, in most cases, cashiers can scan your cards directly from your smartphone.

Is CardStar safe? Yes, you can easily protect your cards from loss or unauthorized use through the app’s safety features. Plus, all your information stays anonymous, private and secure. Reduce the size of your purse or wallet. Go cardless and save.

1960s Music Trivia: Available on Android.

Whether the trivia question is about a lion sleeping, Sloopy hanging on or some sailor named Louie, Louie, you’ll love this smartphone app.  1960s Music Trivia game will quiz your pop and rock music knowledge of the singing Sixties.  This free game app is a hoot to play and we’re not just blowing in the wind.

Testing your memory and your music chops at the same time, 1960s Music Trivia takes trivia to new levels of delight. Put another way, this app will make you want to twist and shout and do all the loco-motion you want.

All right.  I’ll stop with the silly wordplay and corny puns. I’m sure you get my Drifters (oops, make that drift, sorry).  I encourage you to check out the link and download the app. It’s so fine… and so much fun!

Happy December.  Stay warm, stay connected, and may your stockings be filled with goodies this holiday season.  I’ll have more cool smartphone apps to recommend next year.  Until then… may the Apps be with you!


4 Thoughts on "Smartphone Apps of the Month – December"

  1. Jeanne Olson says

    Sloopy, Pat, Sloopy! (Sorry, had to do it!)

  2. greg c says

    I was wondering how this works (card star)like when you go to self checkout or at a gas station. Is there a glare from the screen?
    I have the Huawei am just learning this unit.
    I have been a customer for a couple of years.
    The service has been out standing, now if I can get the phone figured out. Thanks!

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Greg. Thanks for the message. I would recommend downloading the CardStar App (it's free) and testing it out. You can always delete it if you don't find it useful. Here's a video that shows you how to download an app to your smartphone. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 888-548-6490. Thank you.