Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Wild stock market swings, real estate values dropping like an anvil and uncertainty about receiving a check can make the task of sticking to a budget the latest guessing game. At least there’s one area of your life where Consumer Cellular can help you manage your personal budget and help bring you greater peace of mind: your cell phone usage.

The most affordable cell phone plans. Our lowest-priced, most affordable cell phone plan is only ten dollars a month and even less for AARP members. From that starting point, we offer a range of simple, low-cost plans. Erich, one of our customers, said he saved one hundred dollars a month compared to his previous carrier’s cell phone plan. We hear of similar savings from other customers every day.

The most flexible no contract cell phone plans. We don’t require our customers to sign contracts. Plus, we allow them to change their cell phone plan up to the last day of an invoice cycle, enabling them to avoid overage fees by temporarily upgrading their plan to a higher level. And there’s no penalty for doing so.

The best cell phone service. A customer emailed us to say we were “Simply the best for less.” Comments like that always make me proud, as well as blush. We’re certainly striving to be the best, that’s why every day we consider new ways of improving our service. For example, a few months back we added up to 40% more minutes to each of our calling plans, without increasing prices.

The easiest cell phone service. We don’t like surprises and can’t imagine our customers do, either. That’s why our unique Usage Alerts program automatically tracks the number of minutes or text messages each customer has consumed. And whenever customers approach or exceed their limit, we notify them by email or text message, sometimes both, so that any spike in their usage doesn’t catch them by surprise. We also remind them how easy it is to modify their cell phone plan, any time of day or night. They’re always in control. As one customer told us, “Every time I visit your website I’m amazed. I changed my plan with three clicks!”

An old expression tells us, “You get what you pay for.” With Consumer Cellular, I like to think you get even more, which might help explain why we’re rated the #1 no contract cell phone service in America.

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