Summer and the smartphone

As summer kicks into full gear, I find myself busier than ever. Between the needs of the office, spending time with friends and family and getting out into this great weather, it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day! I’ve noticed myself relying more on my smartphone to stay in touch and tuned in to all the picnics, hikes and gatherings — whether it’s with a text message, a phone call or an email. My smartphone truly keeps me connected wherever I am – from Facebook to email, from GPS to texting – I’m always available and informed.

I was reflecting on my personal connectivity while considering the overall internet and cell phone usage of our demographic. Our population is becoming more geographically dispersed — which makes sense, with work, school, families and travel taking us to new places – resulting in a desire to remain connected to one another via electronic means. Based on recent research, 79% of Americans are online, with numbers dropping off to 58% and 30% as we reach retirement age. With so much of our lives available online, we expect to see this number begin to increase. Now, how can we at Consumer Cellular help our customers stay connected?

Cell phones have become integral to our lives on so many levels. These devices have grown from basic phone functionality to texting, internet, email…the list goes on. As our drive to do more on the go increases, our devices must adapt to accommodate our growing needs. The ability to monitor retirement accounts remotely, perform banking transactions without visiting a branch — or even sitting at a computer — is a major time saver. Financial institutions, news outlets, email sites, social networks, even our favorite sports teams have applications available for download on the latest smartphone devices. These features, coupled with the camera and video features of these phones makes them all the more popular.

The smartphone has entered the market with force and has proven to fill this need. In a survey conducted of cell users, 60% of non-smartphone users stated they were either considering to or actively planning on purchasing a smartphone. And of those who already own a smartphone, the numbers are even higher: 87% stated they are extremely likely to purchase another smartphone. It’s clear from this data that first, there is interest in first-time smartphone ownership, and second, once a smartphone is purchased, the inclination is to stay with the technology.

We at Consumer Cellular are proud of our long-standing reputation of providing low-cost, no contract cell phone plans, and highly personalized service to all our customers, and I have the highest confidence in our ability to continue serving your needs with new technologies as they are available. We are listening to your requests for a more powerful, feature-rich phone and are happy to make one available to you.

2 Thoughts on "Summer and the smartphone"

  1. Tom Casey says

    STILL VERY disappointed that I can’t deposit checks by phone as l could with my S-7.
    I had to switch to a J-7 cuz l was told my S-7 wasn’t compatible with Consomer Cellular.

    reply to Tom

    • Hi Tom, thank you for your post! I am sorry to hear about the trouble you had with switching to our service with your previous phone. While we do all we can to try and get the phones working when they are brought over, we cannot guarantee that all models will be compatible and the same can be said for application features. I have sent your feedback up to my team to review further. If you are still having trouble with the app though I would recommend reaching out to the developer for further troubleshooting options as we cannot troubleshoot third-party applications.

      reply to Jacob

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