More Value, Same Price

Since starting Consumer Cellular, I’ve learned many business lessons. Perhaps the most consistent -and smartest- lesson is that customers make the best advisors. They know what they need or want. As a service provider, it’s our responsibility to listen… and deliver.

That’s what we did and that’s why I’m so proud to announce three important changes to our cell phone rate plans, each one based on your suggestions:

1. We created a new cellular rate plan and named it Anywhere 100. With this plan, casual cell phone users can now get a low monthly rate of only $15 and a safety net of 100 anytime minutes each month.

2. Our Connect! users wanted the freedom to surf the Web more often on their cell phones. As a result, we added more megabytes of data to every Connect! plan for the same price.

3. We also added more minutes to all of our $20 and up voice plans. Again, the extra minutes are for the same price you already pay. What a concept–Get more, pay the same!

For details of these rate plan enhancements, I encourage you to visit our Cell Phone Plans page:

And don’t forget to tell us about other ways we can deliver more value. The beauty is, we don’t just listen to your suggestions… we actually do something about them. Our Suggestion Box is always open.

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