Usage Alerts Saved Millions

Life is unpredictable. That’s why I don’t think our customers should ever be penalized with high overage fees for sudden changes in their cell phone usage. So last year, in April 2010, we introduced a customer-friendly solution: Usage Alerts.

Our Usage Alerts program is a free, automatic benefit provided to all Consumer Cellular customers. What does the program do? It tracks customer usage and notifies each customer whenever he or she gets close to exceeding their plan’s monthly minutes, messages or data allotment. Our goal is to ensure no one gets stuck with -or is surprised by-unexpected overage fees.

In addition to the alert notification, we recommend steps for the customer to take as well as provide an easy way to make it happen. Customers are allowed to change their rate plan retroactively up to the last day of the billing cycle, which enables them to take advantage of the best possible pricing.

Does this Usage Alerts program work? You bet it does. Usage Alerts saved our customers nationwide more than $5 million in potential overage charges last year!

From the birth of a first grandchild to the sudden illness of a spouse, cell phone usage can easily spike beyond a plan’s pre-defined limits. During such times of celebration or concern, the absolute last thing I want you to worry about is your cell phone bill. We’ll keep an eye on it for you, so you can focus on the more important things going on in your life.

For details of how the program works, please visit our Usage Alerts page at

4 Thoughts on "Usage Alerts Saved Millions"

  1. Mic says

    The “ALL LINES” button on the usage details page does not work.

    Still experiencing great service.

    reply to Mic

    • Hi Mic, thanks for your post! The online account, when you view usage details, is set up to show usage for all of the lines when you first click into it, which is why when you click on that button it doesn’t do anything. It would only be if you click on one of the lines to view their usage specifically and want to go back to viewing all of the lines that it would take you to that. If you have any other issues with it, just let us know!

      reply to Jacob

  2. Calvin Tomlinson says

    When face book messages and email messages popup on my phone, is this using my data usage allotment?

    reply to Calvin

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