Download Password Manager for Online Security and Convenience

Hopefully by now most of us know the basic rules for creating good passwords: make them complicated, don’t reuse them, and change them every so often. But with nearly every website and app requiring users to sign up for an account these days—and seemingly having different rules for creating them—remembering an ever-growing list of complex passwords can be a tough task.

That’s where password managers come in. They not only do the remembering for you but can also be used to create strong, secure passwords to protect your online accounts from hackers and scammers. They then store all your individual passwords and dole them out to whatever service you’re logging into through the use of encrypted browser add-ons and apps. 

A good password manager stores, generates, and updates passwords for you with the click of a button. All of your passwords are saved to a secure ‘vault’ that is itself protected by a user-devised master password. Instead of having to remember all of your individual passwords, you just need to know the one that secures your password manager (so, as an added tip, be sure to make it a good one!).

For even greater security, password managers offer tools to alert you to potentially compromised passwords, and make it it easier to quickly change a compromised password and search through your passwords to ensure you didn’t reuse any compromised codes.

If you’re not currently using a password manager, here are three popular options that can be downloaded for free from either the Google Play Store for Android smartphone users, or the App Store for iPhones.

  • BitWarden features numerous security methods, and also lets you easily import your password data from other password managers, web browsers, and various apps.
  • LastPass works on nearly every platform and device available, and stores your credentials and other sensitive data encrypted on its server.
  • MyKi Authenticator works a little differently. Rather than storing your passwords in the cloud, it relies on point to point encryption to securely move your passwords from your phone to your computer. You can even log in using fingerprint ID instead of a master password.

There are plenty of great downloadable password managers out there (some of which require purchase), so look for the one that has features that make sense for you. It’s a handy way to make your online experience more secure, and to eliminate having to remember every password you create.

18 Thoughts on "Download Password Manager for Online Security and Convenience"

  1. Pat Butson says

    80 year old guy unable to retrieve messages. Password issue. Memory loss. Help?

    reply to Pat

  2. Dennis G Wilson Sr says

    I do not want a voice message on my cell.

    reply to Dennis

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Dennis, if you want to have your voicemail service removed you can give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here and we’ll be happy to get that taken care of for you.

      reply to Nicole

  3. Walt says

    What is Consumer Cellular doing to prevent sim swap attacks, where someone takes over a phone, enabling them to intercept login codes sent from financial sites?

    reply to Walt

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, Walt. We take the personal security of our customers very seriously, and we do have the option of adding a security passcode to the account. This can be done by giving us a call at 888-548-6490.

      reply to Nicole

  4. Pat Butson says

    Thanks so much for your help with the resetting of my password. Expect to hear from me when I turn 85.
    A happy customer

    reply to Pat

  5. Morris Trahan says

    Yea I glad to have yall as my cell phone company and I didn’t have no problem with my New phone number stuff ok till the other day and THAT’S was mess up and I couldn’t do anything about it because I never could Call anyone who can help me with my New phone number and NOW yall did a good job doing that for me and thanks for the help and advice on everything from u ALL of yall doing what a good job we’ll done ok

    reply to Morris

  6. Janie Britt says

    I’m having trouble keeping a password that works for everything also I’m having trouble with my voice mail I want my own voice mail

    reply to Janie

  7. tommie moody says

    Your information above does not indicate whether there is a charge to use a password manager. Since I do not agree to send money over the internet, how would I pay for the manager if there is a charge?

    reply to tommie

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Tommie, the applications that we’ve provided in our blog post do not come with a charge to use them. If an app requires payment, that is generally through a credit or debit card; if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, then we recommend using a free app instead.

      reply to Nicole

  8. Sandra linde says

    How do I get a better singnal on my phone.

    reply to Sandra

  9. Rodgod says

    Why would I let someone help me to make my password. I am not revealing my confidential secret to anybody.

    reply to Rodgod

    • Hi Rodgod, thanks for your post! It’s a great practice to keep those passwords as secure as you possibly can. Many smartphones are offering ways to help with filling them in for you and remembering them so that it makes signing in for different websites that much easier. They also will randomly generate passwords for you as well. They are definitely not a required thing though if you have your own system that works for you.

      reply to Jacob

  10. Michele says

    I have used the free version of LastPass for years, I love it. There is a premium version, but I don’t even know what upgrades that includes.

    reply to Michele

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