We’re making the freedom and convenience of ride-sharing accessible to everyone—even those without smartphones! This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to CC Go by Lyft, a new partnership between Consumer Cellular and Lyft that’s now available with any Consumer Cellular wireless account.

With CC Go, you have fast access to transportation without the need to download an app. Instead, you can order a ride from any flip phone or landline with a simple phone call—users of our GrandPad tablet can even summon rides with the tap of a button! Use CC Go for rides to and from shopping, dinner dates, family outings, medical appointments, church—anywhere you need to be!

We’re so excited to have you experience CC Go that we’re launching it with a very special offer: sign up now and you’ll enjoy the first two rides taken within 30 days for FREE! Rides are provided by Lyft, the respected, nationwide ride-sharing service. All Lyft drivers undergo thorough background checks before they’re allowed to transport passengers.

Plus, by using CC Go, you’ll have the support of our award-winning, 100% U.S. based customer service with you every mile of the way. You can speak to a live, U.S. based operator who will arrange everything for you.

Signing up is simple. When you create a CC Go account, we’ll keep your credit or debit card information on file, so you can order a ride on-demand and have it billed to your card. There’s no need to worry about carrying cash or paying your driver! As an added benefit, you can setup a CC Go account for a loved one and receive updates whenever they order a ride, and once they’ve safely arrived at their destination.

Learn more about CC Go by taking a look at the preview video below. To sign up, click here or call (888) 803-6650 to get started. Don’t forget—you can enjoy your first two rides for FREE! Get yourself on the go today—with CC Go.


  1. Nancy Holt says

    Would be nice to have an app for cc Go on iPhone and\or Android devices. Waiting 5 mins. to connect with someone is not ideal.

    reply to Nancy

  2. Veronica Robinson says

    How can I get a job at ccgo as live operator

    reply to Veronica

  3. Susan Yoh says

    I want to start using Lyft!

    reply to Susan

  4. Linda Carlstrom says

    How are tips for the driver handled? Is a set percentage charged to your credit card?

    reply to Linda

  5. Barbara A Clark says

    I tried my ride on CC go today and was disappointed with service
    I was unable to schedule a specific time to be picked up Luke I have been with going direct to Uber/Lyft.
    I also did not like having to give all my info again, name, personal address and asking for exact address of pick up and address I was going
    I was staying at a major resort hotel going to major airport.
    Unless your service improves, I will continue to book direct with Uber/Lyft app.

    reply to Barbara

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, Barbara. That is correct, our system is not able to schedule a ride in advance. This is a new service and system for us and so any feedback is appreciated.

      So that you don’t have to enter an address in repeatedly, you can call us at 888-750-2246 and speak with an agent to have the location saved to your account. When you no longer need it, you can just call us back to remove it.

      reply to Nicole

  6. Sandy says

    What is the length of obligation to sign up for CCGO? Do you need a year or 6 month commitment or what?

    reply to Sandy

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s a great question, Sandy! There is no obligation like that when setting up CC GO on your account. You can use it as little or as much as you want, and there is also no monthly cost associated with it. All you would be paying for is the ride itself.

      reply to Nicole

  7. John Brenner says

    I’m new to Lyft via Consumer Cellular and have completed my two initial rides with $15 introductory credit on both. Here’s my advice to other new users and to Consumer Cellular.

    BEFORE calling Consumer Cellular’s number for a Lyft ride, log on to, click on RIDER at the top and scroll down to “Ready to Ride?” Enter the pickup and drop off locations and get the Estimate of sample rides. This will help you decide if you want to accept the “bid” by a driver when you call Consumer Cellular. If it is way above the sample price range, my advice is to decline it and wait for a more realistic bid to come in or, simply, take a taxi.

    I did not do that on my second ride, only checking the Estimate on afterwards. The bid was $43.60, which after the $15 credit meant I would pay $28.60, which sounded okay to me. However the Estimated cost on Lyft for my pickup and drop off locations is only $30 – $35. A friend, travelling separately, took a regular taxi the same morning on the same route and paid only $36 (plus a tip). Happily, I did not tip my Lyft driver — he had obviously padded his bid with a substantial tip already.

    My advice to Consumer Cellular is to inform new users that drivers are making a “bid” for service and users should check first what a normal charge is. To my knowledge, Consumer Cellular is not currently doing that nor helping customers discover what a normal charge would be nor informing them of what transpires if a bid is declined.

    reply to John

    • Hi John, I completely understand your concerns and thank you for bringing those up. We can actually set the ride up for you because while we partner with Lyft, our rides are not set up through their application. If you give us a call though we can go over the cost of what the ride will be and give you an estimate on the arrival time of the driver as well. If you would like some assistance with this next time you’re looking to get this going, feel free to give us a call at 800-686-4460 and someone on our CC Go team can help with setting that up or you can also set it up through our automated system. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback on this and have passed it along so that we can get it reviewed for moving forward.

      reply to Jacob

  8. Brenda Silva says

    Is there a discount for being a CC customer? If not, where is my incentive to use this service over Uber or a taxi?

    reply to Brenda

    • Hi Brenda, thanks for your post! I would advise that with us partnering with Lyft, you do receive a $15 credit towards your first two rides that are set up. After that, there is not a discount for it but you are always welcome to set it up with us at any time if you do decide you’d like to give it a try.

      reply to Jacob

  9. Duane says

    You certainly can’t depend on this new “convenient” ride sharing service.

    I needed to get to the airport early this morning and this new Consumer Cellular “benefit” with Lyft was less than useless. When I called the number at 2:30 a.m. mountain time the automated system told me that the offices were closed and wouldn’t be open until 4 a.m. pacific time.

    That was well past the time needed to get to the airport to check in and make my flight. With no time to make any other arrangements, I had to take a taxi at over twice the cost of regular Lyft rates.

    When I called CC customer service representatives about my planned travels, why didn’t they tell me that they would be unavailable in the wee hours of the morning when I really needed it?

    reply to Duane

    • Hi Duane, thanks for your post, I am sorry to hear about what happened with this but can certainly help with some clarification. I would advise that it is a 24-hour service, but to have access to it, the rider profile would need to be set up on the account, and you would need to call from that number that is associated with the profile to have it go through when we are closed for the night. If that is all set up and you are calling from that line, you should be able to reach the automated system to get that setup. Or, you can also give us a call at (888) 803-6650 to connect with that service directly. I apologize again for the frustration and trouble that this caused though.

      reply to Jacob

      • Duane says

        My rider profile information should already be set up on my account. I called (888) 803-6650 a week or so ago and spoke with a customer service representative to get “signed up” and ready to go.

        When I called for Lyft service yesterday morning I called (888) 750-CCGO (888-750-2246). This is the number I was told to use, which is also on your instructional video above (and referenced here):

        Is the (888) 803-6650 number you just provided the one that should be used?

        reply to Duane

        • Hi Duane, either of the numbers listed will work to get through to our CC Go automated system. What you will want to make sure of is that you are calling from the line that we have registered with that profile, that way the system can connect it to that account for you and doesn’t label you as a new customer.

          reply to Jacob

  10. Cat says

    I was going to try this service for my next trip to the airport but I have never had a problem using the Lyft and Uber apps or calling an old-fashioned taxi and this new service sounds much less reliable and much more stressful! Thanks everyone for letting me know about your experiences.

    reply to Cat

  11. Ruby Garmyn says

    Need APP for iphone

    reply to Ruby

  12. Kenneth L Stebbins says

    Can I use this on my flip phone

    reply to Kenneth

    • Hi Kenneth, great question! There is not an application for CC Go but you can give us a call on your flip phone to set a ride up! To get that going, give us a call at 888-803-6650. Any of our agents that picks up can get your rider profile set up through that number and help you with getting a ride scheduled.

      reply to Jacob

      • Linda Whitehead says

        Linda, I ‘ve been reading these reviews about the C C through consumer cellular, to lift service in not completely satisfied that this new service is going to work with out an application, being that’s the best way to find your location departure s & arrivals. Although I do appreciate the effort for CC consumers.

        reply to Linda

  13. Dina Batson says

    Scheduled a ride for 11:45 today to go to the dr appointment at 1.
    Received an email at 12:15 saying no driver available…really…how do I get to the dr appointment now… will definitely not use this again!!!!
    Hopefully I can reschedule and not be charged for the dr visit.
    Dina Batson

    reply to Dina

  14. Amy says

    How can I remove this app from the Grandpad we just got our mother? We do not have Lyft where we are, and this will only confuse her!

    reply to Amy

  15. bgbama says

    I wanted to sign up because (not being a mobile phone user) I could order a ride from my CC home phone base. But when I called to set up an account, I learned that I must ALSO have a mobile phone with texting service to receive messages from Lyft drivers — such as what kind of car to look for. That’s a significant requirement and costly addition that’s glaringly omitted from the description of the service.

    reply to bgbama

    • Hi there, that’s definitely frustrating and I’m sorry that it wasn’t mentioned when you were first looking into this service. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention so that we can better train our agents and update our literature about this service. If there are any other questions about this, please let us know.

      reply to Jacob

  16. Sally Smith says

    Thank you for your post. I was going to sign up but have flip phone without text so would not work for me either. Ad specifically says can order ride from ANY phone. Need to correct information.

    reply to Sally

    • Hi Sally, thanks for your post. I appreciate your feedback on this post and have forwarded it along to my team to look into for moving forward in the future. If you have any other questions about this feature or the features on your account, give us a call at 800-686-4460 or you can also chat with one of our agents here.

      reply to Jacob

  17. Gerlonda Battles says

    Used my new CCGo about 3 pm on 2/28/2020. Requesting a ride to destination was uneventful but there was no answer to the CCGo phone number when I called to request a return ride — I was on hold with music playing. It was 8:32 pm (2/29/2020) and didn’t want to wait around for someone to answer. Instead, I used Lyft in the conventional manner (I still have the Lyft app on my phone). I hope this doesn’t occur every time I need a Lyft. Perhaps its best to use CCGo only during the day.

    reply to Gerlonda

    • Hi Gerlonda, thanks for your blog post. We appreciate this feedback regarding our system for CC Go and it has been passed along to be reviewed further for moving forward. I also saw that you were able to speak with an agent regarding this as well for further support. We thank you for taking the time to post this and hope you have a great rest of your day.

      reply to Jacob

  18. Quimby S. says

    Just tried to sign up. The rep said I had to have a regular CC account for this service, meaning paying for some kind of cell phone/tablet plan even not having a cell phone!! Nope, no way. Having a pay-per-ride option is fine, but not paying for an additional service I would never use!

    reply to Quimby

  19. Linda Hale says

    i was not told to get the free rides upon signing up I have to use the ccgo phone number. i ordered a ride in the ap and dont get my free one.

    reply to Linda

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Linda. I apologize if there was some confusion. While CC GO goes through Lyft, they are separate services. In order to get the free rides, they will need to be ordered through CC GO within 30 days of signing up, with a maximum value of $15 per ride. Rides ordered through the Lyft app are not eligible.

      reply to Nicole

  20. JT Titus says

    The CC Go app is available on an Android phone (at least it is on mine)

    reply to JT

  21. JT Titus says

    Can I use CC Go when on vacation out of state or is it only available in the state I signed up in?

    reply to JT

  22. thomas marks says

    When I called for a ride home from the doctor, I was told the driver would be there in about 20 minutes; she was, but her car quit working, so another ride had to be summoned. While I was waiting for him I tried to call CCGO to check on his progress. I called 4 times in a row and each time the phone was hung up before I could even talk to anyone — it would play a few seconds of a recorded message and then click! gone! I also don’t like being told there are no drivers available, call back in 10 minutes, then when I do, I get the same run around, sometimes over and over. This does nothing for me when I am trying to get somewhere by a specific time! I am at a disadvantage here because I am disabled, do not drive, and do not have a car. Oh how I’m waiting for the day when I can get in an AV, tell it where to go and read a book or something till I get there.

    reply to thomas

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