On the Road with Consumer Cellular

I’d like to introduce you to Connie and Jack, they play two Consumer Cellular customers in our newest commercial.  Now that their kids are gone and out of the house, they’re hitting the road in their RV and using their cell phones to keep in touch with others.  In their own words, they’re having “the time of their lives.”

We had a great time filming the commercial, as well. As a huge fan of America’s natural beauty, I am pleased to see so much of it showcased in the video. In a word, the shots are stunning. Please watch it and see for yourself.

The commercial will air on channels across the country.  But you don’t have to wait. Just click on the image below to get your sneak peak at our newest commercial—and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

As noted in the commercial, by choosing Consumer Cellular, Connie and Jack are saving $20 to $30 a month and, at the same time, getting great coverage and friendly customer service. No-contracts. Free activation. Free shipping. Special discounts for AARP members. And more. No wonder they picked Consumer Cellular. And no wonder we’re the #1 rated no-contract cell phone service provider in the nation for two years in a row!

79 Thoughts on "On the Road with Consumer Cellular"

  1. doris murie says

    I love this advertisement, can”t wait to see it. Other phones didn”t work in our trailer, but this one does. Love Consumer Cellular.

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  2. alfred says

    where was the commercial filmed?…..ESP that beautiful crystal clear stream they're fishing in.??…..i HAVE to go there….LOL…..thanks…..Alfred

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    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Alfred. Thanks for the message. The commercial was filmed almost exclusively in Oregon and it was tons of fun! The stream that you referred to is up near Mt. Hood which is about a 1 hour drive from Portland, OR.

      Another noteworthy location appears shortly after the one minute mark, you'll notice a beautiful overlook with a big river in the background. That's the Columbia River – it's the dividing boundary between the states of Oregon and Washington. We filmed that scene on the Oregon side at a popular overlook named Crown Point, which is about a 20-30 minute drive from Portland. Just across the river is Washington. In fact, we crossed the bridge into Washington just briefly to film a scene or two.

      Here's a little tip for you. In about a month or so, we should have another commercial featuring Connie and Jack on the road. This time, they continue their adventure along a few coastal towns where we managed capture some fantastic shots. Stay tuned…

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    • kathy says

      Numerous locations in Oregon

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  3. Denise Williams says

    I love this commercial, too! I moved to Louisiana last summer from Oregon and recognized the Oregon scenery immediately. Just saw the longer version with Vista House in the Columbia Gorge. Good Job!

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  4. The Other Jack says

    Both commercials are great. Jack is more prominent in the second; Connie was more prominent in the first. Exactly who is “Connie”? I presume she is a professional actor. I think I have seen her before. She's cute! And about my age!

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  5. Bruce900 says

    Connie is a babe. Whoever does the casting for Consumer Cellular commercials is awesome at their job. Their commercials are catchy. I am one that usually hits the remote when commercials start.

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  6. Hoho223 says

    Who is the male person of the other couple in the most recent commercial. They are sitting in lawn chairs chatting about the phone, etc.

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  7. The Other Jack says

    When can we expect new commercials with Connie and Jack?

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  8. Lisa says

    from the commercial on the go the shot of where they are having a cup of coffee can you tell me where that is ?

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  9. Edie Faber says

    Hi, In the commercial I noticed the cute little diner the couple is sitting in. Do you happen to know the name of it. It”s shows it around 1:05 in the video

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    • Edie Faber says

      I live in Oregon and it looks really familiar to me but can”t place where it is. Thank you for any info you could give.

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      • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

        Hi Edie. Have you been to Gearhart, Oregon? If so, you might recognize the cafe that we used during the shoot. Thanks!

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        • Edie Faber says

          Yes I have been in Gearhart!!! Thank you for your help:)

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          • Ellen says

            I love the consumer cellular commercial! Who are the actors that play Connie and Jack and the other couple that they are having coffee with? The other man I believe I”ve seen him before on television, maybe in a show or another commercial? From San Diego, CA

  10. Jeff Siebert says

    What was the name of the restaurant that Connie and Jack were having breakfast at with their friends?

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  11. Bren Fousek Bowman says

    Please tell me the name of the actress who plays Connie. I have a close friend who could be Connie”s slightly older sister. Even their mannerisms are identical! The way Connie holds her coffee cup, points to herself, etc. My friend is currently in the hospital after a bad fall. I would love for “Connie” to contact Fran.

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  12. Jeff Gilbert says


    They are not going to publish the actresses” name here, that would be crazy! Ever hear of stalkers? There are two guys in this thread already that sound like they are. Very strange to mistake an acting job for real life.

    I must say that this is an excellent ad though, because I have never in my life took the trouble to actually comment on one. Good work.

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  13. Kelsie says

    The scene where he is fishing… Where was that filmed?

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    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Kelsie. The entire commercial was shot in Oregon. The fishing scene was filmed alongside a small creek west of Mt. Hood. Thanks for asking.

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      • Dominic says

        My wife and I really enjoy the couple and there travels in your commercial. We also have a interest in the RV they are driving. Could you please tell us the year,make and model of the RV. Thanks Dominic. Ben

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        • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

          Sorry Ben. I”m not too sure about the make and model of the RV. The production company we hired rented it just for the shoot. I”m glad to hear you liked the commercials.

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  14. Deb Zawacki says

    I think the Connie and Jack characters could be in a sitcom– imagine a show about a retired couple traving around in an RV. From campground to RV park– ….

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  15. kathy goddard says

    Where was the couple at the stop with all the flags. It made me think of Alaska or Canada t? I love the commercials and wish you”d label the location of different scenes. Watching them makes me want to visit the locations maybe using consumer cellular. So those locations all get cell service? I know that”s a problem in some areas.

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    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Kathy. Thanks for asking. The entire shoot was filmed in Oregon. The particular scene you”re asking about was filmed on Mt. Hood at the Timberline Lodge.

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  16. jody millard says

    Is “Jack” Gary Sandy?

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  17. June Matthews says

    Every time this commercial comes on I stop to watch it. Thinking this is something me and my husband should be doing right now. This couple is so funny and entertaining and likeable.

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  18. Rebekah says

    I recognised the scenery right away. I live in Texas now but.I grew up in the dalles Oregon and it made me miss home!

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  19. Louis Perez says

    Are Connie and Jack a real life couple? ???

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  20. Morgan says

    Jack has “IT” love or watch that commercial just to see Jack. He makes the whole ad great. Hope to see him more. From Pebble Beach Ca

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  21. Ellen says

    Who are the four actors in the consumer cellular commercial? Love the commercial by the way and love the scenery too! From San Diego, CA

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  22. The other couple sitting in the chairs by the lake, that one man looks like Louis Arango. Is that him?

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  23. Ron & Debbie says

    Would love to see these 2 in a RV show…traveling across the country….there was one done yrs ago called ,wish you were here…with Kenny & Donna Price….Jack & Connie would be perfect for this show……

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  24. Tony says

    Great Commercial!!!!!!!

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  25. Steve says

    The new commercial in the shopping district is very stylish. Connie looks gorgeous in the red dress. Her friend is as gorgeous as she is. They are two foxes. Where was this filmed?

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  26. shelly from orange county says

    Love the commercials! Well thought out marketing. I”m sure I”m not the only one that wants to hop in an RV and tour the countryside upon retirement! Was any part of these commercials filmed in Paradise, Ca? The scenery looks very similar to the highway leading to Paradise, Ca.

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  27. Kyt Eubanks says

    I have a strangle request for you. The Connie and Jack are great but my eyes are fixated on the sweater Connie is wearing as they all site around the campfire. And way to find out where it came from? I”d sure like to try knitting it.

    Many thanks for a great production.
    Kyt Eubanks

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  28. Randy Merrill says

    I usually hate almost alll commercials, especially those that are supposed to be portraying real couples but are obviously actors. Your commercials are different! Connie and Jack may not be a real couple, but they are very entertaining and so endearing tht my wife and I can”t help but watch. I think they would be a good couple for a sitcom, don”t you?

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  29. Gwenita Brown says

    Love commercial ,also like red dress, does anyone know where I can get it ,losing weight and I will look good in it .thanks

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  30. joann crumb says

    Love the commercial, I am with consumer cellular. I love the scene where connie is taking
    a picture of something on a tree, Jack comes along; raises his glasses looks at the tree, then
    at connie as if to say: you crazy or what!!!

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  31. LaReane Sullivan says

    We absolutely adore your commercials. We are very familiar with the scenery, too. We lived in Oregon for many years and have been to all those places!! It is exciting to see places you recognize on TV.
    Also, we love Jack and Connie—–they could really be my husband and me!! LOL
    Are they actually married?
    Thank you.

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  32. Az native says

    This lady looks like an old friend June that used to hang out with me at the Jockey Club in Phoenix with Carol and Marianne and the rest of the gang. A real sweet lady.

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  33. Wendy Underwood says

    I’ve enjoyed a lot of commercials in my time but never have I thought to comment on them! Both my husband and I just love this couple! Love the beautiful scenery, keep up the great work!

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  34. Kathy K M says

    Love the commerical and I love Connies red dress. Does anyone have any idea where I can by one just like it? I am going to a fancy party and that dress would be perfect. Thanks, Kathy K M

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  35. Marissa Garcia says

    I love your commercials. Very happy and uplifting. I love the little old man in the yard sale… Jacks dad?

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  36. Kathi says

    Disappointing they wont publish the actress/actors names. I understand ‘stalkers’ but come on, anyone who wants to be a star needs publicity. (what about that sitcom?)
    at any rate, ‘sign in to view this video’ …how? where? thanks!

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  37. dianna muir says

    ♡ the commercials. CONNIE AND JACK ARE ADORABLE…

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  38. shirley says

    Is there a new commercial coming out this year? I look forward to them! They are beautifully shot and I love the couple – so natural. My husband and I both signed up with Consumer Cellular from the commercial and are very happy with it!

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Shirley. We’re glad you like them! You might see some new versions out this fall, so we’ll keep you posted. Thank you for commenting today!

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  39. rick says

    Am I the only one who likes Fred? You should give him more air time.

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  40. harry says

    Recently Jack looks a lot older and looks sick. Is he doing alright?

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  41. Gustaf says

    I’m glad Harry asked about Jack’s health. My wife and I were concerned about him. We all love Jack. Honestly, the characters of Jack and Connie are better developed than 99% of the characters we see on network sit-coms in 2015. I’d rather watch a 30-minute episode of “Jack & Connie” than shows like Dr. Ken or Big Bang Theory.

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  42. Ralph says

    I saw Connie on a tv show the show is on ME.TV on Sunday but she was only on one time the show was about cheer leader I think that is what it was about. She’s a cutie take care everyone

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  43. Jackie says

    I also like the commercials. I love the latest one where they visit places around the U.S. Where is the amusement park at the end of the commercial where they are supposed to be on the East Coast?

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Jackie! The commercial was filmed in Oregon, Maryland and the surrounding areas, and the amusement park was actually on the West Coast!

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  44. Janice says

    Has Jack been sick? He appears to have lost some weight.

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We appreciate your concern, Janice. The actor who plays Jack has just made some healthy lifestyle changes, so rest assured, he is in good health! Thank you for asking!

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  45. Bill says

    Ethereal is “the cabin” in the new Consumer Cellular commercial. My wife and I need a place like that. Thanks

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  46. Meribeth says

    One of the best commercials I’ve seen. I know it was shot in Oregon but where exactly is the cabin? Such a beautiful spot!!!

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  47. Amy Compton says

    My family and I have been watching very carefully to see all the places Jack and Connie go. Are all the commercials filmed in Oregon? Where is the company based out of?

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