Just Say No to Two-Year Contracts

During a presentation I made last September at the International Customer Service Association Conference the audience spontaneously applauded at a particular point. I had just mentioned how, unlike many wireless communication providers, Consumer Cellular does not require a contract. Bingo. Applause! It seems everybody likes the idea of no contract cell phone plans and nobody likes being tied to a two-year service contract, not even customer service professionals.

That’s because there are several good reasons why a no contract cell phone plan is important. The first, of course, is that contracts limit your freedom. If something happens or you need changes and you want out of the contract, you must pay a termination fee, which can be hefty.

A second reason is that cell phone technology is constantly evolving. The cell phone you thought was sufficient six months ago might not be meeting your needs today. But, because you signed a contract, you’re obligated to use that particular phone until your current contract expires.

The third is a corollary of the second. When new features are added, you might find your initial plan doesn’t allow you to use the features. Committing to a two-year usage plan that was based on making and receiving phone calls might be suddenly inadequate to cover new uses, such as texting or downloading data from the Web.

Here at Consumer Cellular, we intentionally choose not to require a contract or penalize customers for changing their plan or returning a phone. We back up our service with a risk-free, money-back guarantee. And we allow customers to change their cell phone plan at any point in a billing cycle. We want customers to stay with us because we earn their loyalty, not because they signed a contract.

With Consumer Cellular’s no-contract cell phone plan on your side, you won’t have to count the days until a contract expires. But you could be counting the money you save, instead.

2 Thoughts on "Just Say No to Two-Year Contracts"

  1. Lila Mach says

    Having gone through the process of waiting for a contract to expire, and dealing with horrible customer service prior to Consumer Cellular, it is so refreshing to deal with a “people” company. Partnering with AARP is an added bonus for Seniors in getting an additional price break.

  2. Cherie Lane says

    I am extremely satisfied with the services Consumer Cellular provides. I especially appreciate that I have the ability to change my cell phone plan as my phone usage changes. I feel Consumer Cellular puts the needs of the customer first.