Social Media is Our Direct Link to You

If you’re too young to remember the profession of switchboard operator, you’ve probably seen these workers in action in older movies. Operators would insert phone plugs into jacks on a board, and when a call was active the board would “light up.”

Computerized direct dialing made the role of switchboard operator largely obsolete. But that didn’t mean it was any easier for customers to contact businesses either directly or immediately. At least not until something called “social media” took the Internet by storm and forever changed how people keep in touch.

At Consumer Cellular, we love the connective tissue of social media and use it through four online channels:

  • Facebook – We maintain an active presence on Facebook and are constantly monitoring it, making it a great place to engage in a conversation with us. It’s where we pass along helpful tips, as well as run promotions and contests. It’s also where you can learn about our occasional free giveaways, such as gift cards and new cell phones. I encourage you to join the nearly 20,000 people who have already “liked” us on Facebook. 
  • Twitter – We use Twitter to share small bits of timely information about cell phones or our company. For example, a recent tweet included this link to where you can find premium Android apps for only ten cents! If you want to receive such brief tips and tricks, just follow us on Twitter. It’s easy and free. 
  • YouTube – Visit Consumer Cellular’s YouTube channel to find a range of short videos, from customer testimonials to our television commercials. Most useful of all, perhaps, are the many how-to videos we’ve created and posted. 
  • Google+ – Our newest social media outlet is Google+. It’s a social network platform, operated by Google, which enables us to keep what it refers to as “circles” of people. If you’re a Google+ user, be sure to add us to your circles today.

From email to Facebook, Twitter to YouTube, it’s never been easier for you to keep in touch with us—and vice versa. Best of all, to quote from Lily Tomlin’s famous switchboard operator Ernestine, you’re always able to reach the party to whom you are speaking: Consumer Cellular.