Have you signed up for paperless billing yet?

You’ve likely heard companies you do business with talk about paperless billing. Why all the
fuss? Paperless billing is a win-win for everyone and is why companies such as Consumer
Cellular want customers to know about it.

Paperless billing can save you time and take the hassle out of paying bills. You don’t have to
worry about writing out a check, filling out an envelope and then putting it through snail
mail. With just a few clicks via consumercellular.com, you can receive your bill and pay for it
through a secure site hosted by Consumer Cellular.

In addition to saving time and postage, paperless billing also reduces the amount of paper
used, which helps us do our part to save trees and conserve the environment.

To sign up or learn more, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. On the website, Log in to My Account.
  • 2. Click “Edit Your Profile.”
  • 3. On the Account Information page, click “Edit.”
  • 4. In the Billing Type field, select:

    • “Email Billing”
    • “Extended Detailed Billing ($2.00)”
    • “Standard Paper Invoicing”

Your next billing statement will be sent to you by the method you choose. Once you recieve your
next billing statement, you can mail the payment to us, pay online or call with your payment. Whatever
is most convenient for you!

8 Thoughts on "Have you signed up for paperless billing yet?"

  1. Domingo Cuevas says

    I love your service.

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  2. june says

    do you have 5.00 off for paperless

    reply to june

  3. Ralph Murray says

    I still want paper billing. I hope you can still do this. Thanks

    reply to Ralph

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