Going Green at Consumer Cellular

As you might imagine, we do a lot of shipping at Consumer Cellular, making sure customers get their new cell phones in a timely manner. A big part of an effective shipping operation is reducing waste.

In fact, about 97 percent of all Consumer Cellular shipping materials are either reused or recycled, including the plastic. One of our green partners, Quantum Resources Recovery, takes and recycles the majority of our plastic products that may have been previously sent to the landfill.

In the office, we take great care in making sure our employees can recycle. All of our team members have a recycle bin at their desk. Recycle bins can also be found in common areas. And we recently introduced separate recycle bins in kitchens and break rooms for plastic bags. Each month, our resident “green team,” takes them to local grocery stores for recycling.

Our customers can participate too. We proactively encourage customers to recycle their old phones through our partnership with ReCellular, the world’s largest collector, reseller and recycler of used mobile devices. All proceeds from the recycling go to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Ore. So far, we have donated in excess of $60,000 to the hospital, all thanks to our wonderful customers! Click here for instructions on how you too can recycle your old phone with us. Help us save the planet – and support kids!

In what ways are you being green? What do you do at your place of work to promote recycling? We love hearing from you!