Getting Back to Basics

In a recent survey of our Consumer Cellular customers, we found that the majority (nearly 78 percent) cited that they just want to use a cell phone for the most fundamental of tasks: making and receiving calls.

Many of us already have a computer, a camera and a music player and don’t need another one built in to our phones.  Remember when phones were just phones and not all these complicated things tied into one?  I sure do, and I know that’s what some of our customers continue to want.

Other items Consumer Cellular customers noted as important when it comes to cell phones and service:

  • Quality of Service (76 percent)
  • Coverage area (70.4 percent)
  • Knowledge, friendly customer support (55.5 percent)
  • No long-term commitments (73.6 percent)
  • Simple, easy to understand pricing (71.7 percent)
  • Easy to read, enlarged buttons and display text (62 percent)

While some people want smaller phones with more features when it comes to cell phones, it’s refreshing to know that many still want the basics, and that’s why we continue to keep it simple.

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