Solutions for Cell Phone Driving Bans

In case you haven’t heard, Oregon drivers must be “hands-free” as of Jan. 1, 2010. Five other states have implemented similar cell phone bans for drivers, including California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Washington.

So what does this mean? The regulation prohibits all drivers from using mobile communication devices (aka cell phones) while driving. No texting (or any similar function, like writing e-mails and surfing the net) and no phone calls without a hands-free device.

With the exception of Washington, where cell phone use is a secondary offense (you must be committing another traffic violation to be cited), these laws are all primary enforcement, meaning drivers can be ticketed for using a cell phone while driving without making any other traffic offense.

It is still legal, however, for drivers to use hands-free devices, like Bluetooth headsets. Consumer Cellular has always supported the use of these accessories and offers several hands-free devices on our website, including the Blue Ant Supertooth Light, LG Electronics HBM-760, Consumer Cellular Ear Bud Headset.

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