What I can’t Stress Enough to Customers…

According to AARP, “up to 50 percent of the cell phone industry’s income comes from overage charges that consumers pay for exceeding the number of minutes on their cell plans and ‘underage,’ which is the amount consumers pay for unused minutes.”

Quite an interesting stat. If there is one piece of advice I could give cellular customers, it would be to monitor usage. I cannot stress this enough.  There is nothing worse on your cellular bill than to be surprised with stupendous overage charges that can add up quickly. Conversely, there is no need to be paying for a bundle of unused minutes every month.

That’s why at Consumer Cellular we go out of our way to make it easier for customers to monitor usage and change their plan as needed – with absolutely no penalty. It’s one of the beauties of no contracts.

We also encourage our customers to change their plans as often as they need to so they won’t go over – or far under – their minutes. This is quite a shift in philosophy from the majority of cellular providers.

Frankly, an industry that profits off the mistakes of its customers is questionable. So next time you find yourself making more or fewer calls than usual, give us a ring or email us and make sure your plan matches your usage. We will be happy to help make it right.

Your wallet and your mind will thank you.