Cooking Apps Can Inspire Magnificent Meals

Need a little extra help preparing a delicious meal? Before you add another pinch of salt or dash of oregano, grab your smartphone instead. I’m sharing four wonderful, easy cooking apps here that provide creative culinary tips and practical meal planning advice. I’ve found them to be wonderful additions to my kitchen, and each one is available as a free download for either Android smartphone or iPhone users.

The online social networking service Allrecipes has been offering innovative ways to share recipes for more than 20 years. With its Dinner Spinner app, you can learn how to prepare delicious dishes from recipes provided by a community of over 30 million home cooks. You can find meals that suit your taste, read reviews by others who’ve prepared them, and create a personalized list of favorites so you’ll always have a nutritious and tasty option just a click away.

Recipe Keeper provides an easy way to save your favorite recipes, share them with others, and even create meal plans and shopping lists which you can access on multiple devices. It’s a truly handy way to stay organized. One feature I particularly like is that it lets you adjust servings up or down so you know the proper amount of ingredients needed for a dish. This totally eliminates the guesswork when you need to serve three people with a recipe originally designed for 30!

The BigOven app is another convenient tool to get home cooks inspired and organized. It gives you access to more than 350,000 recipes, and even includes special seasonal collections. I find its shared grocery list especially user-friendly—you can sort your items by department or recipe, and even remove them from your list right while you’re shopping.

If you need easy to understand, step-by-step help with preparing a dish, try Yummly. In addition to a robust list of recipes from top sites, food bloggers, and Yummly’s own test kitchen, this easy cooking app includes how-to video tutorials, timers, and other tips to help take the worry out of your meal preparation.

It’s time to add your smartphone to the list of essential tools for a well-appointed kitchen! By keeping the apps discussed here at your fingertips, you’ll never be hungry for great ideas or great recipes again.

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  1. Mang H. Chan says

    Kitchen Stories also has amazing community and step by step as well, too. I have been using this app on my phone for a year now. Some of the foods are for weight lost, although I was hoping for more weight gaining food.

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