Consumer Cellular Rated #1—For the 4th Year in a Row!

We did it again. For the fourth year in a row Consumer Cellular is rated as the #1 cell phone service in America, based on survey results by the leading consumer reporting magazine.

What’s most meaningful to me is that our #1 rating is based on the results of an independent survey of our customers. They gave us higher marks than other carriers received from their respective customers.

In fact, Consumer Cellular received the highest overall score of 88 out of 100, thirteen points higher than the #2 rated carrier. Our customers evaluated our cell phone service as well as our customer service, and they like what we’re doing.CC_#1_NEW_round_RGB

Four years ago when the same national survey first picked us as the #1 no-contract cell phone service company in the nation, our achievement was dismissed by some.  Why? Because they felt, at the time, Consumer Cellular was a small company and such recognition was easier for small companies to earn.

Since then, we’ve grown over 30 percent each year and now serve more than 1.3 million customers. And today, through the hard work and determination of our employees, we’re still rated #1.

Our success, I think, has a lot to do putting a dedicated team in place that shares a common goal: To provide our customers with the best overall experience. Hands down, bar none.

Once we established our no-contract policy, we knew we were going to have to consistently deliver on all fronts, from affordable cell phone plans and phones to friendly, US-based customer service. Based on survey results, our customers say we’ve delivered. And I can promise we’ll do what it takes to continue giving you the best customer experience.

I’d like to share a quote I recently came across as I believe it summarizes how I feel about Consumer Cellular’s incredible success. Roger Staubach, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, a man who both knew how to be a team player and how to win, once said: “In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry.”

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m so proud to be part of the Consumer Cellular team, consistently the best team in the industry.

32 Thoughts on "Consumer Cellular Rated #1—For the 4th Year in a Row!"

  1. jeannette furtado says

    n your consumer for many many years. Each time I have to do something like add a new phone not only do you complete the service you do it with the best representatives I have ever felt with in any business transactions. People that happy have to be treated well. Thank you

    reply to jeannette

  2. Ken Colbert says

    Exceptional service. We have several cell phones with Consumer Cellular and you continue to exceed our expectations. The affordable monthly charges blows the competition away….thanks for your service and support.

    reply to Ken

  3. fern johnson says

    I am happy with the service I receive only one time was I mad enough to want to change my service but I stayed

    reply to fern

  4. Brint Marshall says

    200 dollars cheaper than Verizon per month, with a lot better customer service.

    reply to Brint

  5. Wayne Middleton says

    Been with Consumer Cellular since March and have been completely satisfied with service and customer service both. switched home phone service in August, extremely easy and very happy

    reply to Wayne

  6. gene habinowski says

    joined Consumer Cellular recently and have enjoyed the great service and the savings I have enjoyed by switching from verizon

    reply to gene

  7. Diane Fritzen says

    We have been with Consumer Cellular for a few months and have nothing but good things to say. Keep up the good work.

    reply to Diane

  8. Angela Heinlein says

    I am very happy with the customer service, the only problem I have is I dont get reception if I am in the basement or in a school, my husband works in a school and he doesnt receive the calls if he in deep into the school. Otherwise I am happy with Consumer

    reply to Angela

  9. Marilyn Smith says

    Consumer Cellular is awesome.. Only been with them a short time but very satisfied. And have told others about them and have gotten some to join Consumer..Thank you…..

    reply to Marilyn

  10. Robert W. Archer says

    Been a customer for a number of years, service and reception are the best. I tried the data plan but found it very expensive, just setting it up, used almost all of the first 50mb. At that rate, I found by adding more mb”s, the price would be to costly for someone on a fixed income. But still a satisfied customer. Pat is the best with instructions.

    reply to Robert

  11. vivian wiley says

    hello, I really want to try it… need to know more on it…

    reply to vivian

  12. Phil Krigbaum says

    Can we use the phone we already have?

    reply to Phil

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Phil. Thanks for the question. If you have an unlocked GSM device that accepts a SIM card, we can send you a SIM card for free, to test the service out. If you”re interested in pursuing this option further, please feel free to contact us at 888-345-5509. Thank you.

      reply to Dominic

  13. Robert C. Laurie says

    Have been with CC for quite a while. Service has always been good. In the process of upgrading to another smart phone, probably the LG Escape. But I just learned that the “iphone”
    is coming in a few days. Will probably wait to see what is offered.

    reply to Robert

  14. Morrie Estrada says

    Excellent service and prices. Keep up the good work, it”s really appreciated.

    reply to Morrie

  15. Lee says

    I”m stuck with my hated verizon for almost 2 years. Was a really,stupid move to renew.Anyone have any ideas how I can get out of the contract???? Really want to switch to Consumer Cellular. Have pnly heard great things about their/your service.Happy Holidays!

    reply to Lee

  16. Joann says

    I am a realtor and am on the phone and texting about 5 hours a day…sometimes MORE….would you advise a change from Verizon?

    reply to Joann

  17. Papa GAF says

    Who”s cell towers do you use, there are some that don”t work as good as other companies in my area.

    reply to Papa

  18. Harris says

    I am currently with ”SPRINT!” Have been with them for about 11 years now. I am considering switching to another carrier. Does ”CC” charge roaming fees? Where I work there a lot of roaming areas with ”SPRINT” and they do not charge me roaming charges. But I need better coverage than ”SPRINT” seems able to provide! I noticed on ”CC”s coverage maps that your company has better coverage areas than ”SPRINT” does because ”CC” uses ”AT&T”s towers! Please advise. Thank You!

    reply to Harris

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Harris. Thanks for the questions. Yes, we used AT&T”s towers. And the good news is we don”t charge roaming fees either. Our customers are free to use their cell phones throughout the country. Thank you.

      reply to Dominic

  19. Shannon Strong says

    Would be appreciated if CC would look into a cell phone service booster for their product. Although CC uses AT&T towers, AT&T boosters are not compatible with CC. I do not have good service at my home and have many dropped calls, texts. With a small business this is not good. I may have to switch to AT&T in order to use a booster. I have called CC multiple times on this. Would be appreciated if there was something CC could do for me before I make the switch!

    reply to Shannon

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for the suggestion, Shannon. I”ll be sure to pass this message along to our management team.

      reply to Dominic

      • Stacey says

        Hi We have the same problem, we get great service everywhere but our house. We can’t get or make calls at all. It looks like it’s been a while since this was posted. Are boosters available yet?

        reply to Stacey

        • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

          Thank you for asking, Stacey. At this time, we do not have any signal boosters available on our service. If that should change, we will let our customers know via our website and here on the blog. If we can troubleshoot the issue further, or assist you with anything else, please give us a call at 888-345-5509 and we will be happy to help. We appreciate you taking the time to comment, and we hope you have a great day!

          reply to Ashley

  20. Paul Woods says

    Hi Shannon,
    I live in an area like you . I searched the internet ,and found a super Cell Extender which works for All cell phones..It is made by a company called by the name of(Wilson)
    I’ve had mine for about a year and it works Great!
    Regards Paul W.

    reply to Paul

  21. Ted Abe says

    I love Consumer Cellular for it’s flexible plan and low rates. I enrolled in Auto-pay a couple of months ago. The only disappointing lack of feature I found was that the website does not have a payment history. This is a great tool for when payment problems happen. Please add this in and I will be a 100% happy customer. Thanks!

    reply to Ted

  22. Eric Ellison says

    The Moto G is excellent. Purchased mine from a third party vendor before CC offered it, and I’m very happy with it. Much much better than the Exhilerate previously offered. One problem is the lack of separate volume controls for voice, email and text alerts. However, there are inexpensive apps available for download that fix the problem.

    reply to Eric

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