A Top Workplace Achievement

The Oregonian (Oregon’s largest daily newspaper) announced the winners of this year’s Top Workplaces survey.  Consumer Cellular is ranked number 8 in the state for mid-size companies.

I feel this is a special honor because of the decision-making process involved. We didn’t make the Top Workplaces list because we spent money on newspaper advertising. We’re in the top ten because, according to our employees, that’s where we belong.

As in the past, the rankings are based on confidential employee surveys. A company’s survey results are compared to results from other companies in Oregon and, presto, a list is published of the best places to work in the state. This is our second consecutive year in the top ten!TWP_Oregon_Portrait_2013_AW

So, what does it take to be recognized by your employees as a top place to work? For starters, it takes pride, the good kind. Our employees are proud to be a part of something important: making the security and convenience of owning a cell phone accessible to more people.

Some might call it karma, others might say it’s just common sense. But I believe you reap what you sow, especially in business. If you treat your employees well, they’ll treat your customers well.

Here at Consumer Cellular, we’re pleased to go out of our way to serve our customers well. In fact, we strive to exceed your expectations. And I believe our success at serving you is reflected in our #1 national rating for three years in a row.

Thanks to the dedication and talent of our amazing staff, we now employ more than 800 workers in two states and serve over a million customers. And thanks to them, as well, we’re one of the top workplaces in the state of Oregon.

The formula is easy. Surround yourself with smart, friendly, talented people. Respect their contribution. And let them do what they do best. High rankings will surely follow.

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