Variety is the spice of life, and that can even apply to your cellphone. Both Android smartphone and iPhone users now have the option to change the voice featured on built-in virtual assistants (Google Assistant and Siri), letting you put a unique personal spin on these handy features.

You’ll be surprised at all the different voices you can choose from. Google Assistant offers 10 choices—five male and five female, each with a specific character and personality—plus a celebrity option voiced by TV and film star Issa Rae. With its recent update to iOS 14.5, Apple’s Siri can now be one of six different options, male or female, each with a distinctive accent like American, British or Australian.

You can change voices as often as you like, so it’s like having a new companion on a regular basis! Here’s how:

For Google Assistant, press and hold the Home button, or say “OK Google” to open your assistant. Tap Assistant, then Assistant Voice. You’ll see the list of options available, and can tap each to hear what they sound like. Once you’ve found one you like, select it. You’ll see a checkmark indicating which voice is currently in use.

iPhone users can change Siri’s voice by tapping Settings, then scrolling to and tapping Siri & Search, then tapping Siri Voice. Again, you’ll see a list of available options, which you can sample and then select by tapping the one you prefer. One thing you can’t do is ask Siri to change its own voice, though if you make this request, it will provide a button allowing you to hop right to the appropriate menu.

Bring new character—and characters—to your phone by choosing different voices for your digital assistant. It’s a fun way to hear a new, friendly voice with just a few taps on your home screen.


  1. Sheila Murphy says

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    Can I keep my pictures from my current phone to my new phone?

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    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Al, if you have a Google account set up on your current phone, you can back up your photos and move them to your new phone. You can check Google’s support section for steps on how to do that.

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    Do i need to tell you if im traveling out of state

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    can i bypass the passcode ?

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    P when are you going to get more voices for Google Assistant

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    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Dorothy, we are not able to search for someone’s phone number for you, but you can use directory assistance. The free number is 1-800-373-3411.

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    I had the same question so thanks for answering that!

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