Wondering If A Smartphone Is Right For You? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

There are many of you who still love the simple convenience of using a flip phone. But if you’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time to try a smartphone, here are five reasons it might be a great idea. Today’s smartphones are more versatile than ever, and can truly enhance many of your favorite everyday activities.

You Love Photography

Most smartphones include terrific, easy-to-use cameras, which include software that allows you to edit your photos and even add special effects. The picture quality of many smartphone cameras even rivals professional grade digital cameras.

You Want to Connect Face-to-Face

Smartphones offer the ability to make video calls, so you can see and talk with a loved one in real time. This feature is included with all smartphones, using apps like Facetime for iPhone, and Duo or Skype for Android.

You Like to Keep Up via Social Media

If you enjoy using social media sites like Facebook to keep up with friends and family, or Twitter for the latest news, a smartphone makes it especially convenient. You can access the app right from your phone, and use it to check your profile and post updates. You can also easily share photos already stored on your phone, with no need to save them to your computer first.

You Want to Stay “In the Know” Wherever You Are

With a smartphone, you can check the weather, news and even email right from the palm of your hand. This is especially useful when you’re traveling.

You’re Tired of Using a Map

One of the best smartphone advances is the ease of using GPS via cellular data. You’ll get turn-by-turn directions using apps like Google maps, or Waze. You’ll know about traffic jams or detours, plus be able to find nearby restaurants, gas stations, and more while you’re on the go.

Now, before you make the switch, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Connecting to your home Wi-Fi will provide you with Internet access, but you will need a cellular data plan for times when you’re using your phone away from a Wi-Fi source. We offer a variety of affordable options to help you get started. Best of all, with Consumer Cellular, you won’t have worry about overages with our automatic upgrades!

We can also help you select the perfect smartphone for your needs. Choose from our wide variety, which includes everything from affordable, entry-level smartphones to top-of-the-line options from Samsung and even the latest iPhone models. Feel free to discuss your options with our friendly customer service team at (888) 345-5509. Plus, be sure to ask about cell phone discounts for seniors. We’ll make sure you get what’s right for you!

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  1. Olivia Garino says

    I have a question. What is square trade? I have been havefor it since I signed up with Consumer Cellular years ago, but don’t have a clue what it is.

    reply to Olivia

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We’re happy to clear that up for you, Olivia. SquareTrade is a device protection plan that covers drops, spills and other failures. If needed, SquareTrade will repair or replace your phone, even if it outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. If you no longer want this protection plan, we can remove it from your account at 888-345-5509. Thank you for taking the time to post, and we hope you have a lovely day!

      reply to Ashley

  2. Bob Booth says

    We want to keep our current phone numbers, but our current carrier is Tracfone. How would this work??

    reply to Bob

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for asking, Bob. In order to transfer your phone numbers to our service, we’ll just need your account information for your current carrier, such as your PIN or any other code you use when adding more minutes. When you’re ready to sign up, we’ll use that information to port the number. Just be sure to keep your current account open until we’ve confirmed the transfer is complete. If you have any other questions about making the switch to our service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-345-5509. We are always happy to help! We appreciate you posting, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  3. Linda Edwards says

    Does the basic 101 vibrate when it rings. If not, we can’t get it off?

    reply to Linda

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Linda. The Consumer Cellular 101 does have the option to vibrate rather than ring, and you can turn that feature on and off as you like. If we can answer any other questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-345-5509. Thank you for taking the time to post today!

      reply to Ashley

  4. Dorothea G says

    Thus far, we are satisfied with your services.

    reply to Dorothea

  5. Anthony Minnichsoffer says

    I shudder in fear of the long hold and agony BUT I need help again with my new phone.
    Yesterday I missed many family text messages because my NEW “SMART” phone would not receive them. There were several group message and photos sent to me. However, all my text message screen would show was the name of the person from which it came. If I clicked that it would show their phone number. It would not show the messages or the photos! It did show a download symbol. When I clicked that symbol it shows a spinning circle. Inordinate amount of time later nothing has downloaded.
    Plus, I cannot send group messages out either.
    Bottom line:
    this new phone will not send or receive group text messages.
    It will not receive photos via texts.
    It is very difficult to attach photos to texts.
    I need help and I would rather not have to call your help line and again, as I have so many times before, waste my entire day or weekend waiting for service!

    reply to Anthony

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We appreciate you taking the time to post, Anthony, and we can understand your frustration. I was able to take a look at your account, and I see that Cori, our account advisors, has been corresponding with you via email to get this issue resolved. If we can be of additional help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-345-5509. Thank you for commenting, and we hope you have a lovely day!

      reply to Ashley

      • Molly Allen says

        Ashley, I had same problem as you and found that I have to turn in my cellular data to download those group msgs or to send a group msg and to send photos. As soon as my msg is downloaded or sent (or picture is sent, etc) I turn off my cellular data. It’s worked every time since I found the secret. Good luck! I think yr phone works fine it’s just a matter of learning all it’s little tricks. It took me quite awhile coming from an iPhone (now I have an Android), and I’m still learning stuff, but stay with it!

        reply to Molly

        • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

          Thank you for sharing your tips, Molly! We’re so glad to hear that you’re getting to know your new iPhone, and we appreciate you posting today!

          reply to Ashley

      • Ramona Miller says

        Ashley, as Molly replied, turning on Data works. I, like Molly, turn on Data to download, then immediately turn it off. Keeps me from going over the Data limit, while being able to get all the pics family sends.

        reply to Ramona

  6. Richard Lawray says

    My wife opened the Consumer Cellular account and we started with the basic flip phone. Since I use the phone more than she does, I upgraded to a Moto E; had some problems with it but Consumer was always helpful … not condescending and decided to upgrade! I upgraded to the Moto G and have never been happier with the phone and the service!! Thanks CC!

    reply to Richard

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Richard! We’re so glad that you have been able to find a device that is such a good fit for you, and it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying all that smartphones have to offer. We appreciate you posting today!

      reply to Ashley

  7. Jacalyn Brouillette says

    Is there an actual CC store where I can talk to a rep. and check the phones in person??

    reply to Jacalyn

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Jacalyn. We don’t have Consumer Cellular stores, but you can visit a Target store and purchase many of our phones there. They will even answer questions you may have and help you sign up on the spot. To find the nearest Target store, check out our Store Locator page here. If you have any questions about our phones or our plans, please feel free to call us at 888-345-5509. We appreciate you posting!

      reply to Ashley

  8. Sheryl says

    How soon will you be introducing newer Smart phones. Interested in the MOTO G5s plus in your selection.

    reply to Sheryl

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Sheryl. At this time, we don’t have any new devices to announce. We do offer the Moto G5 Plus, which you can view on our website here. Another option is to use our SIM card with an unlocked GSM device of your choosing. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee a device sold elsewhere will work with our service, but many of our customers have been able to use our SIM card with a device they already have. You can learn more about that option here. If we can assist you with any questions you may have, or if you’re ready to order a new device or SIM card, just give us a call at 888-345-5509. We appreciate you taking the time to post, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

      reply to Ashley

  9. Naomi kauffman says

    Do all the smartphones have face time? Or just certain ones? Also, do I return my old phone to you or what do I do with it?

    reply to Naomi

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Naomi! FaceTime is only available for iPhone, but you can make video calls with Android phones by using Duo or Skype. It’s a great option for those times when you just want to talk face-to-face. If you have an old phone, you can pass it on to a friend, or recycle it. Many stores offer this service, including Target, so we recommend checking with your local retailers. If you would like to know more about FaceTime or any other smartphone features, we’re always happy to answer your questions at 888-345-5509. Thank you for taking the time to post today!

      reply to Ashley

  10. Ivette says

    I have my own no service at all phone. I love the phone. Can I have it turned on through you?

    reply to Ivette

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Ivette! We have many customers who have a phone they know and love, so they use our SIM card. Please keep in mind that this option can only work with an unlocked GSM phone, such as one used previously with AT&T or T-Mobile. If you’re not sure if your phone falls within this category, we recommend checking with your previous carrier. We’re happy to tell you more about this option at 888-345-5509 if you like. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us, and we hope you have a lovely day!

      reply to Ashley

  11. Terri Goff says

    I love love love Consumer Cellular ! After a couple of years, I can think of nothing negative about it and recommend it to everyone. I had Tracfone and something else similar to it before that and if I had to talk to someone, it was a nightmare. Since CC is based in Portland, there is no problem understanding what is being discussed, and they have always been super pleasant and helpful. I’ve recently discovered how quick and easy paying through the CC app is and also that I’m able to change my plan usage with the click of a button! It’s all great! Thank you Consumer Cellular and please stay as you are.

    reply to Terri

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Terri! I’ll be sure to pass these on to everyone here. We couldn’t do it without customers like you! We appreciate you posting, and we hope you have a lovely day.

      reply to Ashley

  12. WERNER says

    Consumer Cellular needs to do a better job on weeding out the telemarketers and robo callers. Received about 10 just today.

    reply to WERNER

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Werner, and we understand what an inconvenience these types of calls can be. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend registering your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to block incoming calls to your phone. If we can discuss this with you further, we’re happy to do so at 888-345-5509. We appreciate your feedback, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  13. Donald & Diane Holowinski says

    I was always afraid to use a cell phone because I thought they were to complicated . My sons were always suggesting I try them well while visiting my sister in Florida, we got t talking and I was telling her about CC and how it seem kind of less expensive then some of the other companies so we went to Target and she purchased a flip phone for me and said here Happy Birthday and that was a start of a beautiful relationship with Consumer Cellular and I now have an IPhone 5s and am enjoy trying new things on the phone and love the new plans. Keep up the good work.

    reply to Donald

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s a great story, and we really appreciate you taking the time to share it with us! Thank you for being such a wonderful customer, and we look forward to serving you for years to come!

      reply to Ashley

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