Apple recently announced that in addition to the new iPhone 14 series, they would also be releasing iOS16. This brand-new mobile operating system enhances your iPhone with all-new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and more seamless ways to communicate and share. Learn more about the amazing features offered in iOS16 below!

Lock Screen

Apple reimagined the Lock Screen, giving you all new ways to personalize it. You can showcase pictures of your grandchildren, change up the font styles and choose your set of widgets to get all the information you need at a glance. Widgets allow you to quickly glance at data like weather, events, alarms, battery level, activity ring progress, and more. You can also create multiple Lock Screens, each with unique features and style, and easily slide between them. Now you can view Live Activities right on your Lock Screen and never miss the score of the game or the progress of your food delivery.


Featuring the iCloud Shared Photo Library, share photos and videos effortlessly with up to five others! All your family memories are in one place for everyone to enjoy at any time, even if you’re not the one who snapped the shot or edited the photo. With Shared Photo Library, it’s easy to share past photos instantly from your camera, choose to share automatically when other shared library members are nearby and get smart suggestions for adding photos to the shared library in For You.


You can now edit a message you just sent or unsend a recent message altogether. And you can mark a message as unread if you can’t respond at the moment and want to return to it later. Continue to watch your favorite show or listen to music while also chatting about it on your Messages with SharePlay. Collaboration is made even easier in messages, sharing notes, presentations, reminders, and more.


iOS16 has improved the search function in Mail. You can now easily unsend an email you just sent, schedule messages to be sent whenever you like, and get reminders to follow up or come back to a message later.

Apply Pay and Wallet

Introducing Apple Pay Later, check out with Apple pay and pay over time. The cost of your purchase is split into four equal payments spread over six weeks. You will never pay interest or fees. Apple Pay Later is built into Wallet and is available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted online and in apps.

Health and Fitness

Featuring a new Medications feature in the Health app that helps you manage and track your medications. You can now send loved ones an invitation to securely share their information stored in the Health app.

Fitness app for iPhone

The Fitness app can help you track and meet your fitness goals, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch. Now, using iPhone motion sensors, your steps, distance, and third‑party workouts will give you an estimate of your calories to contribute to your daily move goal.

Privacy and Security

Now your iPhone will get important security improvements between normal software updates, so you automatically stay up to date and protected against security issues.


Introducing Door Detection, a brand-new feature that helps you navigate the final few feet to your destination by locating a door, identifying how far away it is, and finding out how to open it. Door Detection also reads aloud important details like room numbers and wheelchair-accessible symbols. Another accessibility feature is Live Captions; you can turn audio into text in real time and follow along more easily with conversations and media.

Apple’s iOS16 is available now for iPhones. If you are looking for an upgrade in not just your operating system but also your phone, the iPhone 14 series is available now for purchase on our website. 

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    • Hi Karen, thanks for your interest! The phone option is definitely a big one, it’ll depend on if you’re wanting to order a flip phone or a smartphone for that user. If you’d like, you can view all of our plan options by going to our website here. Just let us know if you have any questions!

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      Great question, Sharon. If you’re switching between iPhones then that can all be done with iCloud and you can find steps for that here. If not, then we can help with reviewing transfer options for your phones if you give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

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