Walking the Talk of Customer Service

I gave a presentation at the ICSA (International Customer Service Association) Conference held in San Antonio, Texas, last September. The association is close to my heart, because it promotes the best ways to interface with customers and prospects. I’m a firm believer in working closely with customers, and communicating with them on a regular basis. Customers are, in many ways, our compass. Listening to them let’s us know where to go next with our products and services.

In this blog and the next two blogs, I’d like to share with you brief video clips from my presentation. In this first video clip, I discuss how I think the service we provide our cellular plan customers helps Consumer Cellular stand out from the pack.

To recap, we’re in the business of helping people keep in touch with friends and relatives. Likewise, we love to keep in touch with our customers. Stay tuned for next week’s blog in which I talk about the 5 Pillars to Exceptional Cell Phone Service. And, of course, thanks for watching and for listening.

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