This holiday season, we’re making it even more affordable to stay connected with your loved ones. Sign up for new service, or add lines to your existing Consumer Cellular account from November 15—December 31, 2020 and you’ll receive a $25 credit for each new line on your next invoice!

Switch for yourself, or add lines for family members and friends. You get a $25 credit for each and every one. By adding others to your service, you also can share the talk, text, and data on our already low-cost monthly plans so the savings go even further!

There’s even an additional way to save. If you’re still paying for landline service, this is a great time to cut the cord. Add a line to your cellular service instead—you’ll receive a $25 credit—and replace your landline with our wireless home phone base. It’s available for just $25—a 50% savings off the regular price. You can plug a handset into your home phone base and make and receive calls to your existing home phone number—and even take it with you when you travel so you never miss a call. The home phone base works anywhere there’s an electrical outlet and access to cellular service.

Finally, we’re proud that our customers are the most loyal in the wireless industry—and we love it when they tell friends how much they enjoy all the benefits we offer. That’s why we’re more than doubling our Refer-A-Friend reward during this time, too. Refer a friend to Consumer Cellular, and if they sign up by December 31, you both receive a $25 referral credit on your next bill. Be sure to let your friend know they can also take advantage of our $25 credit on new lines, so they can start new service with $50 (or more) in savings! And refer as many friends as you wish—you’ll earn a credit for each one. Happy Holiday Savings from Consumer Cellular! These are limited time offers, so get started today. Add a line, tell a friend, or try a wireless home phone base: you’ll unwrap special savings on all three through December 31.


  1. Jason says

    Will that $25/line credit be an every month thing or just a 1 time credit?

    reply to Jason

  2. Koni Boatman says

    Do I have to have AARP? I am interested in switching but want to keep my number, and wondering what tower you use…At&t, Boost?
    Thank you

    reply to Koni

  3. Scymeaka Horton says

    Hey will y’all be getting anymore Iphone12 pro Max back instock anytime soon for the Holidays sales?

    reply to Scymeaka

    • Hi Scymeaka, thanks for your question! We currently have the iPhone 12 Pro Max in stock, if it’s a color we’re out of stock of, then we are just waiting for Apple to send us more options. We don’t know when we will have more stock in, but we do recommend checking back on our website periodically as they will be posted here first when we do have them.

      reply to Jacob

  4. JoAnn Monteleone says

    My phone is broke. I need a new one can you you send me a new one please I’m handed cap and there is nowhere for me to go I don’t drive

    reply to JoAnn

  5. dFx says

    would love to see those lines be lines for cellular service on iPads and iWatches.

    reply to dFx

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, dFx. The cellular function of Apple Watches doesn’t work on our service because it requires the use of eSIMs. Unfortunately, eSIM compatibility is only available with a small number of carriers. However, the Bluetooth function still works with our iPhones.

      iPad compatibility can vary as some come with an eSIM or Apple SIM, which doesn’t work with our service, but some can support a regular nano-SIM. The iPad would also need to be unlocked in order to work with our service. While we can’t guarantee compatibility, we’ll do what we can to get it working.

      If you do add a line during this promotional period, it would still be eligible for the promotional credit, regardless of if it’s for a phone or a tablet.

      reply to Nicole

  6. Mary Larsen says

    does this include unlimited data

    reply to Mary


    We ordered a new phone and expect a new number on it. I thought the “3rd line” discount would automatically be figured for us since y’all do so many things automatically. So I need to know now if that is being done. We have not yet received the new phone

    reply to DEBORAH

    • Hi Deborah, thanks for your post! If you added that line between the dates of 11/15/2020 through 12/31/2020 then the promotion for adding a line will be added to your account automatically and you’ll see it listed on your invoice. If you’d like to double-check and make sure that it’s listed on your account, give us a call at 888-548-6490 or you can also chat with us here.

      reply to Jacob

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