Smartphone Apps of the Month – March

We’re on the verge of spring and I always look forward to it.  The air is fresher, flowers start showing their best stuff, and it’s time for me to get out of the house and give the ol’ neighborhood a good look-see.  And when I do, I now have two useful smartphone apps to take along. The first is Pocket, a wonderful app that lets me capture interesting bits from the web so I can view the content later offline. So, for example, if I want to be disconnected from the web and sit in the park to catch up on Internet news, now I can. The second is Groupon, an app that probably needs little introduction. The app gives me access to special discounts in my neighborhood, from spa treatments to restaurant specials to reduced movie ticket prices. This spring I’ll be walking around better prepared than ever. Both apps are free, easy to use and make for handy companions, no matter where you travel.

Pocket: Available on Android and iPhone.

PocketWhat previously cost money is now free! I’m talking about the app now known as Pocket and formerly known as Read It Later.

If you find something on the web—articles, videos, pictures—and you want to save it to read offline later, when it’s more convenient, well, now you can. Pocket is your “virtual pocket” for capturing web stories and images for viewing later. Pocket automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer. You can view what you downloaded offline and at your leisure without an Internet connection. Best of all, when you view the content offline, you don’t consumer any data from your cell phone plan. This popular app has received special kudos from New York Times, Business Week and TechCruch. They’re calling it the “DVR for the web.”

Get Pocket today and join the thousands who have already downloaded the app and given it a 4.6 rating. One user said, “I wonder how I had passed all these days without it…Best app ever.” Another called it the “perfect combination of a great Android design and powerfully intuitive features.” Still another Pocket fan perhaps summed it best, “I don’t even have a single complaint about this app. It’s beautiful, intuitive, fast, and effective.”

Put the best of the web in your pocket. It’s free. And it’s available for both our Android and iPhone users.

Groupon: Available on Android and iPhone.

GrouponYou can put the scissors away because you won’t need them to take advantage of Groupon discounts—all you’ll need is your smartphone. Groupon, a clever twist on the old-fashioned, newspaper-clipping, money-saving coupon, is designed to save you money the new-fashioned way. And it couldn’t be easier, because the deals come directly to you. After downloading the free Groupon app, the latest deals and discounts are delivered to your smartphone daily. You can even customize offerings to fit specific needs and desires. Plus, you can sort coupons by location and expiration date, making sure you don’t leave any deals on the table.

Groupon offers are redeemable in more than 500 cities and give you discounts ranging from 50% to 90% off the regular price. Its search and filtering experience function lets you search for categories, such as food, spas, travel and so on. Now it is faster than ever to find great deals. And when you do, you can use social media to share your favorite Groupon specials with friends and family.

As one Groupon user put it: “Great job, Groupon! I find myself checking Groupon before making ANY purchase. I’m almost addicted…almost. The app is extremely useful and easy to use.”

Whether it’s dining out or working out, you can save big time with Groupon. No paper, no ink, no mess. Your purchased coupons are a mere touchscreen away.

So this year, when March comes in like a lion, be prepared to tame it with the latest and greatest free apps. Enjoy the upcoming new season and your smartphone. As always, may the Apps be with you!

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  1. Kim Patty says

    I purchased this phone for my sister. She has discovered that a phone can drum up family drama. I have tried to explain that she does not have to answer it just because it rings. She is stubborn. She has ask that I cancel the service. I will only because this turned into an upsetting feature to her life. I need to notify you in writing. What address do I need to mail it to. I also need to know if you need the phone back. If you do, what address do I mail it back to. Thank you Kim

    reply to Kim

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for commenting, Kim. I see that you were able to notify us via email, and that Joshua was able to get this resolved for you. We appreciate you giving our service a try!

      reply to Ashley

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