Smartphone Apps of the Month- June

With June comes the official start of summer, which means it’s time for family vacations and blockbuster movies!

With all of those summer plan details to remember, June’s apps help you keep track of the little things, so you can focus on summer fun.


TripIt: Available on Android and iPhone

I love to travel; but keeping track of all the confirmation emails for flight numbers, boarding passes, and rental car and hotel reservations can be overwhelming. That’s where TripIt saves the day.

TripIt is an extremely helpful travel organization app that compiles all of your family’s travel-related information into one quickly accessible and easily readable place on your smartphone. The app’s easy-to-use interface lets you quickly enter your travel information manually, or you can use my favorite feature, which is to simply forward your confirmation emails to [email protected], and TripIt will automatically create a detailed daily itinerary for your vacation.

With all of your trip details conveniently available at your fingertips, you don’t have to carry a stack of papers with you or memorize any dates or numbers. Plus, you can sync your itinerary to your smartphone’s calendar and set trip detail reminders for yourself. TripIt also lets you share your itinerary with others, so your family can view the trip details on their devices—and know where they need to be, and at what time. How great is that!?

Whether you travel a little or a lot, and for business or pleasure, TripIt is an essential app. Before booking your family’s next vacation, download TripIt and take the headache out of tracking your travel details. Safe travels!

ShushShush!: Available on Android

My family and friends are big movie watchers, so we see a lot of movies together during the summer. Have you ever gone to a movie or church and silenced your cell phone, only to realize hours later—or the next day—that you forgot to turn the volume back up? And you discover that you’ve missed some important calls? I have. And that’s why I now use Shush!

Shush! is a simple, useful app that lets you silence your smartphone for a specified amount of time, and then restores it to ringer or vibrate mode when the time is up. When you turn down your ringer volume before a movie, a menu automatically pops up (no having to search for an app!) and asks you to set the length of time you’d like your phone to be silent. You can then enter your desired time and ringer volume level and click “Shush!” It’s that simple!

Shush! is so handy that I use it for business meetings, medical appointments, or any time I want to mute my phone for a while! Download Shush!, and don’t miss another call because you forgot to turn your ringer back on! Happy movie viewing!

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    OK Shush! is too cool.

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