Share Your Holiday Memories—It Could Win You a New Smartphone

Be sure to join us from December 6th through December 17th for our annual holiday tradition: our “12 Days of Giveaways” on Consumer Cellular’s Facebook page! It’s your chance to win a brand-new smartphone each and every day—by simply posting a comment, you could be a winner.

And we’ve got a terrific list of phones for you to enjoy. This year’s prize list includes the Motorola Moto G Pure, featuring a brilliant 6.5-inch MaxVision HD+ display and 13MP dual-lens rear camera; the versatile Motorola Moto G Power, with its long-lasting 5,000 mAh battery; and the feature-packed Consumer Cellular ZMax 10. There’s a great smartphone up-for-grabs every day for 12 straight days!

Here’s how it works: each day we’ll ask a new question on our Facebook page about your favorite holiday things: foods, songs, traditions, etc. Share a response in the comments section there, and you earn the chance to snag a terrific prize for yourself—or an excellent gift for a loved one. It’s really that easy! We’ll choose one random winner from among the responses we receive each day, and announce the winner the next day on Facebook.

Share your holiday memories with us. It’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all, it could win you a brand-new smartphone! And while you’re checking out the contest, be sure to follow our Facebook page so you’ll stay up-to-date on special giveaways and contests like this one in the future.

Visit us on Facebook December 6–17 for the “12 Days of Giveaways”. It’s your chance to celebrate with a brand-new, FREE smartphone! Happy Holidays from Consumer Cellular, and good luck.

71 Thoughts on "Share Your Holiday Memories—It Could Win You a New Smartphone"

  1. Irma Alvarez says

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I enjoy my second phone with consumer cellular that I recently purchased about some years ago that I rather have internet all the time. forgive me consumer cellular but I love you company and you and still enjoy using my phone.

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  2. ShelbyBryson says

    I love consumer cellular. Not any problems. Considering switching my home phone over.

    reply to ShelbyBryson



    reply to WANDA

  4. John j Edwards says

    I like Consumer Cellular for their low monthly bills

    reply to John

  5. Cindy Olson says

    Love my cc phone and the cost and easy phone plan with no contract to worry about

    reply to Cindy

  6. Judy Pertell says

    Former ATT customer

    The smooth transition and outstanding customer service made it the perfect company for me.

    reply to Judy

  7. Marg Lockhart says

    I love Consumer Cellular. I get all the features advertised by the big box names at a fraction of the price. I hope they recommend it

    reply to Marg

  8. Terr Barton says

    I reall need a new phone and a new phone provider.

    reply to Terr

  9. Zoilo Valenzuela says

    I would just like to say how impressed I am with your customer service, the likes of which I have not experienced with any other company.

    reply to Zoilo

  10. SHIRLEY KEANE says


    reply to SHIRLEY

  11. Diana says

    I recommend consumer cellular to people everyday . I made the change four years ago and left behind a 250 dollar bill monthly from AT&T

    reply to Diana

  12. Dharma says

    I love consumer cellular very much. Because only it’s proving like this contest…. Thank you so much .

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  13. Fred says

    Have enjoyed the good service and best prices. On my 3rd phone. Thanks

    reply to Fred

  14. Dorene Mary Edwards says

    CC was always so helpful with any problem I had when setting up my phone. Everyone I have dealt with have been friendly and helpful.

    reply to Dorene

  15. Donna Watson says

    I really need new phone

    reply to Donna

  16. Jackie says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Consumer Cellular phone and service. I recommend it to everyone whenever I can. I switched first when I my old contract was due, then switched my husband 3 months later. We have been sooooo satisfied. Thank you Consumer Cellular and to your wonderful friendly staff.

    reply to Jackie

  17. Dee Acaldo says

    hiya & Merry Christmas ev1 🙂

    my birthday is this month too & i sure could use a new phone to have for this new year coming up so plez keep me in mind & take care 🙂

    reply to Dee

  18. stephen says


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  19. Lucille Gibbons says

    Remember coming home from midnight mass to a special supper. Another time came home from same found my dog had knocked the tree down.

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  20. Joe says

    The price is good and the signal started out good at first, not now because no body can ever hear me. It’s weird. Maybe they can fix it?

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  21. Donna Hiatt says

    I guess I need to check out consumer cellular. We are on different carrier. Need upgrades but they want new line I don’t want another line. I currently have 3. With all the good comments I think I’ll check them out

    reply to Donna

  22. Teresa Strickler says

    I love Consumer Cellular because every time I have a question, their staff are soooooo very helpful and cheerful. You don’t get much of that in today’s world!

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  23. stephen says


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  24. Karen LaVancha says

    Can’t wait for the contest I try to play every day love Consumer Cellular!!!!

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  25. Judith Lubana says

    Holidays are being grateful for whatever God blesses you with. This is the time to either donate your time and money, so you can enjoy the spirit of giving and gratefulness during the holidays

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  26. Charles says

    Since I switch to Consumer Cellular, I have had great reception on my phone and their service has been flawless. This has been very good for me since I live so far from family and talking on the phone is my only contact between vacations to go see them.

    reply to Charles

  27. GEORGE JORDAN says

    Think it was New Year’s Eve, 1968. By roster, I was the duty aviator
    at the Yuma Proving Ground, AZ……so I couldn’t attend the New Year’s eve festivities. Non-alcoholic toasted the New Year in my quarters, and shortly thereafter, got a call from the base hospital that there had been a bad wreck on the nearby highway, and a severely injured U S Navy Officer needed to be flown to the Naval Hospital, San Diego ASAP. Suffice it to say that with the strait jacketed passenger, and the full moon lighted landscape, the final
    approach into Lindberg – being able to see the revelers in hotel
    ballrooms – was something I always like to recall.

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  28. Susan Stude says

    Just read about the contest today. Christmas is a wonderful time to reach out and help others. Our church has many way we help in the community.

    reply to Susan

  29. Monty Whitney says

    One of my fondest memories from the Christmas holidays was receiving a used bicycle for my gift one year. It was a real stretch for my family to be able to afford such a “grand gift” as they were trying to make the farm go along with providing for 3 boys in the mid 50’s. My father told me to scoop all the grain out of a bin to mix with other grains to feed our mild cows. As I was doing this, I ran across someone buried it the grain. Of course, it was my present that year and you couldn’t believe how delighted I was to try it out after finishing the job my dad gave me.

    reply to Monty

  30. Cynthia Caimano says

    I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for 8 yrs. I enjoy the low price. Also, I order a New IPhone recently and my experience with the representatives was excellent. Ordering was a pleasure and the activation was easy.

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  31. Audrey M Styles says

    I gave my husband of 54 year a cell phone for Christmas EARLY. I always have the fun of capturing our children and grand children on Christmas day with my cell. Now he can join in.

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  32. JoAnn Childress says

    I think one of the best memories I have of Christmas would be when we didn”t exchange gifts but had a big dinner for everyone and just gave thanks that we were all healthy and able to be together. We did donate to the Toys 4 Tots that year, but all our little ones were up and gone so we just enjoyed being together with one another. Try it , it might just catch on.

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  33. Linda says

    Please send link to new phones availibility.

    reply to Linda

  34. Phillip Place says

    Used to get good service …. thing of the past…. disappointed in your customer non- service reps. Have paid my wife’s bill on-line for many years. In the spirit of Christmas. you used to have good customer service and you should be proud of the service for Christmas past.

    reply to Phillip

    • Hi Phillip, thanks for your post. We understand that the wait times are frustrating for our customers, and we are diligently hiring and training new agents to get this resolved for our customers. This process can take time because we want to make sure our agents are properly trained to provide the best customer service possible, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

      reply to Jacob

  35. Carlene Maxwell says

    Christmas was the one of my best holiday growing up because I get lots of food to eat and Drink lots of different things and I get go out with my friends

    reply to Carlene

  36. Carlene Maxwell says

    Christmas was is my favourite holiday

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  37. Theresa Howard says

    I hear so much about Consumer Cellular from TV commercial and facebook. Im interested in finding out more about this please.

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  38. William E Pilgrim says

    Once I was portraying Santa and this child came up and sat on my lap and I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said what I thought was Budweiser and I told him he was a little to young for that and so I asked him what else would you like and again he said I thought Budweiser and I started to laugh and I asked his father why does he want Budweiser for Christmas and he started laughing also and then he told he’s wife that there son had wanted Budweiser for Christmas . So she asked her son what he want for Christmas and he said it again and then she said he want Buzz Lightyear for Christmas.. Then we all started to laugh and it was a good laugh.. That one was one of the very best holiday treat for me.

    reply to William

  39. ALBERT E. HARSHAW says

    Thank you for your help & assistance on my Connect Pad!

    reply to ALBERT

  40. Kay C says

    New customers can receive a hundred dollars for each line. How about something for your faithful old customers. Deals on phones, added data or just any thing.

    reply to Kay

    • Hi Kay, thanks for your suggestion! I would advise that our current customers do have access to that promotion if they add a new line of service to their account as well. Nevertheless, I’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback about this along to the appropriate department internally.

      reply to Jacob

  41. Julie Brewer says

    For “Share Your Holidays” A few years back, we had sent out a request for a certain type of dog, on the Internet. (b/c our PRECIOUS “fur baby” of 15 years had joined some of our other loving pets, ” over that Rainbow Bridge.”) Months went bye & silly me forgot about this b/c we found an AMAZING DOG, tracked him down & RESCUED him! Happily making him a New member of our family. Just 3 days prior to Christmas though, I received an email telling me there was this SPECIFIC TYPE of dog we had been searching for, that was at the far end of town, in their pound. I shared w/my husband & we just HAD to go check on the poor pup! Come to find out, the dog was chipped & his owners were called. There was a VERY HAPPY REUNION! While we were there though, we found THE SWEETEST, KINDEST Little Guy! He needed a bath & neutering. The officials @ the pound allowed US to wash him since, we wanted to adopt him & he had his surgery per their requirements, prior to release. Then, we were blessed Christmas Eve with a VERY HAPPY PUP, to bring home as a “buddy” for our other Newly rescued guy. 2 precious pups, rescued JUST before Christmas. What joy for us to share our lives with happy licks, warm belly rubs & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ALWAYS! Merry Christmas ALL & SAFE New Years!

    reply to Julie

  42. Richard terry says

    My favorite holiday memory was the birth of a son on December 14 1968 12 days before Christmas this was a great event to celebrate his birthday and thr birthday of Jesus Christ.

    reply to Richard

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