No Contract Cell Phones for 17 Years … and Counting

We’ve been in business for more than 17 years.  At the outset, our goal was to make wireless communication technology and services available and affordable to a broad range of people.

We wanted to empower our customers to make their own cell phone choices.  After all, you know your needs better than we do. And like the old television commercial said, we also wanted to earn your business the old-fashioned way.

Our solution? No contracts.

We decided our customers should never be locked into lengthy contracts, as was the common practice by other companies when we started. Truth is, if you’re locked into a contract, your choices as a consumer have been locked up as well. And if you want to wiggle yourself out of one of our competitor’s contracts, you’re forced to pay a steep penalty fee.

Along the no-contract lines, we also introduced a risk-free guarantee. You can cancel your service within the risk-free trial period, pay nothing and get a full refund.  We’ll even send you a postage-paid shipping label to return the phone.

It’s not just the length of your cell phone plan that was unencumbered by a contract, we let you change your cell phone plan at any point to avoid paying unnecessary overage fees. You are free to move up and down, from plan to plan as you wish. Without penalty. We know your needs can change, unexpectedly, and we want to make sure you have the freedom and flexibility to respond as needed, especially in a crisis.

A decade and a half ago, we didn’t need a crystal ball to understand what mobile phone customers wanted. Nor did we wait many years later and let other companies try something first before implementing a solution ourselves. We did what we thought was right.

In one sense I guess that makes us a trendsetter. However, I like to think of Consumer Cellular as a more traditional company, one rooted in common sense and with a commitment to what’s best for the customer.

10 Thoughts on "No Contract Cell Phones for 17 Years … and Counting"

  1. Todd Glad says

    We love the price and service so far. I have just one issue. The person I call most is my wife, (”Cause I love her ans stuff). When we call one another we are both charged minutes. It”s feels like we are being penalized for calling the person we talk to most. Surely you can come up with some sort of Consumer Cellular to Consumer Cellular plan. Maybe charge just one phone for those calls? Heck of an idea!

    reply to Todd

  2. Leo Johnson says

    I second this

    reply to Leo

  3. Janet Otto says

    I want to discontinue my phone service. My mom don’t need it anymore.

    reply to Janet

  4. Sarah says

    Nice to have no long term commitment… but no way to cancel a line after hours

    reply to Sarah

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We’re sorry that we weren’t available to help you with that, Sarah. Our customer service team is available until 9:00pm PST on weekdays and 8:00pm PST on weekends. I took a look at your account, and I’m glad to see that we were able to assist you in canceling your line this morning. If we can assist you with anything else, please let us know at 888-345-5509 and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for commenting, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  5. Joan Ribeiro says

    can anyone tell me how to return a new phone to Consumer Cellular? No response from email or phone.

    reply to Joan

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Joan. Thanks for posting this. As long as you’re within the terms of our Risk-Free Trial Period you’ll be able to return your device for a full refund. Please be on the look-out as I’ve asked someone from our customer service team to reach out to you so we can locate your account, and help set up a return for you. Thanks again!

      reply to Dominic

  6. Zenovia says

    I was just wondering if I have to be 18 to get a phone activated even if it’s a non contract

    reply to Zenovia

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for asking, Zenovia. Anyone 18 years or older can use our service. We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have at 888-345-5509. We appreciate you posting!

      reply to Ashley

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