Our Website Gets a Makeover

Here at Consumer Cellular, we take great pride in reaching out and keeping in touch with our customers. We are, after all, in the communications business.

We communicate through a variety of channels, including phone calls, emails and even our Facebook page. Perhaps the most consistent mechanism for such communication, however, is our website. Simply stated, it is our major conduit for staying connected to you. In addition to promoting new products and services, our website is where you manage your personal account. You can change cell phone plans and order a phone or accessory from our website. As we like to say, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Because our website is such an important channel, we like to refer to the latest research in website design and update our site to make it more user-friendly. We recently introduced a streamlined, more efficient look. The result is a page layout that is both cleaner and more readable.

Other changes we made include the top menu bar, which now has an easy-to-see Shopping Cart. There’s also a quick link at the top for immediate access to your account, as well as an Account Login window lower on the page.  Plus, the home page gives summaries of our most popular cell phone plans and phones.

Inside of Consumer Cellular, we’re referring to the above changes as Phase 1. Sometime this summer we’ll introduce Phase 2 of our website makeover and I think you’ll really appreciate it.  Our second phase will include a new and improved “My Account” page, which will make it easier than ever for you to manage your account.

After more than 17 years in the communications business, we know the value of staying in touch. But good communication is not solely about what one can say; it’s also about what one can do. Our customers don’t just use our website, they rely on it. And as long as they do, we’ll keep making it even more useful.

10 Thoughts on "Our Website Gets a Makeover"

  1. Pamela Grazette says

    This is the best cell phone service EVER! Once i got out of the toils of the major greedy services I never looked back. Also have received the bonus a few times as I enlighten my coil-entrapped friends that they could save themselves a ton of money and be free of a ton of aggravation!

    reply to Pamela

  2. steve fields says

    all you need now is a payment plan for the high priced phones us old folks would like, but can”t afford in one lump sum;-) thanks

    reply to steve

  3. Thomas Lail says

    We are a long time customer with Consumer Cellular .we have always enjoyed the great deal and usually overall good customer service.However as of lately we have tried for three days to contact a live person at your contact number and always get recording .As a long time customer I really don”t like the big company treatment,This is one of the reasons I left the other cellular services .Is this the type of service we can expect as your company grows?

    reply to Thomas

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Hello, Thomas. I apologize that you were not able to reach an agent. We have had some extremely high call volume recently. Especially after being closed for Memorial Day. As the company grows, we are hiring as many people as possible to make sure that all of our customers get the prompt response they deserve. As a side note, call volume is typically heaviest in the mornings to early afternoon. We are also now open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday.

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  4. Sandy Azain says

    This is a question,if i order a new phone and a plan how long does it take to get the phone and service? I”m in need of service like now can you tell me how long please.
    Thank You

    reply to Sandy

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Sandy. You will receive your cell phone within 3-5 business days of your order. However it usually comes sooner. If you are in need of a phone immediately, we have a variety of affordable cellphones and smartphones available at Sears. Here”s a link in case you”re interested in locating a store near you: https://www.consumercellular.com/storelocator

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  5. Leon Hoffmann says

    I love the summary usage status on the account page. It’s very neat and easy to read. You could make two improvements.

    Rather than just showing number of days left, it would be great if you would show a graph bar so the graph of days used could be easily compared to data and minutes used. If 15 days complete, 50% of the bar grape would be filled in and we could easily compare to percent of data and minute plans used.

    Also would be. Ice if one could click a bar and see usage detail.

    Thanks to your consideration.

    reply to Leon

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Those are great suggestions, Leon! We’re glad to hear that you find the summary usage helpful, and I’ll be happy to pass your feedback on to our site development team. We appreciate you posting today!

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  6. Donald Blaskowsky says

    I love CC and the web site is generally easy to use – however, I do have a recommendation. When paying a bill on line, there is page with the invoice total and payment options. Once one makes a payment though, the next page provides only the acknowledgement number, not the amount paid. This is irritating because I like to make my payment, then update my Quicken book keeping software. That way I can add the acknowledgement number in the transaction comment in Quicken. BUT – I have the ack-number but not the amount paid! It would be much more convenient if the page with the acknowledgement number also listed the amount just paid. Seems like an oversight.

    reply to Donald

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