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Hello! It’s Pat, again, from Consumer Cellular with four amazing Android apps to recommend this month: Call Blocker, Grocery iQ, Phonotto, and AARP. Best of all, these apps are FREE to download and use!


Call BlockerText and call the people you love with your smartphone. Just say no and block everyone else with Call Blocker. That’s right. It’s never been easier to block unwanted calls and protect your privacy. This app even removes the capability for unwanted callers to leave voicemail. Best of all, this is not one of those convoluted or complicated apps. This one, as they say, is a piece of cake. The result? You can take back your cell phone usage. If you receive an unwanted call or text, simply add that number to Call Blocker’s blacklist and you’ll never hear from that number again. One reviewer called it “shockingly awesome!” Another called it the “most user friendly interface of blocking apps.” We think you’ll agree. Call Blocker is a free app with an average rating of 4.3.

Grocery iQHave you ever made it all the way to the grocery store only to discover that you misplaced your grocery list? You’ll never forget your list again, with your smartphone’s Grocery iQ app. As long as you have your smartphone with you, your grocery list never leaves your side.  You can build new shopping lists quickly by either typing or saying the item’s name. For example, either type or say “milk” and presto! It’s added to your shopping list.  You can even use your phone’s built-in camera to scan an item’s barcode. For instance, if you just ran out of ketchup or your favorite laundry detergent, simply scan the barcode on the empty bottle or box to add the item to your list. It’s that easy. One reviewer called it “Genius.” The New York Times agrees: “Grocery iQ, the best of several grocery-list apps.” This popular free app has an average rating of 4.0.

PhonottoEver wonder when they would offer a senior-friendly smartphone, a phone that’s light on whiz-bang features and heavy on more practical features? Wonder no more. Phonotto, otherwise known as the Simple Phone for Seniors Android App, is free and available now. It’s basically an application that can convert a feature-rich smartphone into a simple cell phone for seniors. It provides an interface that offers a simple design, including large buttons for easy phoning and texting. Although the current product generation is considered as a beta or test app, Phonotto has already received a 4.5 average rating and is destined to go even higher. Now instead of recycling your smartphone, you can give it to an older relative or friend who might not need or want any of its fancier features. One man said his mom loved it; another said “sometimes simple things are best.” The large home screen is optimized for elderly people and those with weak vision. In short, Phonotto gives users more cell phone options. And that’s music to our ears.

AARPRated 4.0 by users, the AARP app enables you to bring the AARP experience with you, when you’re on the go. The AARP app stores a copy of your membership card on your smartphone. Plus, you can read the latest articles from AARP, watch video clips, review your membership or even join this great organization for the first time. If you are an AARP member and would like to stay on top of topics important to your generation, then this smartphone app is for you. We like it so much, it will be pre-installed in future Consumer Cellular Android phones.

Remember, it’s easy to download and install applications to your smartphone. Not sure how? I encourage you to watch the video below and start downloading apps today! Plus, let us know which Android apps you’re already using. If you really like them, we might want to showcase your favorite apps in a future blog.

Until next month, may the Apps be with you!


11 Thoughts on "Apps of the Month – May"

  1. Edward B. says

    After watching your commercial on Fox News Network, I went to the computer and looked you up. Boy, was I surprised!!
    Not only do you have a nice Website, but after checking out your phones, I was SOLD! Good Bye Verizon Wireless, and “Hello” to Consumer Cellular! I have already told my Parents of 61 years of Marriage, and My Landlord who just turned 92 years old about this. My Parents, My Landlord, and I are going to be Your NEWEST Customers shortly.
    Thank You again for looking out for the Little Guy!! You Folks are the Greatest!!!!

    reply to Edward

  2. Janet Isbell says

    Hi Consumer Cellular,
    One thing I've worried about when downloading apps is the “accept permissions” page. Some of those permissions seem scary to me, and maybe a possible violation of privacy, or may make it easier for malware to be inserted. In fact, some of those permissions state as much. I realize smartphones and computers are not ever going to be bulletproof, but how can we protect ourselves when we download? Thank you.
    Janet I.

    reply to Janet

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      That is a very tough question to answer. It's hard to be protected on a computer and might be more difficult on a cell phone since the laws and regulations haven't caught up to the industry yet. I recommend downloading apps only from trusted companies if you are very concerned. Read the privacy statements and if you aren't comfortable, do not download.

      reply to Tina

  3. R.A. Martin says

    NQ Call Blocker froze during installation – and simply doesn't work after multiple attempts to install it on Motorola Bravo – this is over a fast wifi connection.

    reply to R.A.

  4. Gary Davis says

    I need a Voice Mail app that works with Consumer Cellular

    reply to Gary

  5. Bob M says

    I like this blog, but the Call Blocker app wants way too many permissions. Not for me. Thx.

    reply to Bob

  6. Blaze Harper says

    I need a visual voicemail app that works with Consumer Cellular.

    reply to Blaze

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the comment, Blaze. We do support visual voicemail for our iPhone customers, we just need to adjust some settings on your account. Please give us a call at 888-345-509, and we would be happy to assist.

      reply to Ashley

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