Life moves fast—and there’s a fine line between what makes a moment ordinary and what makes it extraordinary.

Those are precisely the moments that Samsung is helping capture with its latest flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G smartphone feature bold innovations in camera features, display technology and performance that make every photo, video, or task you perform with them feel simply epic.

Both deliver extraordinary responsiveness from a 2.84GHz CPU and octa-core processing. The pro-level cameras have been refined to deliver crystal clear shots no matter what the light. Each contains a 12MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, and 64MP telephoto lens as part of the triple-rear camera system, along with a 30x hybrid optical zoom for sharp closeups, and a 10MP front-facing camera.

The full HD, dynamic AMOLED screens include an adaptive 120Hz display that makes scrolling feel faster and smoother, while also being easy on the eyes. The Galaxy S21 5G offers a 6.2” screen, while the Galaxy S21+ 5G packs a 6.7” display. And you’ll get plenty of reliability from both, as the massive batteries (4,000mAh for the Galaxy S21 5G, 4,800mAh for the Galaxy S21+ 5G) deliver long lasting power.

Both phones are available in either 128GB or 256GB versions, and come with innovative Samsung touches like a larger and enhanced fingerprint sensor that’s faster and more accurate, an ultra-secure memory chip, and privacy controls that keep access to your stored apps and files firmly in your hands, security is infused right into the phone, from hardware to software. There’s also IP68 water and dust protection for added durability. 

For premium smartphone performance, the Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21+ 5G simply can’t be beat. The Galaxy S21 5G is available now for $800; the Galaxy S21+ 5G is $1,000. For added convenience, either can be purchased using our interest-free EasyPay financing: make a down payment as low as $65, and the remaining balance is simply added to your wireless bill to be paid in monthly installments with 0% interest. Get started with yours today online, or by calling customer service at (888) 345-5510.


  1. Clara says

    I need to know how to set up voice messages

    reply to Clara

    • Great question, Clara, I’m happy to help with that. To set up your voicemail, you will want to dial the number 1 until the phone says dialing voicemail. Once the phone dials to the voicemail, you will want to follow the prompts that come up to set up the voicemail.

      reply to Jacob

  2. Lori anderson says

    Need to unlock account to pay

    reply to Lori

  3. Daniel Pamenter says

    How much is it?

    reply to Daniel

  4. Jack Olson says

    What would a Test drive cost me on a Samsung ___? I’m Not in a hurry I just want to compare a comparable Samsung Phone ( with a “scribe wand” for notes, etc.comparable… ), I just want to see how “Great!” all these…,”Great New Feature’s”)… “Really Are!”. Without putting out All that Cash! That’s All!….Sincerely Your’s!…
    J.D. Olson.

    reply to Jack

    • Hi Jack, we appreciate your interest! You do have to pay for the phone to have it shipped out, if eligible, you can use our EasyPay plan to pay the down payment, and then if the phone doesn’t work out, you can return the phone for a refund within 30 days, or you can exchange it in that time period as well.

      reply to Jacob

  5. LeMars Versteeg says

    how can I transfer my phone number list from an iphone to a samsung?

    reply to LeMars

  6. John Richey says

    Are you going to increase data for 500mg plan and the other plans?

    reply to John

  7. Iqra md Sajid Patel says

    This is very good

    reply to Iqra

  8. bud horwath says

    As an AARP member I am wondering how wide the normal iPhone is and also which Samsung Galaxy or Motorola phone is going to be closeto 3 inches wide as the samsung galaxy 8 is way to narrow for me at 69yr old. Working with it means volume all the way up and possibly in my shirt pocket and with an rfi radiation deflector that could be bad for my heart and my body and why are they so expensive? Also what plans do they work on. You pay for an unlimitedeverything plan plus the phone cost, how much is that or can’t you say?

    reply to bud

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Bud. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest, with a screen width of 3.07 inches. The other iPhones would have a smaller screen width. The Motorola Moto E has a 3-inch screen width, and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a 3.03-inch screen width.

      You can check the width for our phones by clicking “View Details” and scrolling down the page. The width, height, and depth is listed under Dimensions & Details. All of the phones available on our service would work with any of our plans. The only up-front cost is the phone. If you want Unlimited Everything, then that will be $60 plus tax.

      reply to Nicole

  9. GZ says

    How do i change phones. I have purchased another phone (it was not purchased through Consumer Cellular)
    How do i remove my current phone and add my new phone

    reply to GZ

  10. Wendel smith says

    What cause voice on phone time an my e mail can you help me also it green block get off

    reply to Wendel

    • Hi Wendel, thanks for your questions! Phone air time is any call that connects, such as answering your call or if you call out and it connects to the network. If you have any questions about getting your email added or removing something on the phone, give us a call at 888-548-6490 or you can also chat with us here as well.

      reply to Jacob

  11. Richard Johnson says

    Concerning 5G versus 4G…your article said that 5G needs towers closer together than 4G. If you upgrade to a 5G phone now, will you get at least the performance of 4G even in remote areas where towers are farther apart? Or do you get worse performance in remote areas.

    reply to Richard

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s a great question, Richard. If you have a 5G phone, the phone will connect to whichever service is available in the area. If there is no 5G, then the phone will connect to 4G instead.

      reply to Nicole

  12. Nancy L Beyer says

    How to know when I’m eligible for an upgrade?
    Nancy Beyer

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  13. Julie Newsom says

    I have a Motorola phone through consumer cellular. This adobe fe will only open some files and rejects most of them. I’ve been told that the only fox for this issue is to do a factory reset. If I do a factory reset I lose all my data. Can anyone help me with a different fix for this problem?

    reply to Julie

    • Hi Julie, thanks for your post, I’m sorry to hear about that trouble you’re having with the phone. With apps we can only do basic troubleshooting. If the page for it recommends a factory reset, then we do recommend doing so. If you’d like, you can contact us and we can help you with backing the phone’s information. Give us a call at 800-686-4460 or you can also chat with us herefor further assistance.

      reply to Jacob

  14. tom s. says

    I am a CC customer and it is time to upgrade my old 3G phone. If I get an unlocked Samsung S21, do I just remove the old SIM and insert it into the new phone…or are there internal phone “settings” that need to be changed too? Is there a video that shows how to do this changeover. Thanks!

    reply to tom

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your questions! You should be able to move your SIM card into the new phone to move your service into it. By moving the SIM card into the phone and then powering it off and back on again should get the phone up and running. If you have any trouble with that though, give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with us here.

      reply to Jacob

  15. Valerie Camacho says

    How much is going to cost me monthly payment and can I get in purple

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  16. ed lee says

    can i still i use my I5 Apple

    reply to ed

  17. Barb says

    I have CC with an older ZTE phone with 4G phone. Im switching to a new Samsung Galaxy 21 ultra with 5G I just bought and I’m waiting for delivery. Do I need a new sim card? Or is does the current one work with both 4G and 5G?

    reply to Barb

    • Hi Barb, thanks for your question! If the new phone you purchased came from us directly, it will have a new SIM card already installed for you and all you’ll need to do is activate it. If you are getting the phone from a different retail location, you should be able to move your SIM from your old phone to the new one.

      reply to Jacob

  18. Leesa Gray-Williams says

    Does consumer cellular still have the Samsung 5g phone available? Believe it is called the s21. Can’t seem to locate it on the website.

    reply to Leesa

    • Hi Leesa, thanks for your question! We don’t have the Samsung S21 in stock at this time, but we do have our Samsung S20 Note 5G available for order that would get you a connection to that network. If you’re wanting the Samsung S21, we don’t know when or if Samsung will be sending us more of that specific phone but you can definitely keep an eye on our website since it’ll be posted there first once we do get it back in stock.

      reply to Jacob

  19. Zarina Christensen says

    I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy smartphone plus and now I would like to upgrade to Samsung s21 ultra. The problem is, the sims card from my old cellphone couldn’t fit. Do you have a new sim card that would fit Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra?

    reply to Zarina

  20. Paul Felix says

    Samsung s21 ultra 5g, how much, currently I am a customer with you guys for several years now, but I need to update my phone for a great deal, thanks.

    reply to Paul

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