We’re proud of our reputation for providing the best customer service experience in the wireless industry. In fact, we have proof that our service truly earns a “10”!

Consumer Cellular has been honored for the 10th consecutive time by J.D. Power as “#1 in Customer Service among Wireless Value MVNOs.” “MVNO” is another way of saying, “wireless provider”—it’s the industry designation for a cellular company that provides service on one or more of the major nationwide wireless networks.

Results are based on feedback to a J.D. Power study from more than 13,000 customers across the nation, fielded from July through December 2020. The respondents ranked wireless providers for quality in 6 different customer care channels: store service; phone service; website service; app service; social media service; and text service.

J.D. Power’s scoring system is based on a maximum total of 1,000 points. Consumer Cellular earned a score of 871, the highest score earned by any provider in any of the 3 categories in the study. The average score for all wireless carriers was 812.

Though best known for its automotive awards, J.D. Power studies provide quality benchmarks for multiple industries, including technology, utilities, financial services, and healthcare. They are based on independent, unbiased feedback from verified users of a company’s products and services, offering data driven insights that identify both what a company does well, and which areas of the customer experience require improvement. It’s a true mark of excellence to receive even a single J.D. Power award. To have now received 10 in a row is both humbling and thrilling. But we never rest on our laurels: we remain committed to delighting our customers, and are already working hard in our pursuit of award number eleven!


  1. Brandi Burrows says

    Want to get a 411 number on a freind in text me. Name is Terri Fourtweety please can or help me to get my freinds number please?

    reply to Brandi

  2. Peter Harvender says

    I can’t believe you have ANY customers. $162 is cheapest phone. Total ripoff!!

    reply to Peter

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your post. We do actually offer phones under this price point, keep in mind though that the sales cost will increase based on the sales tax for your area. If you’d like, you can view all of our phones on our website here to see if there is a phone that better fits your budget.

      reply to Jacob

  3. Charles De Boeser says

    I see a private equity firm has taken over Consumer Cellular. While I look forward to the same high quality customer service and prices for equipment, I have read about private equity firms interested only in the bottom line and will do what’s necessary in their eyes to increase that bottom line at the cost of lost jobs, a decline in customer service, and increased prices for service. I do hope that is not the case with this particular acquisition.

    reply to Charles

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      I understand your concern, Charles. However, we are confident in our partnership with GTCR. As always, our focus is our customers and continuing to offer the same great service you’ve come to expect, and this is GTCR’s priority as well.

      reply to Nicole

  4. Woody says

    Charles: I share your concern. Venture capital firms buy companies that to them are undervalued. Maximizing profits can only be achieved by increasing the customer base, reducing headcount, and/or increasing prices. Directv is a good comparison: AT&T purchased; prices increased, customer service declined, and subscribers left.

    reply to Woody

    • Hi Woody, I understand that change can be daunting at times and we appreciate you reaching out with your concerns. We are confident in our partnership with GTCR. While our prior leadership team has transitioned out of day-to-day activities, they are still part of the board and will be advisors to those taking their place. Our priority is still our customers, and GTCR has made it clear that is their priority as well, and they don’t intend to mess with the good things we already have in place.

      reply to Jacob

  5. Randy says

    My issue is not customer service, that is great. The actual cell service is the problem. Only get some texts, and no calls at all where I work. I have an ATT tower in sight when these fails happen. Never had these issues with the previous service. I guess saving some money wasn’t really worth it.

    reply to Randy

  6. Robert W Cameron says

    What security software do you recommend for my Samsung Galaxy S7?

    reply to Robert

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your question! Because we don’t partner with any security software applications, we can’t suggest one for your phone. We’d recommend checking online to see if there is one that best fits your needs and then download it if you’d like to use it.

      reply to Jacob

  7. Sally Ann Smith says

    My sister and I drove an hour to go to the Target in Big Flats NY on Tues. to get new smartphones. We approached the phone department and saw a sign “Sorry We Missed You”. We looked at each other in disbelief. There were two Target employees working in the area so we asked them about the Cellular Tech and they said she only works Thurs.-Sun. and that there was no one who could help us. WHAT A WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!!

    reply to Sally

    • Hi Sally Ann, thank you for your post. The Target Cellular team, while they do help us with our products, are not employed through us directly. We don’t have access to their schedules, nor can we change them. I do appreciate you letting us know about this experience though and we have passed along your concerns to the appropriate department. If you’d like, you can always order a phone by giving us a call at 800-686-4460 and we can place that order for you, or you can also go online to your account here and place the order there.

      reply to Jacob

  8. Bobbie Montgomery says

    I don’t know what has gone wrong with you (and me). My bill is paid each month from my bank. Please let me know what I can do to prove that my bills are paid by my bank.

    reply to Bobbie

    • Hi Bobbie, thanks for your post. If you don’t have autopay set up with us, then you would need to make the payment yourself or follow up with your bank if they’re supposed to send it out each month. Give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of our agents here for further assistance with this.

      reply to Jacob

  9. John says

    Why does it take so long to get ahold of customer service, I wait a half hour or more on the phone.. You need more people, so frustrating.

    reply to John

    • Hi John, thank you for your post. We definitely understand how frustrating those hold times are and it’s certainly not our intention for them to be that long. We are currently in the process of hiring more agents to assist with this issue and we appreciate your patience during this time as we work to get them trained to best assist you on the phone.

      reply to Jacob

  10. Teddi Garrison says

    I want to let Consumer Cell know how helpful Ash W. was when I called Wednesday, March 23. I was having difficulty connecting my cell phone to the internet. He listened and patiently waited while I explained my problem. We tried a few fix attempts to no avail. Finally, he asked me to hold for a minute while he did some research. When he returned, he had me reinstall and then update Google Chrome. A few minutes later my internet-related applications were working! The next day I read a CNN article about a new Google Chrome bug! I am writing this comment to express how impressed I am about how up to date Consumer Cell agents, especially Ash W., are when it comes to servicing their customers. Thanks, and please feel to use this comment in your marketing efforts.

    reply to Teddi

  11. Sandra Cunninghan says

    We have our bill mailed to us and every month it comes a few days later. Is anyone having trouble getting your bill on time so you don’t get a late fee? We have had to pay online or by phone to get the payment in on time. The customer service person said it’s not their fault because the mail is slow. But none of our other bills are coming late. When we called customer service they tried to get us to switch to automatic payment with our credit card. We don’t want everyone having our card information as we have had two cases of fraudulent charges already from other companies. Is this happening to any of you, customers, of consumer cellular?

    reply to Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your bill and we appreciate you reaching out about this. Once a cycle closes, an invoice is sent out within the next couple of business days, once everything closes out for that particular cycle. If all your information is correct, it could be there are delays with USPS, we have noticed this for phones that we ship out as well. You can view your invoice though at any time by logging into your account here and find it listed under the billing option.

      reply to Jacob

  12. Lucila Favors says

    How do I get WIFI while traveling?

    reply to Lucila

    • Hi Lucia, thanks for your question! If you’re traveling within the US, you can just use your data plan if you have one active on the account. If you’re traveling outside of the US, you would need to contact us in order to get our international roaming feature enabled.

      reply to Jacob

  13. Linda H says

    I have a data plan but sometimes it’s frustrating that I get a weak signal or no connection. I’m always concerned that I may not be able to use maps or Waze when I need it or open a app for help

    reply to Linda

  14. Jacklyn S Swafford says

    While my service isn’t great your prices are not as low as you advertise it is very misleading. I am looking for other service. I have never paid this much for poor service. I have a terrible time getting voice and sometimes visual on zoom calls it is very unreliable. Just not happy. Verizon and Att and Tmobile have unlimited services for 35 a month.

    reply to Jacklyn

  15. richard sommerfeld says

    all my phone does is talk to me and does not allow home screen access, just keeps saying double touch green box, controls dont work, cant make calls or send text phone is useless piece of junk, and noone seems able to fix! Must I go somewhere else for service that actually allows me to use my phone????

    reply to richard

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your post. It sounds like talk-back mode has been enabled on the device. We’d be happy to walk you through getting that turned off or setting up a visit with a partnered Target location for help with getting that disabled. I’d recommend giving us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of our live agents here for further assistance.

      reply to Jacob

  16. Carole says

    Which service do you use ie. ATT etc?

    reply to Carole

  17. Raymond Rotella says

    I want to know how I can get credit on my bill for minutes used and it was due to the fact I called and sat on the line for over 30 minutes and no one answered my call. I want credit on my bill for those 30 minutes and please offer a faster, more efficient way to contact customer service. There is no online contact and sitting on the phone burning minutes is only putting money in your pocket. Now can I have my refund? Raymond Rotella

    reply to Raymond

    • Hi Raymond, thanks for your post. We understand that the wait times are frustrating for our customers, and we are diligently hiring and training new agents to get this resolved for our customers. This process can take time because we want to make sure our agents are properly trained to provide the best customer service possible, and we appreciate your patience during this time. All calls to us from your phone are free and don’t use any minutes from your plan. If you’d like, in the future, you can chat with one of our live agents online here as well.

      reply to Jacob

  18. Mary says

    I have been on hold now for 45 minutes and have not been able to speak to a customer service representative. My phone is not working and I need to talk to someone. If I don’t connect soon, I will be forced to cancel the service and go somewhere else.

    reply to Mary

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Mary, we understand that waiting on hold can be frustrating, and we are diligently hiring and training new agents to reduce the wait time for our customers. Since we want to make sure they’re properly trained to provide the best customer service, this can take time and we appreciate your patience. I see that one of our agents was able to assist you. If you need further assistance, please let us know.

      reply to Nicole

  19. Patricia Heilhecker says

    I have been a customer of Consumer cellular for years.However, I need help in getting a photo of my deseased dog off of the phone and no one called me back and I tried waiting on hold and gave up after 30 minutes. could someone please tell me how to get my little friends picture off of my phone

    reply to Patricia

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for your question. If you still need assistance with this, you will need to use a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer and when prompted, select the phone to then grab the file to move it to your computer. Otherwise, you can also use a microSD memory card to save that photo as well and move it around as needed.

      reply to Jacob

  20. George Weible says

    Don’t be so proud.
    I tried for 3 days including 2 requests for a call back, just to get to a human to have a question about an upgrade or new cell phone.

    “We are training” is meaningless. You should have been prepared.

    This is NOT service.

    reply to George

  21. Richard C Blackburn says

    Your online rep answered one question explicitly without an “I believe”, and two questions with three (3) “I believe(s)”!
    Frankly, I want facts I can trust, not someone’s beliefs.
    E.g. He “believe(s)” I am not charged minutes when I call your 8xx number.)
    That can be answered with a factual “Yes” or “No” – without me wondering if his beliefs are true. Jacob answered it well on this blog in his 3 Oct 2021 response to Raymond: “All calls to us from your phone are free and don’t use any minutes from your plan.” That’s clear, complete, concise and responsive. (I reviewed the blog comments prior to writing this. I should have read the blog before asking; my bad.)
    I suggest you train all your reps to be as good as Jacob,

    reply to Richard

  22. JAMES C DINOTO says

    How can I get or change my PIN?

    reply to JAMES

  23. robert bodine says

    order on jan/22 order has not shipped now 2/3/22

    reply to robert

  24. Connie L Gore says

    I absolutely love the friendly and helpful customer service reps. I do have a problem being told last summer that my phone would not have to be replaced due to the network changes made in March 2022. To my surprise and annoyance, my phone was affected and I was put in a position of not having any phone service until the new replacement is shipped. I received letters for about a year–surely you could have been more knowledgeable about what phones would and would not be affected. I should have left my comment with Customer Service when I placed the order, but I was upset. I am making my comments known now. Thank you.

    reply to Connie

    • Hi Connie, thanks for your post. I’m sorry if you previously received inaccurate or incomplete information. We have continued to try to contact you many times over the last several months to alert you that this upgrade does affect your device via email. We appreciate you giving us this feedback though and have passed it along internally for you.

      reply to Jacob

  25. John McQuade says

    I need you to remind me what my pin number is

    reply to John

    • Hi John, thanks for your post! For security purposes, we are not able to give out that information at all. If you have a question about your account, I encourage you to give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with a live agent here for further assistance with questions about your service or your general account.

      reply to Jacob

  26. Hal Donathan says

    I am a customer for many years. Since last Saturday I have no cell service….cannot receive or call out….just get busy signals. My landline is also completely out


    reply to Hal

  27. greg hansen says

    How can I retrieve a text message that flashed on my screen & disappeared immediately?

    reply to greg

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