This month, Consumer Cellular marks a very special milestone: on October 15, we will have been in business for 25 years!

To help us celebrate this “silver anniversary”, we’d like to give you the chance to win a brand-new Samsung Galaxy A20 or Motorola Moto E smartphone—and, just like getting great service from Consumer Cellular, it couldn’t be easier to do.

Simply visit our Facebook page from October 12–16, and “Like” us. While you’re there, be sure to enter our contest and check out the interesting and entertaining posts we’ll be featuring about our company’s history, and the evolution of the wireless industry since we started in 1995.

Each day, we’ll choose five lucky winners at random—for a total of 25 lucky winners for the week. Just check back each day to see if you’re included among them.  

Each winner will walk away with a feature packed smartphone! The Samsung Galaxy A20 includes a 6.4” AMOLED infinity display, 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, and all of the quality and power that the Samsung Galaxy line has long been known for.

The Motorola Moto E offers powerful performance from a long-lasting 3550 mAh battery, plus impressive features like a 6.2” high definition-plus screen, 13MP + 2MP dual rear camera system, and Android 10.0 Q operating system.

Even if you’re not one of our 25 winners this time, by staying connected with us on Facebook you’ll be among the first to know the next time we host a giveaway. You’ll also keep up all with the latest news and special promotions we regularly share via our social media pages.

We’re celebrating our 25-year anniversary with 25 smartphone winners—and we’d love for you to be among them! Stop by our Facebook page and give us a like; it just might earn you a brand-new smartphone!


  1. Arkie Beaver says

    I want to commend your employee, Christina (71744) for her outstanding customer service. I called today requesting assistance and she was right on the ball. Very patient with me and presented a caring voice attitude. Hard to find these days. Thanks Carla B.

    reply to Arkie

  2. William R. Duggins says

    I just bought a IPhone 7 from you a few months ago. And now I have to replace it. Why would you sell me a phone that needs to be replaced less then 6 months later?

    reply to William

  3. Michael Monlezun says

    Happy anniversary. The service has been wonderful and the price is

    reply to Michael

  4. Ron Kuntz says

    We are not on Facebook. Is there any other way to sign up for a chance to enter the give-away?

    reply to Ron

  5. Mark F. says

    Can I pay my bill @ a CC store in Target???

    reply to Mark

  6. Vicki I Sanders says

    I love CC been with them for yrs and have never ever had a problem!

    reply to Vicki

  7. JesseandGina Rodriguez says

    Can you use the phone to do whatever you want to do with it and do you need to have wi fi at home with it?

    reply to JesseandGina

  8. Darlene McMillin says

    Can you possibly remind mw to enter your contest/drawing for a free phone on Oct. 12? Probably not. I just turned 76 and no grey hair yet. Picking a cell phone and plan may just turn my hair or bald my scalp. I’d appreciate your kind indulgence. I’ll help you market your product and services in return. Genuinely yours, Darlene.

    reply to Darlene

  9. Pat O'Leary says

    Your contest is not fair. You must belong to facebook to have a chance to win. I am fond of CC. Had very few problems. But I wiil never Join facebook, ever.

    reply to Pat

  10. Sharon Greene says

    I love consumer cellular; being I use the phone only for emergencies, the monthly charge is affordable for someone on a fixed income.

    reply to Sharon

  11. Larry Moldenhauer says

    I’ve been Satisfied with your service

    reply to Larry

  12. liz kornfeld says

    Congrats C-Cellular!! The absolute BEST plan for seniors who are budget-minded! Moved to you from Verizon and haven’t looked back once!!!

    reply to liz

  13. DJ Trup says

    Happy Anniversary!
    Could you please reconsider allowing one- or two-month rollover of unused talk minutes and data quotas? It will be a big help for me. Thanks!

    reply to DJ

  14. Robert M Hand says

    Congrats C -Cellular! The Best thing to happen to my family, was your company. THANK YOU!

    reply to Robert

  15. Thomas Bruce says

    I’m thinking of joining Consumer but need to know if you have cellular coverage in northern Wi. Especially in the Rhinelander area.

    reply to Thomas

  16. Effie Nobles Addicks says

    I have been very happy with Consumer Cellular!!!

    reply to Effie


    Service has been great and congrats to c cellular.

    reply to VIRGINIA

  18. G Spafford says

    So happy Consumer Cellular was recommended to us! We couldn’t be happier to have switched – at least 1 extra dinner out EVERY month. And, we are surprised to find we have better, uninterrupted service than with our previous carrier (twice the cost). Hmmm… What took us so long?

    reply to G

  19. Shirley day says

    Been wanting to come to consumer cellular. Looking for a phone!

    reply to Shirley

  20. Lorraine Spotts says

    Buying a phone through Consumer Cellular made a true believer out of me and it get my points from AARP slso. Congrats on your 25 years of service. Keep on keeping on for the service for all consumers around the United States and abroard.

    reply to Lorraine

  21. Consuela Isaroon says

    Happy Anniversary Consumer Cellular it’s been a joy using your service.

    reply to Consuela

  22. Consuela Isaroon says

    Happy Anniversary Consumer Cellular it’s been a joy using your service. I am glad I switched.

    reply to Consuela

  23. Guadalupe Y says

    Oh my. it’s so wonderful to know that you have been in business for twenty five years: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Consumer Cellular.

    Thank you for supplying me with excellent service.

    GY Smitha

    reply to Guadalupe

  24. Kathryn A Shaffer says

    I’m a new customer

    reply to Kathryn

  25. Arnold Burkert says

    It is Oct. 12 now and when I try to enter the giveaway through Tint I get the message ” Can not found”. Can you help me?

    reply to Arnold

  26. Elizabeth gilmore says

    Happy 25th Anniversary !!! It’s be a joy for us both to have a cell phone service we can afford. Keep up the good work.

    reply to Elizabeth

  27. Nelda Boyce says

    love my consumer cellular, I am telling ATT reps about your great service all the time!

    reply to Nelda

  28. Carroll Flot says

    Been with Consumer Cellular for over 10 yrs, not thinking about changing. not on face book, how can I enter contest.

    reply to Carroll

  29. Dennis Desenberg says

    You do an excellent job !

    reply to Dennis

  30. Sherri Bennett says

    I tried to enter the contest for a new cell phone by entering my email, first name, last name, and clicked on Submit Entry! A message popped up on the lower left corner of my screen that said “Can Not Found”. I am not on Facebook, but I was told and read on this blog that I could enter regardless. Please let me know if I am entered on October 12, 2020.

    reply to Sherri

    • Hi Sherri, thanks for your post! The link should be up and running at this time. If you’re continuing to have trouble with it, try clearing your cache and cookies for your browser and open a new window before trying it again. If you have any other issues, just let us know!

      reply to Jacob

  31. Michael Rebro says

    The link on this blog doesn’t work for me. It says We could not fetch this experience. . .

    reply to Michael

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your post! The link should be up and running at this time. If you’re continuing to have trouble with it, try clearing your cache and cookies for your browser and open a new window before trying it again. If you have any other issues, just let us know!

      reply to Jacob

  32. Joan Billig says

    Happy Anniversary Consumer Cellular. I have been using your service for many years and have been very satisfied. Thank you.

    reply to Joan

  33. Phyllis Masetta says

    l took the plunge. At 84 years of age, l switched my ” join at the hip” flip phone and exchanged it for a real phone. That took the courage of a lion.

    reply to Phyllis

  34. Phyllis Masetta says

    Thank you consumer cellular for giving me baby steps at first and then allowing me to take giant steps in choosing the right phone for me.

    reply to Phyllis

  35. Donelle Mathews says

    Happy Anniversary, Consumer Cellular! I love your service and the people who work for CC, they are so helpful and polite .

    reply to Donelle

  36. Phyllis Masetta says

    Thank you consumer cellular for adding the AARP discount to your already low prices.

    reply to Phyllis

  37. Melva L ANDREWS says

    I have been a consumer cellular customer for many years and I would tell anyone about you .keep up the good work.

    reply to Melva

  38. Melva L ANDREWS says

    I have been a consumer cellular customer for many years and I would tell anyone about you .keep up the good work I love the price of your phones and your service is excellent.

    reply to Melva

  39. Kathleen Barlow says

    So glad my son got us connected with Consumer Cellular! We ave been very happy with our phone service and the customer service! My husband’s phone, which we bought through Consumer Cellular is on the struggle bus! I would like to enter the giveaway contest, but am having trouble. I have already liked the page. I don’t see anything that says how to enter. Do I just comment on one of your posts on the facebook page? I also tried clicking on the link on this page to enter, but I see the page for a second and then I get a message saying, ” We could not fetch this experience”

    reply to Kathleen

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks for your post! The link should be up and running at this time. If you’re continuing to have trouble with it, try clearing your cache and cookies for your browser and open a new window before trying it again. If you have any other issues, just let us know!

      reply to Jacob

  40. Alfred Gormick says

    Hope I win

    reply to Alfred

  41. Alfred Gormick says

    like your service

    reply to Alfred

  42. Carrie says


    reply to Carrie

  43. Ted & Gloria Norder says

    Can we inter your 25 years service more than 1 time for your drawing of a smart phone?

    reply to Ted

  44. ron says

    i do not have facebook to enter 25)th

    reply to ron

  45. James Darryl-Wayne Howie says

    You have one of the worst websites I have ever visited. I tried to enter the contest and it didn’t work. I don’t do facebook.

    reply to James

    • Hi James, we appreciate your feedback on our website and have passed it along to our technical team for going forward. The link for the giveaway is actually in our blog post as well. To enter the contest, click on the orange: “Enter our contest” which is listed in the third paragraph down from the top.

      reply to Jacob

  46. margaret hare says

    my husband just loves his flip phone. he can hear so much better and so easy to use.

    reply to margaret

  47. Priscilla S Wegars says

    I’m a loyal subscriber who is not on social media but I want to enter your contest. Thank you!

    reply to Priscilla

  48. Priscilla S Wegars says

    Do I need to enter the contest every day?

    reply to Priscilla

  49. diana reynolds says

    I hope I win

    reply to diana

  50. diana reynolds says

    happy anniversary

    reply to diana

  51. Robert Jacob says

    Link to Facebook, please!

    reply to Robert

  52. Alvina Bradish says

    Have been with cc a long time. Great service!

    reply to Alvina

  53. Jon Lite says

    I am fred flintstone, I been a customer for consumer cellular for millions of years.

    last 15 years, wilma, barney, betty, and dino know the truth about customer cellular, what date this company really started !

    happy 15 billion years, consumer cellular !

    Yahbadoo, you old buzzard !!

    reply to Jon

  54. Thomas E Napier says


    reply to Thomas

  55. Margaret D. Peterkin says

    Great service I purchased 2 lines for friends. Will be leaving Sprint/ Tmobile soon.

    reply to Margaret

  56. Barbara lindahl says

    I think your Awesome! I been with your company for a long time. I deserve a gift. LOL. Barbara

    reply to Barbara

  57. Peggy Garvey-Miner says

    I have never had a problem with CC. Rates are awesome. Service is great. Wouldn’t change service ever. ❤️

    reply to Peggy

  58. Lance Wetteland says

    Prices are the best anywhere. Service is excellent too.

    reply to Lance

  59. Susan says

    Hello Consumer Cellular and everyone a please have a very happy anniversary on us and many more years to.come and my husband and I have been Consumer Cellular customers for a few years now and we.enjoy the phone.service slot.and if we need anything at all with our phones we can call consumer with the problems on our phones and my husband cell phone is a flip phone and is 8 years and it would be nice to get a new phone for him and mine cellphone is 2 years now and it has lines on the front of it now and please stay safe and please have a very happy and wonderful Halloween everyone Susan and Cliff from Florida USA

    reply to Susan

  60. Ray Teats says

    Happy 25th Anniversary. I am enjoying my service and my neighbor that I referred to Consumer Cellular is happy as well. Thank you.

    reply to Ray

  61. Cynthia Mitchell says

    Happy 25th anniversary CC. We have used your services for several years and love your company. Prices are reasonable and customer service has been outstanding. Thank you.

    reply to Cynthia

  62. Kathy Schuett says

    Fantastic outstanding wirless service Consumer cellular. Has great plan options for customers. Also good customer service and affordable plans. Congratulations on 25 year’s

    reply to Kathy

  63. Kathleen Schuett says

    Fantastic outstanding wireless service consumer cellular . Has great plans options for customers . Good Customer Service and affordable plans.Congrats on 25 years.! Kathy

    reply to Kathleen

  64. Brenda Simpson says

    love consumercellular service

    reply to Brenda

  65. Brenda Simpson says

    as I prepare to celebrate my birthday, next month
    Happy Birthday C C

    reply to Brenda

  66. Alma Gragg says

    Happy Anniversary, I am very pleased with your service!

    reply to Alma

  67. Alma Gragg says

    Happy Anniversary! I am very pleased with your service!

    reply to Alma

  68. Barbara Crockett says

    When I call for help with my phone, the agents are very helpful and pleasant.

    reply to Barbara

  69. Paul Fettig says

    Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work.

    reply to Paul

  70. Paul Fettig says

    Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work. When will you support apple smartwatch?

    reply to Paul

  71. Bonnie Miller says

    I do not use facebook. How can I win today?

    reply to Bonnie

  72. Juan Gonzalez says

    I don’t have a Facebook account. How can I enter your phone give away?

    reply to Juan

  73. james says

    Hi – When will CC add the new iPhone 12 daily to its lineup, so that CC customers can upgrade to the new phones?

    reply to james

  74. john ogrisseg says

    we like consumer celluar very much

    reply to john

  75. john ogrisseg says

    we have had our flip phones for sevral years with consumer celluar

    reply to john

  76. james herold says

    jjames herold 81yers dont do face book need . smartphone to replace old droro went toits gravejim

    reply to james

  77. Debbie Ericson says

    I am in need of a new (consumer cellular) phone, I hope that I will be chosen for one! Your service is EXCELLENT! From a satisfied customer past & present!

    reply to Debbie

  78. Claude Sigman says

    We have consumer cellular phone service for years and have had no trouble

    reply to Claude

  79. Ercilia Garcia says

    Thank you for you service Consumer Cellular

    reply to Ercilia

  80. Kenneth Hutton says

    thank you consumer your a great company i have been with you people for 20 years

    reply to Kenneth

  81. Paula MI Hutton says

    both my phones are from consumer cellar a great company

    reply to Paula

  82. joyce becoate says

    I have been a customer since 2005 love consumer cellular

    reply to joyce

  83. joyce becoate says

    Have been a customer since 2005, Love consumer cellular.

    reply to joyce

  84. Sylvia Mattocks says

    Sylvia Mattocks
    so very happy to be part of consumer cellular.
    Love the customer service

    reply to Sylvia

  85. Elsa says

    When do they normally give the gifts

    reply to Elsa

  86. Georgianne Little says

    where do I enter for the special gifts?

    reply to Georgianne

  87. Richard Hines says

    I was skepticle to change from one of the biggest companys,but their prices were high,so i decided to try Consumer Cellular and added my wife also,and the price for me and the wife was equal to just my phone i have been with consumer now going on 3 years and happy that i switched to consumer cellular. and they are rated number one in the country. I also have had 4 friends change to consumer cellular,and will tell alot of my friends to look into consumer cellular,P.S and not to forget their service is equal or better than the bigger companys. to me the company is there to give you the best service and price for your buck $$$$$$,Thank you Consumer Cellular. Sincerly Richard (USMC)

    reply to Richard

  88. ROBERT E.BURNS says


    reply to ROBERT

  89. Ellen H Moody says

    Re: We’re Here When You Need Us

    Ellen Moody
    6:56 PM (4 minutes ago)
    to Service

    Thank you so very much for sending this email, ‘We’re Here When You Need Us’. I have been very ill since I received the phone and somehow the packet with all the paperwork must have gotten thrown away. I was going to call your customer service line tomorrow and ask how to get the instructions. Low and behold her was the answer. I have prayed all weekend to find them, the LORD answers prayers in many different ways. We had our own business for many years before my husband became seriously ill. We use many cell phone companies over the years but were never as happy as we are with Consumer Cellular, best service at the best price, we tell everyone we can.

    reply to Ellen

  90. Don Asquith says

    long time customer
    very satisfied
    are you getting out of the iPhone business only one model available?

    reply to Don

    • Hi Don, thanks for your question. At this time, we’re just waiting for Apple to send us more of the other models for those phones. We don’t have an exact date for when they’ll be back in stock so we’d recommend checking back on our website regularly as this is where they’ll be posted first when we do have them.

      reply to Jacob

  91. James Hartsock says

    Do you no longer have the ZTE hot spot device available?

    reply to James

  92. Giovanna Esposito says

    I have been your customer for about 9 years now and I love your service no trouble with connection no problem ever with my phone always great riception.
    And most of all customer services is the greatest ever knowledge and Curtis agents that really take ownership of the problem and resolve it in matter of minutes.
    Thank you consumer cellular

    reply to Giovanna

  93. robin strickland says

    i hope i get a free phone so i can get all my app. what more do you want me to say? hey i just tex a new free phone.

    reply to robin

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Robin. Our contest has ended, but if you need a new phone we have a variety available for purchase on our website. If you already have our service, you can place an order by logging in here.

      reply to Nicole

  94. Marsha Rodriguez says

    Happy anniversary Consumers Cellular! Love your service best I’ve ever had! Congratulations on making your customers happy!

    reply to Marsha

  95. robin strickland says

    i been trying to get. a free phone

    reply to robin

  96. Laura Taylor says

    I love my Consumer Cellular, I’ve been fortunate and have not had any issues in the years I’ve been a customer. I believe the only time I needed support was setting up my very first phone. The customer service agent went above and beyond getting me setup. When earlier this year got a used samsung phone from my Son, I was amazed how easy to get t setup with a new card and my same number ….thank you all for help when I needed it and just being there….

    reply to Laura

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