Consumer Cellular was recently honored as the best overall cellphone service for seniors by Clark.com. They tested Consumer Cellular for 30 days and compared us to more than 70 different phone plans to see how we held up. They looked at five factors to determine what company had the best cellphone service; these factors included plans and pricing, activation process, call and text performance, data speeds, and customer service. Here is a summary of what they found!

Plans and Pricing

Clark.com chose to test our 1GB plan for 30 days. They reported that we have six different plans to choose from and that “you can save at Consumer Cellular by adding multiple lines.” Clark.com also reported, “if you exceed your data limit with any other plan, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next plan.” In addition, they discovered that if you are an AARP member, you’re eligible for 5% off your monthly service.

Activation Process

They reported that “selecting a phone plan and activating your service with Consumer Cellular is really easy to do.” They went through the process of choosing the $20 plan, added it to their cart, and instead of buying a new phone, they chose “Bring Your Own Phone.”

Once they received their instructions in the mail, they mentioned, “Consumer Cellular definitely came with the most detailed guide on how to activate and maintain your account. There were step-by-step instructions on how to test your service, how to check your usage throughout, a breakdown of your bill, and more.”

Call and Text Performance

During the 30 days, they tried out our service by making and receiving phone calls as well as sending and receiving text messages. “I had reliable, clear service the majority of the time with no dropped calls or undelivered text messages.”

They mentioned, “If you visit Consumer Cellular’s website, you can enter your address, state, or ZIP code to see if you’ll have service in your area. You can also see a full list of available 5G venues.”

Data Speeds

They reported that we offer access to AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE/5G networks, and “it’s safe to say you’ll likely have reliable access to data with Consumer Cellular.” They tested our data speeds using speedtest.net, reporting that “the download speed was usually around 35Mbps. The fastest download speed I saw was 50.62Mbps while the slowest download speed I saw was 17.27Mbps.”

The Clark review states, “Consumer Cellular’s high-speed data is fast enough to do most things online, including streaming standard video.”

Customer Service

To test our award-winning customer service, they reached out to us via phone and online, “The representatives I talked to actually were really friendly. Both representatives were very kind, positive, patient, and helpful.”

The Clark review ended by saying, “Ultimately, I had a great experience testing out Consumer Cellular. I had great service and coverage for the month that I tested it, and the data speeds were fast enough to stream video content. I didn’t experience any dropped calls or undelivered text messages, and contacting customer service was fast, easy, and pleasant.”

We are honored to be recognized as the Best Overall Cellphone Service for Seniors by Clark.com! To learn more about Consumer Cellular, visit our website!


  1. John says

    And that’s why I’ve been a customer for over 6 years!

    reply to John

  2. HBallard says

    I live in the country and have only a hotspot for wifi and streaming . Does this system work similarly ? Also have unlimited ATT for streaming Netflix , HBO Max , Amazon and other apps. Do you know if this is applicable

    reply to HBallard

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, HBallard. While hotspot is available with all of the smartphones we currently offer, that type of usage isn’t recommended with our data plans. Our highest data plan includes Unlimited Data, but speeds are reduced after 50GB of high-speed data has been used, which can be used very quickly when using streaming services. That type of usage is better suited for a home internet service.

      reply to Nicole

  3. George Wilson says

    I am unable to make a phone call on my phone.

    reply to George

  4. Ron says

    We live in ground “0” Cape Coral Florida of hurricane Ian. We are using data like crazy through the cell tower because our Home WIFi is out now for 3 weeks. Why can’t Consumer Cellular give us a break on data usage in effected areas???
    I know we can get an easy plan upgrade, but surely CC can give us a better break on usage for no charge!!!!!

    reply to Ron

    • Hi Ron, thanks for your message. I’m sorry to hear about how the hurricane has affected you and our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Ian. We appreciate this feedback and I have passed it along internally. If anything changes in terms of offering credit for usage, we will let our customers know as soon as possible.

      reply to Jacob

  5. Georgi Starr says

    I have ended my service but I am still being billed. How do I make it STOP?!

    reply to Georgi

    • Hi Georgi, thanks for your question. Because we bill in arrears, there is a final invoice that generates for your account for the time your account was active for the most recent cycle. If you have any questions on the dates for this invoice or would like to go over it in detail, give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of our live agents on our website here for further assistance.

      reply to Jacob

  6. Nellie Bailey says

    Please email zip code address so I can pay by mail

    reply to Nellie

  7. Stuart says

    My wife and I don’t need 5G service. Her phone, (iphone 5C) will no longer be serviced on Verizon. Can we transfer it to yours?

    If so, I have an iphone S and I will transfer it as well.

    my fingers are crossed.

    reply to Stuart

  8. Steve Warga says

    In its otherwise commendable eagerness to provide Excellent service to this new customer, CC promptly delivered a new account and a new SIM card. After nearly 4 hours of telephone/chat wrangling, I learned that my particular model of phone is NOT SUPPORTED by CC. I am now left with NO telephone/text service! What, if anything, will CC do to remedy this situation? “Chat has already advised me there is nothing they can do.

    reply to Steve

    • Hi Steve, if a phone is not compatible with our network then we would need to get a new phone ordered for the account. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee compatibility for all models, but we do all we can to see if we can get it connected to our network. I apologize for the trouble that this causes.

      reply to Jacob

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