Handy Home Apps Make Summer Projects A Breeze

For many of us, summer’s arrival also means the arrival of heavy-duty house projects. With warmer temperatures and plenty of daylight, we’ve finally got a chance to be outside getting organized, cleaning the garage, making overdue repairs or maintaining the yard.

I’m highlighting some wonderful apps this month that provide invaluable resources for tackling projects inside and out. They’re almost like having a “digital handyman” around—they’ll keep track of your chores and make sure you get things done more efficiently, meaning you’ll still have plenty of time to sit back and relax before the sun goes down!

To-Do Lists

Staying on task is a breeze using Todoist, for Android and iPhone. It’s a handy place to organize and save all your to-do lists, and is really simple to use and navigate. You set up folders for different projects, select due dates for recurring jobs and can even share task lists with others who are working with you, so everyone can keep track of getting their share done.

Mobile Marketplace

Letgo, also for Android or iPhone, is a mobile marketplace, ideal for both buying and selling home goods. Need to get rid of an old kitchen table or lawn mower? With Letgo, you can quickly post your items and connect with interested local buyers, as well as finding deals on things others are selling. You simply can’t beat the convenience—you can take and upload photos of your item right from your phone, and have your ad up and running in seconds!

A Guide for DIY

Ever tackled a home improvement or repair project, then found you were stuck on a tricky step halfway through? Before you give up or call-in expensive outside help, try HandyMobi for Android. You’ll have access to step-by-step guides to DIY projects, including everything from pest control to decorating ideas. It offers instructional videos, tool and material lists, and even a unit converter tool to help you figure out those tricky inch-to-metric measurements.

You can get started with each of the apps listed here for free. They’ll make your smartphone a valuable addition to your summer toolbox!

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