Grandparents Day Contest: Entry of the Week

Grandson Fights Monster:

“Connor’s Red-Eye Monster” by Nancy C. is one of the more enjoyable stories we’ve read during our 3rd annual Grandparents Day contest and we’re proud to select it as this week’s Entry of the Week.  It is a well-crafted tale, full of suspense, tension, fear, surprise, and resolution—and all in a few hundred words. Who is Connor and what is this monster with red eyes? You won’t get a Spoiler Alert from us. Instead, we want you to read Nancy’s engaging story and find out what happened. It’s priceless. And, as the proud grandmother says in her entry, “it’s what being a grandparent is all about.”

Courtesy of Motorola Mobility, Nancy will receive a free Motorola Xoom, an Android-based tablet computer. Please join us in congratulating Nancy.

Remember, there’s still time to tell us about your family. Our contest doesn’t close until August 15th. So don’t forget to enter and regale us with your own hilarious or heart-warming family story.

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  1. anna bresnick says

    Although this is too late for the contents, I wanted to share this small but funny event.

    My grandson and I do fabulous stuff together. We bury each other in the sand. When he was still in the stroller, I would often take him to the music school, park out front, and we would listen through the window to some student practicing the violin or piano. Last week we closely watched a brown praying mantas crawl across the top of the garbage can, across the letter “B”, to the edge of the lid, and then lick the catsup we had just smeared there for him. He just turned five. Yesterday we were playing Frisbee in the back yard, tricking each other, outsmarting each other, trying to catch the disk. Suddenly his throw sped right between my legs and across the grass. “That nearly got your penis,” he said. “Yeah, almost,” I said and laughed. I am his 71 year-old grandmother.

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