Give Your Brain a Boost With These Fun Apps

Who would have guessed that your cellphone could actually help sharpen your memory skills? I’m not talking about trying to remember whose phone number you have stored in your contacts, or how to change your ringtone. Actually, there are fun “brain game” apps you can download for free which offer cool activities designed to stimulate and improve your memory, language, creativity, and more.

Developed by scientists and designers, Lumosity is described as, “exploring new ways to challenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.” But don’t be put off by the clinical language. The logic games included here are fascinating, and the “Daily Workout” activities are a fun way to jump-start good training habits to make sure you’re using your memory and attention to their full potential.

Memorado calls itself a “brain gym,” and features 15 games with 450 different levels focused on improving 5 key brain functions: memory, logic, concentration, reaction, and speed. You can even compete with friends in “brain duel” challenges! It comes with sharp graphics both for game play and for graphing your strength and improvement levels, and is intuitive to navigate.

I’m a big fan of Peak, which Google’s editors have chosen as one of the Best Android Apps in each of the last two years. Colorful and easy to use, it has more than 35 games available, and also offers “Coach,” a personalized training mode to help chart your progress and suggest ways to improve your abilities. Peak can also be downloaded directly to your device, so you can use it without connecting to Wi-Fi or data.

The brain is a muscle like any other—if you don’t use it, you lose it. Since we already spend plenty of time each day poking around on our smartphones, why not use a few minutes to help keep your brain fit? The fun brain game apps I’ve discussed here won’t cost you a thing, but their benefits can be enormous! Look for any of them at either the Google Play Store for Android, or the App Store for iPhone.

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