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Who doesn’t like giving things away? That’s why we’re bringing back our popular Facebook drawing. Last month, we gave a free cell phone away to one of our customers, Paul B., from Fort Worth, Texas.

So what’d he have to do to win? Very little. In fact, all Paul had to do was visit to our Facebook page, click the Like button and enter our sweepstakes. After that he was automatically entered in a drawing for a free
phone. And presto change-o… he won!


The chance at winning one of our giveaways is just one of many reasons for visiting our Facebook page. While there, you can take advantage of other special offers throughout the year.

You can learn to master your mobile phone by viewing our easy support videos. Or, if you’re stuck, you can ask a question and get a quick answer—from either our staff or another customer. Many of our customers use our Facebook page as a forum for exchanging tips.You’ll also have access to the most recent cell phone industry and Consumer Cellular news, helping you to stay on top of what’s going on.

Here’s my tip of the day: remember to visit our Facebook page soon and click the Like button to enter our give-away. One lucky person will receive a free phone and it could be you. Plus, the winner will get to choose his or her favorite phone from our diverse collection of mobile phones.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new cell phone for the holidays? I think so. But you better hurry, because this contest ends at noon, PST, on Monday, November 11th.

Update (11/11/2013): Congratulations to Beth H. of Saint Charles, Missouri for winning our free phone sweepstakes!

124 Thoughts on "Follow Us on Facebook and You Could Win"

  1. I really need to replace this old phone. Theresa Layrisson. says

    My phone is so old. I really NEED an upgrade.

    Theresa Layrisson

  2. Denise Herald says

    I had an iPhone 4 but gave it to my daughter when she had her 2nd baby. My phone is old, and recently I have been having so many problems I can barely keep in touch with my daughter, other family members or friends.

    • Bruce Walker says

      I would like to win a second one in case of a emergency We have a lot of phones that go out while having bad weather

  3. Annie says

    I believe every elderly person should own/win a cell phone for there own safety. You can carry a cell phone on your person, making it easy to use incase of health issues or just to have handy to make those calls to family and friends.

  4. Rebecca nelson says

    I love my consumer cellular phone. I really love Jack and Connie the one of the yard sale made me call. Awesome couple keep them on forever 🙂

  5. Tina nez says

    I really like the service and the staff they are very helpful also

  6. Carol L. Sayre says

    Upgraded to a Samsung A10e, still trying to learn how to use, but I love the upgrade! Has a lot of new technology and that’s from an old person! Love this phone!

  7. Rolando Tilos says


  8. Sandra Davis says

    Do you have upgrade specials?

  9. Donna Zunjich says

    Very happy with my service.

  10. James weller says


  11. James weller says

    Absolutely no problems with Consumer Cellular but phone is getting old

  12. Rose swenson says

    I would love to have a new updated phone! I am elderly and still learning how to use them! I love to have it on me in case of emergency I want it to work well! I love consumer cellular. It is easy to use for us elderly folks!

  13. shirley walsh says

    like my phone been a consumer for years happy 25 anniversary .

  14. carloswatts says


  15. Herman Miller says

    I like my phone been a consumer best buy good phone and good service

  16. Bill Slankard says

    Everybody happy 25th anniversary

  17. Bill Slankard says

    Like my phone and have a happy 25th anniversary

  18. Peg Curley says

    Love the phone especially for seniors

  19. Harold Johnson says

    My phone is old and I would like to get a smart phone. I have been a customer for years and am very happy with your service. I am being pressured by other companies to change to their service.

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Harold, this blog post is from 2013 and not currently active. However, we will be having giveaways in October for our 25th anniversary. You can “Like” our Facebook page so you can receive updates as we get closer to the giveaway, or you can periodically check our blog.

  20. Jo Anne Sanders says

    Oh yes! I could really use a new phone.

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Jo Anne, while this blog post is from 2013, we will be having some giveaways in the month of October on our Facebook page. You can “Like” our Facebook page or check our blog periodically for more information as we get closer.

  21. Tressa P Buell says

    Like consumer cellular. Service has never failed me but really need new phone.

  22. linda andrada says

    very happy with my service

  23. Robert Lupo says


  24. James Wallace says

    i love your service its great wouldnt go any where

  25. Naomi Hart says

    I’m really happy with consumer cellar there is no words to express my thoughts I’m just as pleased with my plan like as a squirrel with a bucket of nuts if something happens to consumer cellar I just don’t know what I would do keep on keeping on consumer cellar lots of love Naomi Hart

  26. Reynaldo says

    I would like to win

  27. Paul R. Schlitz says

    I Find Consumer Cellular phone and service more than adequate for my needs/

  28. June Parker says

    Been with Consumer Cellular for a number of years. Coverage is great…don’t even have to go outside to get phone reception….unlike many of my neighbors who have Verizon as their carrier.
    Keep up the good work.
    June Parker

  29. John M. Jones says

    “LIKE”……….. Love my Samsung Galaxy S10e. One of the best phone I have ever had.

  30. Glenna Perkins says

    Love the service and can’t beat the price.

  31. bill morris says

    i like-referred many friends

  32. Bette Lanser says

    I have a flip phone…..would love to be part of your silver anniversary giveaway

  33. Diane Toto says

    Been a new customer for a while , love the help they gave when I had a problem, and they instantly fixed it for me. Would recommend to friends and family brother recommended it to me, an am totally satisfied. Thx Consumer.

  34. Melissa Huuki says

    I like to win

  35. April says

    I have been a satisfied Consumer Cellular customer for many years. However, this year I have appreciated your wonderful services even more. I lost my husband of 30+ years in mid-December, 2019 after a long illness in a care home from Parkinson’s disease. My cousin in Georgia has become my support while I was going through planning his burial & Celebration of LIfe; being a Trustee & all it entails; dealing with his 3 children & their rudeness to me; all the while missing him so very much & trying each day & night to get through the sadness & grieving process. I have called her to talk so many times in the past 9 months & being able to speak to someone who is as close to me as the sister I never had – I was an only child & this opportunity was SO IMPORTANT in my life. Whenever I needed her for any length of time was a godsend to me to be able to call her and hear her calm voice, good advice, and to laugh together about “old family times we shared”. She lost her husband 5 years ago and has worked through similar problems of grief. Being able to talk with her and not having to worry about length of time or cost has helped both of us become so very close and better people – especially with the pandemic on top of all of this since we can’t physically get together. Many, many thanks for your 25 years of service – I am proud to be a part of it.

  36. Eulalia c vasquez says

    my name is eulalia v and i need a new phone i can,t here out of my no hay i hope i win.

  37. Paul Marcinczyk says

    My wife and I have been with consumer for quite a few years looking forward to joining the party

  38. dennis smith says

    i need a smart phone to replace my flip phone

  39. James Krolak says

    My wife and i have been a consumer cellular customer for years. We get great phone coverage and great service at a great price. We are very happy with Consumer Cellular.

  40. Yvette Meaderds says

    I am a AARP costumer and I will like to know what kind of discounts are available for me

  41. Yvette Meaderds says

    I love my consumer cellular service and I like the way I have been provided with a choice to make my own monthly plan

  42. ERWIN GOSCHKE says

    great phone service

  43. Strother Bracey says

    I cannot locate on this page about the Silver Anniversary to enter to win “some exciting gifts, including brand-new smartphones” as shown on your brochure I received from you in my postal mail.

    • Hi Strother, thanks for your post. The pages for the giveaway aren’t actually going to be opened until the dates mentioned on that insert which are 10/12 thru 10/16 so we’d recommend keeping an eye out on our social media pages as the dates get closer for more details!

  44. david rogers says

    I love the way you make it so easy for us old folk,(83) to understand how to operate these moderen day goodies,i have a flip phone which is great,but i’am thinking about upgrading to moto Gpower.i think it would keep me informned when i’am away from my computer.if i have any problem i know you are always there to help me. I LIKE,Don”T YOU…

  45. Judith Brannon says

    I would Truly Love to Win A New Phone ! I have been with Track phone for many years and have to buy a new phone by the end of this year to keep my service with them . My husband has a flip WITH CONSUMER and is happy with his .SO if I win one I will be changing service!

  46. Wilfred Kekaha says

    I would to win a new phone, my phone do what it like on its own.

  47. marsden todd says

    I would love to have a new phone because we only have the one for both of us we really do need another

  48. William r Brackett says

    love to win a new phone!!!

  49. Robert Wourman says

    I love consumer cellular

  50. harold wolstenholme says

    i really need a new phone

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Harold, this post is from 2013 and is no longer active. However, we are having a contest starting on 10/12/2020 and you can follow our Facebook page for more information as we get closer. If you need a new phone urgently, you can order a new phone when logged into your account here.

  51. Jerry Edwards says

    I have been with Consumer from about 1999 and am my second Doro
    and really like it plus the Moto that we also like. Really like your
    service and help as needed.
    Happy anniversary!!

  52. Roberta Kopinski says

    We love Consumer Cellular! The best service around!

  53. billy bowie says

    by god i will win

  54. stheresa petri says

    when is the date that i can enter the contest for for october the 12-16
    i have been a customer for awhile and love the service.

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Stheresa, you can enter the contest starting on 10/12/2020. We definitely recommend following us on Facebook, as we’ll be posting daily during the contest.

  55. Thomas Wood says

    thank you

  56. Sally Brown says

    I would like to enter the contest!

  57. Sally Brown says

    I recently join AARP and so far I enjoy the magazine! The story about Myrlie Evans was very interesting!

  58. Sally Brown says

    Please continue to keep up the good work!

  59. NANCY GIFFORD says

    We have had Consumer Cellular phones for years. Love them. Thanks.

  60. morris kersey says

    I WOULD like a written manual for my MOTO E phone

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Morris, while we don’t have physical copies of the phone manuals, they can all be found here.

  61. tom beebe says

    need to replace old doro flip phone

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Tom, our customer service team would be happy to help with that if you give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

  62. Robert h. Bishop says

    I love my old phone but it is showing it;s age. Would love to have a
    new Samsung phone.
    Robert Bishop

  63. Mary Fitchett says

    I would love to win a new I phone. but win or lose I am with Consumer Cellular for the long haul.

  64. Lloyd says

    I would love to surprise my husband with a new phone his is old.

  65. Frank Spithaler says

    2020 silver anniversary giveaway

  66. Harold says

    I been a customer for many years from Flip Phones to Smartphones and it’s been 5 Star Consumer Service.

  67. Harold says

    5 Star Service
    Happy Anniversary
    Thank You

  68. Harold says


  69. Harold says


  70. Margaret says


  71. shirlene elder says

    I am so in need of a new phone

  72. Lois Smyth says

    I would like to enter your contest, I have a Doro easy Phone which

    enjoy, but am considering changing to a Smart Phone

  73. jerome gioia GIOIA JR says

    Iam very happy with consumer cellular since I left verizon four months ago . my phone is old Icould use a new phone.

  74. ida M. bassi says

    Love consumer cellular

  75. ida M. bassi says

    Love consumer cellular oops

  76. Debbie Y says

    I was told by a good friend about this service so I applied. Could not be happier about the price, service, and piece of mind. In these troubling time it is my life line, as I am single. Thank you!!!

  77. Shirley Fremeth says

    My husband and I are fairly new customers (but he just bought a new phone because his first phone, not very old, fell in a can of paint he was using).
    we are both satisfied with our switch to Consumer Cellular.

  78. Lloyd says

    Like consumers cellular

  79. ida M. bassi says

    strongly considering cancelling my land line

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Ida, if you’re interested in transferring your landline number to our service, we’d be happy to help with that. You can give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

  80. Ronnie Mills says

    I would love to win a new smartphone to replace my older flip phone.

  81. Lynell Hansen says

    I Love my phone, my birthday today, need a new phone

  82. Kenneth Phipps says

    my new consumer cellular mew smart phone is fabulous. I can’t thank you enough for it . I am saving a fortune because of it.

  83. Sally Brown says

    I wish for a new phone one that I can take pictures of our great-grandson!!!!

  84. Sally Brown says

    A smart phone would be great so I can take pictures of our great-grandson!!!

  85. Andrea Fender says

    I have a flip phone that I’ve had for a little more than 2 years. It’s been a good one, but I think it is about time to upgrade. Happy Birthday Consumer Cellular!!! I’d love to win a new phone!

  86. Joan Marshall says

    Happy anniversary!

  87. Ronald Ptacek says

    for an old man the consumer cellular system is just what the doctor ordered. So easy to use and no hassles. You are always there. Thanks for the great service.

  88. Ronald Ilgenfritz says

    Happy Anniversary!

  89. cary rue says

    Thank you so much for being with consumer cellular I really enjoy your phone. I love being with you.

  90. Sara F. says

    I have the same Samsung A10e; I agree, awesome phone!
    I like the prompt customer service at Consumer Cellular; they
    also have a ‘hold prompt’ that tells you how many calls are
    ahead of you. .great for getting that 2nd cup of coffee or
    using the B-room when needed!

  91. Robert Bishop says

    My SAMSUNG GALAXY J3 has served me well but it
    is time for a new SAMSUNG phone.

  92. Sheron Zolzer says

    Have had Consumer Cellular for several years. Great service and great price. My phone is old, a cast off from my son. Could really use a new one.

  93. June Schouten says

    I could surly use a new cell phone.

  94. Sally Brown says

    I was with another company and I don’t know what happened. But somehow my minutes were used. The agent couldn’t explain what occurred. My husband was also having a problem. So I could use an updated phone!

  95. Sally Brown says

    I wish I could be the lucky winner!!!!

  96. Suzanne Sega says

    I am a very happy Consumer Cellular user. I have recommended Consumer Cellular to my friends over the years.

  97. A Howard says

    Love consumer cellular. My phone ix having problems . Keep up the goid work.

  98. Carrie M. Billups says

    Have saved a lot since joining Consumer Cellular. The customer service reps are always friendly & very helpful.

  99. Paula Wittmer says

    I was given my current phone several years ago and am beginning to have some problems, so a new phone would be great. I’ve been with cons. cell for a couple of years now and thinks they are a good company to be with.

  100. Richard says

    Been a customer for years, just got a new Doro 7050 and really wanted a smart phone. C. C. has made me satisfied with service all these years

  101. Rita Fowell says

    I could use a new phone. Have had problems with the one I’ve
    had for a few years. I am 89 yrs young and would like to win one.
    Have trouble following the instructions from your computer
    service. Kind of slow I guess.
    R Folwell Nampa, Idaho

  102. Jim Dailey says

    I would love to have a newer phone mine is outdated but still work thank your Consumer Cellular