In the depth of winter, the pace of everyday life naturally slows down. Low temperatures require extra precautions and patience, and your phone is no exception. While our devices don’t have sensitive circulatory or nervous systems like us, they do have liquid lithium-ion batteries. When the ambient temperature drops below freezing, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the speed and performance of lithium-ion batteries plummet dramatically. Smartphone components like LCD screens and circuitry are also vulnerable to extreme temperatures, both high and low.

Thankfully, whether you’re on team Android or iPhone, you can protect your phone with a few simple cold-weather safety precautions.

1. Keep your phone close

During the winter months, a pocket is by far the best place to stash your phone. With your body heat as a close and convenient source of warmth, you can easily prevent your phone from dipping to dangerously low temperatures.

2. Cozy up with a case

Simply put, a case is a jacket for your phone. As with your own winter coat, the more insulated, the better. If you spend extended periods of time outside in the cold or work in low-temperature conditions, it’s probably worth investing in a phone case with added protection.

3. Charge up before you head out

Battery power takes a major hit in cold temperatures, causing power to drain much faster than usual. Keep your phone fully charged until just before you head out to avoid an immediate dead battery.

4. Power off for safety

When you’re venturing out for a winter adventure and plan to be in the elements for more than a few minutes, you can turn off your phone as an added measure of care. You’ll preserve battery life and usage for when you’re back in safer, warmer conditions.

5. Warm back up before use

No one likes a cold start—phones included. Try powering up a frigid phone, and you could trigger a reaction that does real damage. Bring your device back to a normal, warm temperature before using or charging your device.

For extra clarity, refer to your phone’s user manual or technical specifications to pinpoint the optimal operating temperature range for your specific device. Regardless, you can take comfort in knowing that with a little extra care, you can keep your phone safe from the cold and make it to spring without losing a step.


  1. Thomas Oborny says

    It was well informative to know all these steps because especially with the winter we have here in Massachusetts lately and really helps to keep your phone running thank you CC

    reply to Thomas

  2. Cheryl says

    My phone is 5 yrs old and has to be charged daily. Seldom outdoors. Why

    reply to Cheryl

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Cheryl. How long a charge will last on a phone will decrease over time. We’re happy to help with your phone if you give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

      reply to Nicole

  3. Larry Battles says

    can not turn phone off

    reply to Larry

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